If the Squid Game Guards make you play Tug Of War... DON'T Lose or you will be ELIMINATED!
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  • Stromedy

    Who is ready for the THIRD GAME!?!?

  • Noobeleus

    can you clarify/confirm that this is all just acting so the litltle kids dont get scared for your lives?

  • Boeing Infinity
    Boeing Infinity

    Hello Stromedy, I am ready not only for the third game, but to watch all of your fantastic videos ! You truly brighten my day and I watch your videos whenever I am bored. I love you as a youtuber and you and the prime capitol members make an amazing team. Great work!

  • Noobeleus

    "make sure he doesnt have anything illegal"

  • Matrixity

    I like how the guard in the background was on his phone with his mask off

  • Sayedah Kubra
    Sayedah Kubra

    Yo bro this was really very interesting.i was eagerly waiting for this part.loved squid game.😍😘😜😃

  • KakaFarms

    Sad ending, 2 seconds later...

  • Alisha Danielle Manalo
    Alisha Danielle Manalo

    Stromedy I hope that you and your friends are okay 🥺

  • 14 Shreecharan Ganduri
    14 Shreecharan Ganduri

    stromedy is back with a banger

  • Night_watcher427

    I love your vids they are so entertaining bro keep it up!!

  • Preyash Patel
    Preyash Patel

    The man had Timmy’s in the limo😂🤣

  • Joshua Bacchus
    Joshua Bacchus

    Stromedy you one legend ever keep it up you the best bro always been here for you during 2016 love you Stromedy stay awesome

  • Lester joseph fulgencio
    Lester joseph fulgencio

    bro yeah there right the front man is the manneger and the old man is the boss because he owns the game

  • RosesAreR3D


  • Allison Sieger
    Allison Sieger

    This video was a absolute banger thanks for all of the great contents keep up the good work be safe

  • •Pink_Dïnõ•

    Can’t wait to see you do the cookie part! 😂😂😂😂😂 if it’s real, there would be real gunshots. 🤣

  • Kwee Heong Chai
    Kwee Heong Chai

    How are they gonna play third game if everyone dead

  • mileycyrusfan197

    oh wow, mark and danny are here! weird cuz they weren't with you guys in the first game.

  • Peyton Lee
    Peyton Lee

    I love stromedy videos im about to join right now!!

  • Kayla Roblee
    Kayla Roblee

    Col u made this vid at 11:09 pm for me and I just got out of shower lol but the squad is all there soooo AMAZING