when you see the Squid Game Guards outside your house, Lock your doors and RUN! (They want to Play)
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  • Theshmeethaa Sukumar
    Theshmeethaa Sukumar

    Stromedy is back with a another banger!!!!

    • Kevin Juárez
      Kevin Juárez


    • Just Vibin Bro
      Just Vibin Bro

      Oh jesus no

    • Radigund76

      More like another faker

    • Billie McMichael
      Billie McMichael

      Strongly scorn the squid game people or or or people that want you to play a game and it's called red light green light if they see any movement you you lose and you get shot so so be careful on school

    • nate


  • Oyvind Kleven
    Oyvind Kleven

    The squid game is evil i’ve seen videos I know just trust me

  • Abdullah kobir
    Abdullah kobir

    Stromedy... Why are you doing this. You are making kids fear for their lives. You are making kids who don't know this is fake shiver in their beds,look behind them every 5 seconds because of the fear that a ''squid game guard"is here to murder their families. You have made them not be able to wake up the same way that they did before watching the video. What has gotten into your head Stromedy?

  • Juan

    Play it’s on the squid game they kill you if you lose you’re gonna die

  • Latifa Haidary
    Latifa Haidary

    When they were just talking one by one it was like a movie

  • Nintendo

    Squid game call Number

  • Huzeyfah HUSSAIN
    Huzeyfah HUSSAIN

    Rather have his friend back then the money from the strangers

  • §ťary shadøwañımał
    §ťary shadøwañımał

    :0 how?

  • HannaH gibson
    HannaH gibson

    Yes I love these. But I'm kinda not allowed cuz I'm 11 but this. Makes me scared. Bit its so fun to watch.

  • Kristin Rubalcava
    Kristin Rubalcava

    Not real

  • Dark woulfie
    Dark woulfie

    I saw pink people walking in a line!!!!

  • 𝐂𝐮𝐩𝐂𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐥𝐮𝐯𝐯

    “Lets give a silent to the people who taught it was real.”

  • morty smith
    morty smith

    Stop being a lier

  • David Sanchez
    David Sanchez

    Imagine being scared of squid game

  • Sha'Niyah Boone
    Sha'Niyah Boone

    It's squid game

  • Olaf Bachmann
    Olaf Bachmann

    When its not fake,then prepare to Die! This Squid game is a dangerous game with 6 Games named: Red Light,green Light, Honeycomb,Tug of War,Marbles,Glass game (idk what it is named) and last game,Squid game! I wish u luck and hope u survive when its real

  • Carlos Chavarria
    Carlos Chavarria

    Justice quitting card and then you go to the real squid game😭👎👎🙊💔

  • Rafi Hashemi
    Rafi Hashemi

    Idk why ppl say squid game is scary when it isn’t scary 😑

  • Luz Maria Zevada
    Luz Maria Zevada


  • Yaga Yaga
    Yaga Yaga

    ڤتنبتب الان لتلنبتبتقهفعفةفوبننفنتلتبتولولولوزلنتلن بنلننظاممظاناظظلزلزلززازاززازلزلززفزفزفزز 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💔💔💔💔💔💔💋

  • Robin Lian
    Robin Lian

    Alt title - Pretending squid game is trying to break in

  • Armani Bajawa
    Armani Bajawa

    7:44 there is red by the cars

  • AllTheSepticBros

    Squid game.

  • yoyo mtz mtz
    yoyo mtz mtz

    this got to be fake:/

  • Malachi seipel
    Malachi seipel


  • robertgamer31cat

    Stromedy stromedy why would you like to play a fake squid game idk but this is a stupid idea game god its a movie whrre did u get hat money from ask a rich guy from whatsap or facebook

  • michael lonsdale
    michael lonsdale

    me:how fake are you from one to ten Stromedy:100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Boorapa Bumrungros
    Boorapa Bumrungros

    All that was a fun video

  • Toxic


  • Steph Frame
    Steph Frame

    I hate that game. Fuck the game

  • taia peradze
    taia peradze

    it's squid game have you ever heard of it

  • Lexie Bownie
    Lexie Bownie

    the way that the squid game guards dont see the drone

  • Soccer music
    Soccer music

    Wrong the square one can only talk like with the black man

  • sebastian

    not real bro

  • Trevor Cracroft
    Trevor Cracroft

    Hi am a fan

  • Paige Howarth
    Paige Howarth

    Squid game is red light green light

  • Janeth Dela Cruz
    Janeth Dela Cruz

    I know this is fake but I love the acting

  • ytaimoor

    If you lock your doors then how will you run?

  • Kirn Brar
    Kirn Brar


  • Kirn Brar
    Kirn Brar


  • Kirn Brar
    Kirn Brar

    Mog pata ha y i play game sqad game

  • Kirn Brar
    Kirn Brar

    Maro ga Don't play you will Dead

  • Phaung Phaung
    Phaung Phaung

    if i see them i well go in when ther are not looking i well win

  • Sharon Forbes
    Sharon Forbes


  • Vónbjørt Nybo
    Vónbjørt Nybo


  • Maricris Oclares
    Maricris Oclares

    ima tell the squid game guards u only can see them in korean they not real or maybe they live in canada? I should tell that. Like i was omg

    • Maricris Oclares
      Maricris Oclares

      Also they really a human they cannot be a robot!

  • Eduardo Alvarenga
    Eduardo Alvarenga

    Eits call Squid game an ef you Wein You get Money 💰 an ef you don't You die

  • Jesus Camacho
    Jesus Camacho


  • Mary Ann Surla
    Mary Ann Surla

    totoo bayan

    • Mary Ann Surla
      Mary Ann Surla

      totoo yan

  • Mary Ann Surla
    Mary Ann Surla

    totoo bayan

  • louie crisYT
    louie crisYT

    not realy real..

  • fuzzygameryo

    Squid game don't Come to my house your scary

  • Victoria Family
    Victoria Family

    burh this is so fake that slap he did didn't hurt

  • Robert Mivule
    Robert Mivule

    Squid game don't play it your doomed

  • fae

    this is so innacurate this makes me want to bang my head against the wall and start screaming

  • Lockhart4563


  • KeyboardBreaker

    by the way stop making these types of vids

  • Shinsou Kaminari
    Shinsou Kaminari

    Squid game but its IRL in Minecraft in Roblox!?!?!??! (NOT CLICKBAIT)

  • KeyboardBreaker

    bro stop posting fake vids they are not scary at all

  • Jacob Vaidya
    Jacob Vaidya


  • Noela Haswell
    Noela Haswell

    It’s $1 billion

  • Max Hodgson
    Max Hodgson


  • Evelyn Bradley
    Evelyn Bradley

    Look at the doll is so scary 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • Romny Rodriguez
    Romny Rodriguez

    🟢🔴😶 👗

  • Laila

    this is so fake like who would see the sqiud game guards outside your house soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fricken fake like agree with me if you say this is soooooooooooooo fricken fake like and and reply if you agree with me

  • Grant O'Connell
    Grant O'Connell

    They’re not super scary only a little bit because it sounds scary

  • e taylor
    e taylor

    I saw the squeaking guards at 8:22 can’t believe this is actually real

    • e taylor
      e taylor

      I meant to say squid game to be exactly I saw those squeaking triangle guards not the squares not the circles the triangles

  • e taylor
    e taylor

    I thought into it was at 8 to 2

  • e taylor
    e taylor

    Yeah you’re right everyone has well least I think I don’t know I’m only a kid

  • Cookiedumb312 is my rblx username
    Cookiedumb312 is my rblx username

    Also, he doesn’t know the “boss man” is actually called the front man lol and he also needs to make the poeple pink not red and they also need hoods and proper masks. All of those 6 year olds watching, this is soo fake bc why would they not knock out the camera man LoL!

  • Cookiedumb312 is my rblx username
    Cookiedumb312 is my rblx username

    Poeple in the back must be like “what the frick is squid game real?”

  • Cookiedumb312 is my rblx username
    Cookiedumb312 is my rblx username

    Lol faker it’s so fake lol

  • Evelin G
    Evelin G

    So Dumb fake

  • Evelin G
    Evelin G


  • Martires Pantaleon
    Martires Pantaleon

    Those girls are very green line

  • bromomento

    Cring or clickvait or no

  • Randy Apodaca
    Randy Apodaca

    I haven’t watched you in a while are you in the more and more I think you guys are fake

  • Sub to melty boyz And like all his videos
    Sub to melty boyz And like all his videos

    AI just I just saw a gaming squad game I played a quick game of

  • Kadiatu Kamara
    Kadiatu Kamara


  • Always gaming
    Always gaming

    It’s another Netflix movie

  • Ryan Dixon
    Ryan Dixon

    It's of money

  • Ryan Dixon
    Ryan Dixon

    Big bucks do it

  • lol

    Do u think people are dumb?

  • Julia Oser
    Julia Oser

    We all know the live in Korea and it's on the other side of the (f)ducking world

  • Sarah Evans-Boyd
    Sarah Evans-Boyd

    So sorry

  • Sarah Evans-Boyd
    Sarah Evans-Boyd

    OMG haven’t seen u in ages

  • maimouna mohamed
    maimouna mohamed

    canadian squid game

  • maimouna mohamed
    maimouna mohamed

    your videos are funny bc you act like an idiot or you live under a rock

  • Glow stars Games
    Glow stars Games

    Reveal identity in the next episode

  • Artîçx_Mętrø

    Bro that’s not the uniform.the uniforms have r d hoodies and long sleeves

  • Jessica Pollock
    Jessica Pollock

    Nice acting at the smoke thingy. Because if you all "pass out" who was recording? Hey

  • gru gaming
    gru gaming

    i heard someone call green light before the voice

  • Blanket vibes
    Blanket vibes

    They always leave the door open CLOSE THE DOOR STROMEDY AND STAY SAFE

  • aiyana kilbourne
    aiyana kilbourne

    squid Game if you lose you diy

  • medical112emergency


  • khalifa Almazrooei
    khalifa Almazrooei

    How don't you know what squid game is ?

  • Ava 🤪
    Ava 🤪

    Fake fake fake

  • it’s Alexa
    it’s Alexa


  • Daionk


    • nate

      Sub to daionk

    • nate