if you ever see these strangers outside your house, lock your doors and do NOT let them in!
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  • Allison Skye
    Allison Skye

    Even though most of his videos are staged, I still find them entertaining.

    • Logan McRae
      Logan McRae

      Same here dude

    • Alias

      unless your a 9 year old.

    • Allison Skye
      Allison Skye

      @Pranil Prasad thats not an ok question...

    • Pranil Prasad
      Pranil Prasad

      where do you guys liv

    • Allison Skye
      Allison Skye

      @Cassie McConnell My videos Cassie? :D

  • Chloe Dykes
    Chloe Dykes

    Ive been watching you for ages and decided to subscribe love your content keep it up

  • Lindsey Perkins
    Lindsey Perkins

    When the strangers came out behind his back I jump up it scared me soooooo much!!! 🙃🙃🙃

    • Old fishing lures
      Old fishing lures

      same bro

  • Australian Waffles
    Australian Waffles

    I love to see you guys back in Canada because I love the videos that you create in Canada and the vibe in Canada with these videos is spooky and absolutely fantastic especially in the winter keep up the good work :)

    • • Candy •
      • Candy •

      No shit Sherlock, they are made for entertainment purposes

    • bacon playz robloxツ
      bacon playz robloxツ

      There fake

  • I'm subbing to everyone who subs to me
    I'm subbing to everyone who subs to me

    guys we all know when he posts we get happy

  • Boeing Infinity
    Boeing Infinity

    Hey Kyle, how are you doing??? I miss you so much from watching your videos. I am back at watching your videos every day and I truly enjoy them. You truly made my day an I love your youtube content so much, it delighted me. How are you and the prime capitol team doing ? When is your movie coming out?

  • Vikki Rose
    Vikki Rose

    Me seing this 5 minutes after dying my hair and then I was so excited my hair dye fell out lmfao 🤣🤣

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    Once you watch one of his vids, you can’t stop. Keep up the good work!!

    • brian goodin
      brian goodin

      Hi I'm your biggest fan I've been watching you guys for so many years Me and my friends Favorite IRglo video is crouchie it makes us laugh for some reason You guys are my favorite youtuber's thank you bye

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      kids channel

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    • Melissa Malerman
      Melissa Malerman

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      Ikr I hate these creepy things but these make me entertainment! And there actin 😭😂💕

  • •butterflyxroblox•

    I wonder how camera man feels 😂

  • Lexitherapp

    Hey Stromedy that was scary I hope you’re OK I can’t wait to see your new movie which is coming out very soon I’m so glad to be a member of your channel can’t wait to meet you in the future love you bro

    • XDlizzyDX OnTheRoadFor30Subscribers🌹🥲
      XDlizzyDX OnTheRoadFor30Subscribers🌹🥲

      @Lexitherapp well then probably just don’t watch him then if ur like scared

    • XDlizzyDX OnTheRoadFor30Subscribers🌹🥲
      XDlizzyDX OnTheRoadFor30Subscribers🌹🥲

      @Lexitherapp yeah nah if it’s scary u should not be on yt

    • XDlizzyDX OnTheRoadFor30Subscribers🌹🥲
      XDlizzyDX OnTheRoadFor30Subscribers🌹🥲

      @Leo Steer ikr it’s not scary HAHAHAHHA🙄

    • Lexitherapp

      @Leo Steer the masks

    • Lexitherapp

      @Leo Steer it’s creepy

  • Marie Chart
    Marie Chart

    At 13:10 you can see one of the strangers on the left side and Kyle this was crazy and it was a good video.

  • Elaine Paterson
    Elaine Paterson

    Why do they NEVER check the backdoor?BUT KEEP UP THE GREAT FRIKIN CONTENT❤

  • paula maxwell
    paula maxwell

    I would never answer my door if some weirdo was there.

  • SebastianPericol

    I really like that clips. and those with drones. kind of weird people and stuff like that. nice job, stromedy! keep it like this!

  • Aqueel playz Minecraft and Roblox and cars
    Aqueel playz Minecraft and Roblox and cars

    Obviously I'll lock my doors or I tell him come have tea your vids are always bangers

  • ꧁sᴀʟᴇʜᴀ꧂

    But still we love u u do a hard work to keep us entertained and thank u 😁😁

  • Melissa Malerman
    Melissa Malerman

    I'm scared out of my mind and my heart is beating like ten times a second

    • some randomperson
      some randomperson

      OMG same

  • Kam The Man
    Kam The Man

    Your videos are really good keep up the good work I can’t stop

  • -Peachez-


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      @Ali Hassan yes

    • Ali Hassan
      Ali Hassan

      Yes there’s someone there.

  • Mahbubul Hoq
    Mahbubul Hoq

    And the whole prime capital in 2021 and now I have watched all your videos!!! And as always peace ✌️✌️✌️✌️ out !!!!!!!! and stay safe , stay fit and have fun

  • Luke Gresback
    Luke Gresback

    i watched these video when im at home! i hope anthony look out or he get in trouble!!

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    Btw love Ur vids bro I've been watching u for 3 years and Ur videos never get old

    • Old fishing lures
      Old fishing lures

      6 years for me but still

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      I’m ok I guess

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  • Diana Gabriel
    Diana Gabriel

    Creepy but vid on fire as always! :)


    I am so freaked out but your videos are so amazing so keep up the good work

  • PebblesTheGem

    That wall right there in the door he did was set up on purpose because it was right there inside the room I saw them

    • Ninja Frankie
      Ninja Frankie


  • sione-ian  Fonokalafi
    sione-ian Fonokalafi

    That was intense and scary I hope everyone gets found and be back safely

    • Roy Howard
      Roy Howard

      It’s fake

    • Roy Howard
      Roy Howard


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      Amor Prieto

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  • Philippines is the best country
    Philippines is the best country

    Love ur vid's man keep it going

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    Kasey Daniels

    how do kyle survive everytime something crazy happens like horns the demon or slices the demon how did he survive everything

  • Marquita Rosenthal
    Marquita Rosenthal

    Hey Kyle I love the vids u try and make a banger everyday but bro I hope y'all don't get hurt millions of clowns stalk y'all I feel bad tell the squad I said hey bye Kyle

  • Flippy {Fliqpy}
    Flippy {Fliqpy}

    What’s up Kyle? I’m really liking the videos. I really appreciate you team and also the hard work you do. But sometimes they give me nightmares. Tell Andreas I said Hi.

    • Flippy {Fliqpy}
      Flippy {Fliqpy}

      @Cruz Schmidt Mind your own business.

    • Cruz Schmidt
      Cruz Schmidt

      then don't watch

  • Amazing Ss21
    Amazing Ss21

    Your videos are so good I can’t stop watching them but my brother keeps on turning it off

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    Ash Murasaki

    5:23 another figure was right behind the first one.

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      Aubrey Torres


  • g_cha....loser.yt1

    Hello stromedy I'm one of ur biggest fans I just got this acc and I'm watching one of your videos on my tv and it's "if you ever see a picture of your house on your property,Your need to GET OUT and RUN immediately!!"

  • Naruto editz
    Naruto editz

    It's funny how the camera man is never scared😂

    • Menace gang
      Menace gang

      It’s also wired that they never check stormedys room?!?!

    • Menace gang
      Menace gang

      Ikr it’s so funny lol

    • Marquita Rosenthal
      Marquita Rosenthal


  • cachearmani

    the part when they had the knife 🔪 was so scary

    • Entity 31
      Entity 31

      But it’s fake I’m not a hater cause it’s enjoying to watch but it’s fake

  • Bee Cell
    Bee Cell

    Look at 13:13!!! There is someone behind him!!!!!

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    What if the blanket man comes back and these strangers?

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    Brian Banda


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      Charlotte Marie

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    jelly ...

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    Friendsy lego ideas

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    Kassandra Arreguin

    I literally love the movie strangers even tho I wasn't alive when the first one was made Lol bye I also love you too stromedy.

  • 6 St-Alejandro Castejon
    6 St-Alejandro Castejon

    Even tho I know his videos are fake I still watch them for entertainment lolXD

  • Jellybean army Jade
    Jellybean army Jade

    The killer guys walking backward Me:they are missing a person and that person anthony is most likely part of their cult thing and broke into your house

    • Cooper doing random stuff
      Cooper doing random stuff


  • Elaine Paterson
    Elaine Paterson

    I cracked my toe when his face went into the camera

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    Zayden Cook

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    Sharmyia Holness

    I haven't watched the whole video yet but I just know this is gonna be another amazing video your one of my favourite youtubers love your videos

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      Theann Felix

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      2x_rez O

      You can take them down to six you gonna do 66666 or you guys look at this do we just do it the guy just do a dumb in the sexy you guys how to hell are you guys gonna kill dumb idiot put them back in the police station how are you can I do


      I hate to break it to you but look at his discription. It says for “entertainment purposes only” meaning these aren’t real there fake just for entertainment so don’t believe it plus your a roblox girl so your probably dumb enough to think it’s real.

  • Allan M
    Allan M

    Hi stromedy u have the best videos keep it up

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    _Yap_ JeongGuk97_

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      anime and mcpe gaming dj cook assistant


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      Lexi Thunder



      @Vikki Rose yeah I know exactly what your taking about and what you mean

    • PEZA EAS Studio’s
      PEZA EAS Studio’s

      Get the mg42 and blast them to bits with hitlers Buzzsaw

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      Vikki Rose

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  • paul gregory
    paul gregory

    hey kyle, I saw top 10s creepy video, he said there was a grey colour skin girl in Martha Chapel Cemetery on texas,can you go there and find out the truth? because that scared me 8 Creepy Things People Caught On Camera skip to minute: 1.57 Pls make a video about it🥺

    • paul gregory
      paul gregory

      this is the video link... irglo.info/from/cpeDnHyqpNqZhp8/fy-lm-h-y.html

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    Summer Peck

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    Brittney Cassidy Catalano 💖

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    Bee Cell

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    Amelie Pinkus Karrouze

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    Elaine Paterson

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    Daniel Cristache

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    Karen Fugl holm

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    Frenchfries 0_0

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    Kelli White

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    Donald Crank

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    Katrina Lettsome

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