Scary Zombie Apocalypse 360° camera experience (Massive Zombie Horde blocks Road)
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*DISCLAIMER*: Please DO NOT attempt to recreate any of the content in this video, All people featured in this video are adults and anything you watch here is done in a controlled and safe environment to serve a viewers entertainment purpose.


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  • Lissy Lulu
    Lissy Lulu

    Me: YO, put your window up. dude... stop PUTTING ME OUTSIDE THE WINDOWWW. yoo, girl you wearing a nice mask there

  • Dani Smith
    Dani Smith

    That has to be acted...

  • Kessie Jangad Malalis Sarueda
    Kessie Jangad Malalis Sarueda

    So insane, so they went outside their car to get away with those people.

  • Kessie Jangad Malalis Sarueda
    Kessie Jangad Malalis Sarueda

    Its blurred

  • Chappy’s games.
    Chappy’s games.

    ofc fake

  • Rainbow 🌈Owl
    Rainbow 🌈Owl

    Everyone In the Truck: *Gets* *Out* *When* *The* *Zombies* *Are* *Getting* *Closer*. Me: BRO WHY JUST DRIVE AWAYY! Also me: I mean Ik It's not Real. It's just people In Zombie Costumes!

  • Luana Victoria Ortiz Torres
    Luana Victoria Ortiz Torres

    Alguien de los comentarios que hábil español😁

  • JasperRylynn Morton
    JasperRylynn Morton

    and on sunday.

  • JasperRylynn Morton
    JasperRylynn Morton

    Dire Stromedy my name is Jasper and i'm a BIG fan and i've seen this prson named corny come and pick me up at 3:00 on North swop drive take a left and ill be thire with a gray jeep in indpdens!

  • alvin camilo
    alvin camilo

    Kan bisa langsung tabrak aja

    • alvin camilo
      alvin camilo

      Itukan topeng bukan zombie beneran

  • cat cute
    cat cute

    Its fake or real ?

  • ruth wassermann
    ruth wassermann


  • Freeler Brett
    Freeler Brett

    U did so bad it is obvious that it is fake and u can’t even pretend.

  • football team league
    football team league


  • Sathitpong Mungphienman
    Sathitpong Mungphienman

    And in the sky so I think it’s a end of your life

  • Sathitpong Mungphienman
    Sathitpong Mungphienman

    Guys I think there’s a black hole at the bottom of the screen

  • Miggy and Chichi
    Miggy and Chichi


  • Hashhimaru 1
    Hashhimaru 1

    Cmon do makeup instead of obvious masks for more realistic

  • heni purworahayu
    heni purworahayu


  • Vince Alesna
    Vince Alesna


  • Roselle Resurreccion
    Roselle Resurreccion


  • Calvin Chavez
    Calvin Chavez


  • Chealsey maise your ga na die
    Chealsey maise your ga na die

    Can u don't yous da 346

  • {moana}



    According to science zombies will never happen because there is a part of the human body that will not let that happen

  • Kelly Rodriguez
    Kelly Rodriguez

    The camera is foggy 🌫

  • Twig Pog?
    Twig Pog?

    BE 60785

  • Krissa Plant
    Krissa Plant

    This is fake i could tell

  • Lexi’s World of Toys
    Lexi’s World of Toys

    The zombies are like SOO GAY💀

  • Kitty beast
    Kitty beast

    You could Tell that Wenn one of the Zombies wenn on top of the car you can Tell that is a person Masked

  • সুৰৰ-সাতসৰী Xurar Xatxori
    সুৰৰ-সাতসৰী Xurar Xatxori

    You guys are so fake

  • সুৰৰ-সাতসৰী Xurar Xatxori
    সুৰৰ-সাতসৰী Xurar Xatxori

    They are not zombies

  • Orene Aragon
    Orene Aragon

    it is fake i see cars dum dum

  • Carson the ankle breaker
    Carson the ankle breaker

    My second 360

  • 🌸pinky💖

    I SAW THAT MASK!!!!!!

  • 🌸pinky💖

    This looks fake!

  • emily mandora gacha83
    emily mandora gacha83

    Just saying you know this car is making noise zombies are attracted to noise Show and if you pull a car up near them they will see it then you are dead

  • Rafael hasiholan
    Rafael hasiholan


  • Noi×Ava


  • Katy Khon
    Katy Khon

    Is this real ? or fake?

  • Kingston’s adventure
    Kingston’s adventure

    I can’t see It backwards

  • Dani Mills
    Dani Mills

    This fake! Dood!

  • devi susanti
    devi susanti

    This soo cool videooo

  • boba tea :p
    boba tea :p

    is this eveb real rell me?

  • larra belle
    larra belle

    you say it true

  • Cnao Mabalacat
    Cnao Mabalacat

    I dont wanna watch

  • Sonya Day
    Sonya Day

    36 camera 📸

  • marrinette

    How can i moov the camerra when i swipe it moovded

  • umam chairul
    umam chairul

    drama segala

  • luzaan Olivier
    luzaan Olivier

    I think I know how that happened so scp-096 maybe the zombies looked at him and then he comes for them and they maybe Danny broke the fence and then all the zombies escaped

  • luzaan Olivier
    luzaan Olivier

    Typing Google what the scp

  • Vanessa Scott
    Vanessa Scott


  • Pickle & Poppin
    Pickle & Poppin

    Fun fact: if u wanna survive a zombie apocalypse Be the Camera 📷 Man

  • Memepooch0


  • Little Kittiee
    Little Kittiee

    im glad this is fake but still its cool

  • Hi

    Who saw the thumbnail picture?the one at the window looked like it was a mask.

  • Rannveer Singh
    Rannveer Singh

    Man this guy is so childish and pls that zombies are not real I can see they are wearing mask 😂 man pls grow up be senseless

  • aradhya nayak
    aradhya nayak

    I am your biggest fan

  • Trinity Browning
    Trinity Browning

    Hi stromdy

  • Jemscar Pacantara
    Jemscar Pacantara


  • Jemscar Pacantara
    Jemscar Pacantara


  • Gabriel Vanlalvenhima
    Gabriel Vanlalvenhima

    I can one of them wearing mask fake bro

  • Lourdes Vargas C.
    Lourdes Vargas C.


  • Mohammed


  • Justine Rey Natnat
    Justine Rey Natnat

    Gfh Hughc

  • Tofuplayz

    How did he do that

  • Sharkaplyer


  • Septemberwolf5 games
    Septemberwolf5 games

    Me in my mind yelling at the girl to get back in the middle cuz she has the most skin exposed: **HEY GET BACK IN THE MIDDLE YOU HAVE THE MOST SKIN EXPOSED GET IN DA MIDDLE NOW**

  • Noah Burke
    Noah Burke

    This camera vision i don’t like(no afennce)

  • Beautiful Life with family and loving Dogs
    Beautiful Life with family and loving Dogs

    So stupid when you guys get out of car and turn down the mirrors. You guys just annoy

  • Beanie Boos 😉
    Beanie Boos 😉


  • Danish Gaming;
    Danish Gaming;

    Its so cooooollll!! Like game thank you,

  • zebras32

    i saw them wearing masks !!

  • max and bryan
    max and bryan

    Is this true

  • Lorenzo Medina
    Lorenzo Medina

    boring act of the zombies me:wtf

  • Grace Ravano
    Grace Ravano

    Me: DUDE RUN OVER THEM Him: Oh my god guys what do we do? Me: GET IN THE CAR AND RUN OVER THEM IN FULL SPEED BRO!!! Him: What do we do? Me: nvm ur ded😒 LOL

  • Mike Ido
    Mike Ido

    Please stop making videos. You are an embarrassment.

  • Mithumoni Basumatary
    Mithumoni Basumatary

    Zombie are wearing mask 🤣

  • Suman Khatri
    Suman Khatri

    Is this even real zombie 🧟‍♂️

  • ItsYourBoyGreenPlayz

    Sir don’t you dare put me out of the window or I scream to death ya got it.

  • Person

    Point your camera angle straight down theres a hole under you. Edit:im pretty sure this is clickbait because nobody has the guts to just go “oOoOoOoOoO zobies imma just zoom in on them

  • Travisj5

    HE SHOWED HIS License plate

  • Crystal Eyes Tarot
    Crystal Eyes Tarot


  • €••.•*Simply_Pumpkin*•.••€

    Ummm fake

  • Brooklyn Olsen
    Brooklyn Olsen

    This is so creepy

  • Lara Alassady
    Lara Alassady

    I love you’re job! It’s amazing!

  • Lara Alassady
    Lara Alassady

    It it reallll

  • Lara Alassady
    Lara Alassady

    Wait is this real omg so scary and cool!!!!!

  • Grianne Rafel Javier
    Grianne Rafel Javier

    😭😩A no

  • Daniel Andrew Concepcion
    Daniel Andrew Concepcion

    tHAT IS Fake

  • Poppy MacLennan
    Poppy MacLennan

    dis is clickbait they are just humans dressing up i can see da skin

  • Jomar Bernalte
    Jomar Bernalte


  • A1 Ashton
    A1 Ashton

    I’m happy you got out

  • Marley Hernandez
    Marley Hernandez

    Yo bro those are masks look up close there's mask\(°o°)/

  • Charlie Nazmie
    Charlie Nazmie

    So good video

  • FrogChamp

    Go to 60

  • RobloxPetX

    But not in Minecraft

  • RobloxPetX

    Zombies In life survive sun😂😂

  • Ava’s world
    Ava’s world

    Love your Vids

  • Ava’s world
    Ava’s world

    When I looked up on the 360 the sun was black uhhhhh that’s weird because I never seen some black before lol. And I love these 360 videos you’re making the very cool but still the sun is black lol lol Love your Vids You should get to you should get 200 million subs🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩 That will be so good if you get 20 million subs then I really like and scribe to all of your videos just saying if you could like it again I would like 1 million times Love your Vids a lot every 61s I don’t really like them but they’re really cool and that and you look so hard for them and like this is so cool I love your normal videos where you do the drone stuff on that but this one still like amazing And yeah that’s my last question 🙋‍♀️🤐🤐🤐 that’s literally my last question sorry I’m talking so much 😂 lol