if you ever see this Gate to Hell, DO NOT go down it! (There was something terrifying living there)
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  • Joshツ

    Me: *seeing another Dk swinging in the vines and seeing Stromedy getting bit by a snake* Damn thats crazy

    • lacey craft
      lacey craft


    • Elizabeth Lester
      Elizabeth Lester

      I thought he was serious im not being rude I love his vids☹️

    • Joshツ

      @Elizabeth Lester He also loves his fans not just memebers

    • Elizabeth Lester
      Elizabeth Lester

      Stromedy, I thought you said that you wasn't gonna like people that aren't a member.

    • Bartos Olszewski
      Bartos Olszewski

      @Dave Jackson and no one gives a shit

  • Miss Millie
    Miss Millie

    I love how stromedy just has to remind us NOT TO GO INTO THE JUNGLE AND JUMP INTO THE PITS OF HELL

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      Rowena Capili


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      Nina Proffitt


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      Nem vualnam Nem

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      Normal Crafting Table

      Another gates of hell in New Jersey

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      Aerial The Queen


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      ayo😳 gang

      AND you all do not know what your saying SO your saying you love being warned.

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    I haven't watched these amazing videos in 4 months this feels so good

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    J Mitt

    What if it actually leads you to the Gates of hell

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    Shamsul Islam

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    Eva Segura

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    lacey craft

    Dk: seeing a wild dk Kyle and dk: damn that's crazy 😝😝

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    zo tillman

    dk: damn thats crazy stromedy: damn thats crazy

    • Ur to gay for me
      Ur to gay for me

      Bro like dj cook looks for everything with detective dj cook like no one can hide anything for him 😭

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      Bryce Zanatta

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    Adahlynn Prasad

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      Hesham Voegt

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  • Rafardhan Paul
    Rafardhan Paul

    It funny how Dk wheel fell of 😂

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    Alyssa Harris

    I love your videos but my question is why is there a gate to hell in the middle of nowhere I saw you go there when you die not just find a gate to it?!😱😨

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    Its good to know you havent changed big guy! I wouldnt shit my pants for these kids vids. But they're pretty good when u ignore the bad thumbnails.

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    Jeffrey Arcibal

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    Keisy Star

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    Ernest Roper

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    Josef Elbert

    Banger video as always but also very, very, and I mean very cool, awesome, but also very and I mean just very off the charts as well but also really, really, and I mean really chaotic, crazy, but also really and I mean just really insane as well

  • Vuyo Motleleng
    Vuyo Motleleng

    Your the best your the only one who makes me happy stromedy

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    Jodie Iles

    I ❤ your vids there the best I might get the merch for my Bday

  • Honey Bear
    Honey Bear

    4:54 is it my imagination or did he almost just drive off the path in trees ; - ; and 6:54, 8:36 if this was a real situation u would just leave ur friends? 😭😂

  • Bryan Solemsaas
    Bryan Solemsaas

    That bat was literally terrifying

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    Ellemaie Mclean

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    Zoe, Swee Yee Tan

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