if you ever find this Squid Game Island, you need to turn away FAST! (They will make you PLAY)
if you ever find this Squid Game Island, you need to turn away FAST! (They will make you PLAY)

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  • Anamarij Bijelić
    Anamarij Bijelić

    Plej gem mora te to ucniti zbog mani

  • Anamarij Bijelić
    Anamarij Bijelić


  • Tuleen Abu Hazeem
    Tuleen Abu Hazeem

    the squid Game is not reel at all

  • Leng Ly
    Leng Ly

    Play the squid game

  • Dbz Animations
    Dbz Animations

    I watched that Ranks Circle:worker Traingel:gunners Box:manager

    • Dbz Animations
      Dbz Animations

      The old man or player 01 is the game master

  • Dan L
    Dan L

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Good

  • Fredrik Karlsson
    Fredrik Karlsson

    I love how they use nerfs as weapons and that the front man had a rainbow metal mask

  • Sammriddha Banerjee
    Sammriddha Banerjee

    When you played red light and green light I saw the playground

  • Amazon box’s vengeance
    Amazon box’s vengeance

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    Squid game pass me 😱😱😱😰

  • forever doingme
    forever doingme

    don' play the. game

  • Yajaira Lizarraga
    Yajaira Lizarraga

    coud i get huhyu

  • randon things
    randon things

    lol so fake lolllllllll

  • Sunnil Ramsay
    Sunnil Ramsay

    Tug of war is the second game it was suppose to be honeycomb

  • Sunnil Ramsay
    Sunnil Ramsay

    Because it's not the real one

  • Sunnil Ramsay
    Sunnil Ramsay

    The second game is honeycomb

  • kittycty4

    You ne tow paly red light green light

  • Hussein Tohow
    Hussein Tohow

    You are in squid game

  • Jodie Tiffin
    Jodie Tiffin


  • DevTesla

    This is fake

  • Dezaraie Ray
    Dezaraie Ray

    I do I want to play this squid game

  • Void Stiles hehe
    Void Stiles hehe

    This is so unrealistic and the worst acting ive ever seen

  • Lindsay Maglangit
    Lindsay Maglangit

    There's no blood spreading it really Fake

  • Lindsay Maglangit
    Lindsay Maglangit

    Squid game is soooo easy

  • Devy Paramitha Dewi
    Devy Paramitha Dewi

    go running go

  • srijana yadav
    srijana yadav

    you know about 001 he is boss squard game

  • ✨anime guy ✨
    ✨anime guy ✨

    Is sae-byeok there🤡

  • Osman Gonzales
    Osman Gonzales


  • Sai Harshini
    Sai Harshini

    This looks soooooooo fake Like everybody knowd that it's scripted but atleast they have to make it look atleast little bit real Duhh!!

  • Kom Sme
    Kom Sme

    that not real

  • Franz Louise
    Franz Louise

    I've never seen squid game

  • Sommer Raine
    Sommer Raine

    The red hoodie the poster near the red hoodie and you didn’t take circle square shapesTriangle why triangles the

  • kevin velasquez
    kevin velasquez

    I really want to play squid game and I know that I may be eliminated but I really want to win the money for my family

  • kevin velasquez
    kevin velasquez

    I know what squid game is!

  • Penny haert
    Penny haert

    Well just get out your phone and call the cops and just putting the person in front of you and then turn your phone a little bit down but not the thing like in your phone like to like put the microphone but you can hear them they can hear you so like they're taking y'all and Squid game 2 they want you to play all of it like you don't play all of it you might get eliminated and die you got a okay just make a plan up and everyone can you just please like like me like like me please

  • Penny haert
    Penny haert

    Just beat him up and just get the guns and then you go and then you call the cops and then you get the guns and like the leader comes you can shoot the leader and then shoot the other person's😬 why do you not listen to me bro🤣😂😅😑😭😭😩😫 that's what you look like you had to call the cops

  • Penny haert
    Penny haert

    Just called the cops man or else you will get stay that game forever and like you called the cops you the squid game people will go to jail😑😵🙁😟😕

  • Penny haert
    Penny haert

    Bro they will go to jail like you don't call the cops

  • Penny haert
    Penny haert

    Just called the cops

  • Georgenia Ellis
    Georgenia Ellis

    I subscribed

  • Stephanie Miteria
    Stephanie Miteria

    Ah Yes ,the camera man just standing there. Minding his own business filming

    • Stephanie Miteria
      Stephanie Miteria

      And the fake coughing from the smoke-.-

  • Popy Aktar
    Popy Aktar

    😍📱🤩😍😍❤️👍👍👍👍😘I think that

  • 10 E spm _s. Gnanaswaroopan
    10 E spm _s. Gnanaswaroopan

    Well cool rir?

  • 10 E spm _s. Gnanaswaroopan
    10 E spm _s. Gnanaswaroopan

    Duh ... all are fainted but camera moves?

  • Titanus_Thekingslegends45

    Not falling for it 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Heather K
    Heather K

    soha Aijaz is right

  • Ngan Siak Liang
    Ngan Siak Liang

    There's just triangles no square no circle

  • sfbhcnr xx dcgbhjmny
    sfbhcnr xx dcgbhjmny


  • Sammi Akter
    Sammi Akter

    The first game is red light green light

  • Malorie Allbright
    Malorie Allbright

    koreon people that watch squid game and they react to this them:idiots.

  • Axangle#roadto100#stopanimaltesting

    It’s fake

  • 𝒍𝒂𝒗𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒆

    Squid game is not real

  • Aaravgodpro14

    Scary mary

  • Ivanna Gitau
    Ivanna Gitau

    it is not play it now

  • Kavyah,s Adventure
    Kavyah,s Adventure

    It's fake u must have to be in an island

  • Ivanna Gitau
    Ivanna Gitau

    cookie game.just play it if you play it you will be safe.play now or you will Die

  • Ivanna Gitau
    Ivanna Gitau

    its a white van

  • Danny Triplett
    Danny Triplett

    Dang a lot of people have a pool 😂

  • bhavani vaddi
    bhavani vaddi

    Create game

  • Nilanjana Moulik
    Nilanjana Moulik


  • Natalie Bahamondes
    Natalie Bahamondes

    There soccer cot

  • Lilly Breisch
    Lilly Breisch

    what is then the thing be hind you after tug of wore in the car


    Don’t think about them he just apply them for the video

  • Lilly Breisch
    Lilly Breisch


  • Greg Repking
    Greg Repking

    Man have you guys herd of squid game

  • Ganielle George
    Ganielle George


  • travis xiong
    travis xiong

    FAKE STOP THE CAP I SEE Nerf gun on them fake gurd that not real it in Korean

  • Whitney Mixon
    Whitney Mixon

    YAY squid game 🥳

  • Emiliano Olivares
    Emiliano Olivares

    That is like so fake because how did they die and how did she come back to live thats why its fake🤮🤮🤮🤮 i mean Luke what if they died for real huh would you be make a video again

  • Bomb-omb BattleField Productions
    Bomb-omb BattleField Productions


  • Dawn Rae
    Dawn Rae

    They are going to kill!you

  • Roy Howard
    Roy Howard

    That is so fake

  • Bernadetta Klima
    Bernadetta Klima

    I did not see nothing but check your front yard

  • Shameeza Basheer
    Shameeza Basheer

    Imagine choking while their trying to smoke u out and then asking for water then the squid game boss gives u water

  • Shameeza Basheer
    Shameeza Basheer

    Me watching this and a squid game ad comes up

  • Shameeza Basheer
    Shameeza Basheer

    Player 456 is the main person

  • Shameeza Basheer
    Shameeza Basheer

    I watched all the episodes

  • Shameeza Basheer
    Shameeza Basheer

    He just played his own game because he thought it would be fun

  • Shameeza Basheer
    Shameeza Basheer

    The old man in squid game is the creator of squid game

  • Shameeza Basheer
    Shameeza Basheer

    I saw the movie of squid game

  • Shameeza Basheer
    Shameeza Basheer

    I know what squid game is

  • KaiFusion

    before i watched it i know its fake

  • KaiFusion

    bruh this is fake

  • Shameeza Basheer
    Shameeza Basheer

    Me thinking u dont know what squid game is from the start

  • Shameeza Basheer
    Shameeza Basheer

    I got all lot more videos to watch from u i haven't been watching your videos for a longggggg time im sorry

  • Jaxon Myers
    Jaxon Myers

    Do you want to cut some cookies next theme is cookie cutting you lose you die

  • Mile Todorovic
    Mile Todorovic


  • Faiza Ally
    Faiza Ally

    Tell me the number for s game

  • Football hero
    Football hero

    Your using fortnite guns LOL 😂

  • Resa Slavin
    Resa Slavin

    I am scared for you.

  • Football hero
    Football hero

    So fake

  • Football hero
    Football hero

    This is fake

  • Arga joker hacker
    Arga joker hacker


  • David Wallace
    David Wallace

    I think I saw something

  • Agnieszka Rybinska
    Agnieszka Rybinska

    I love how yana was stil alive after she died🤣

  • Pauline Gemmill
    Pauline Gemmill

    Am good at cookie Carver

  • Barrie Parkinson
    Barrie Parkinson

    It could be squid game

  • Doha Abbass
    Doha Abbass

    koa ko te piaf neto neta

  • Hilola Pulatahunova
    Hilola Pulatahunova