drone catches Clowns on Jetski's trying to invade this Boat, (you won't believe what happened)
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    A Stromedy a day keeps the doctor away

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  • mileycyrusfan197

    been meaning to watch this yesterday (afternoon), but kept on forgetting. so are these two videos in mexico you filmed before you came back to canada? edit: wooow. can't believe how CLEAR the water is! lol and 11 minutes in so far, no clowns yet! be careful!! 2nd edit: kyle, why didn't you, andreas and jana try pushing the clowns HARDER so they fall into the water instead of retreating? btw, those are actually humans simply wearing masks.

    • Gyutaro

      @Ellie Hunt it’s planned bruh

    • Gyutaro

      @X-WRLD no shit Sherlock


      It’s the two ppl from the the boat like come on now man talm bout taking a #2 then the other dude just left went him ofc it’s fake but it’s entertaining

    • mileycyrusfan197

      @Iris Bloom 😆😆😆😆 I kinda wondered if it was them

    • Iris Bloom
      Iris Bloom

      It's Dk and the other guy because when they left, they disappeared and then the clown showed up and they had the same swim trunks on as Dk and the other guy. Edit: I just found out I was right, yay!

  • Sony Plays
    Sony Plays

    Clowns: *see drone* Clown: “I know that is Stromedy”

  • BESTAY_E_A_A♡☆

    Thanks stromedy for going to all the places to protect us so we know ☺️

  • jasleenajit kaur
    jasleenajit kaur

    Me: looking everywhere while chilling on the boat The clown : Ready to attack me Me : then only notices the clown and AHHHH NONO CLOWNS ARE CHASING MEEEE

  • Violet Wilkina
    Violet Wilkina

    Your vids make my day you guys are amazing well done for the hard work!

  • B P
    B P

    If I was stromedy I would tackle the “clowns” even though it was dk

  • Logan Mariutto
    Logan Mariutto

    notice how the clowns came after dk and diego left plot twist, they're the ones dressed up as the clowns and the fact that theres 2 of them is weird

    • JD Games Channel
      JD Games Channel

      It’s Diego and dk obviously after they said there is no clowns lol

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    ViP boy gaming

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    To the person reading this: you're a gorgeous human being and you shouldn't let anyone take you down!!!❤️

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    Lil Radical

    To the person reading this: you're a gorgeous human being and you shouldn't let anyone take you down!!!❤️

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    • Monroe Norton
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      Uhhhhhhhhhhh ok

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  • Bernardo Rios
    Bernardo Rios

    Stromedy made his funniest pose from Titanic the movie right on DK. 0:24. 🤣😂. Including Andreas. 0:34.


    Your videos are bangers everyday Just keep on grinding every bro love you all Peace out😃😁😃😁😃😁😊😁

    • Buddy Wright
      Buddy Wright

      Lol. Lol

  • Tere

    At this point my grandpa did tell me these are just people wearing masks and its their friends or people who agreed to do it sorry to burst anyone's bubble for the people who thought this was real

  • Kristian Hamilton
    Kristian Hamilton

    Jana needs to now the lockness monster is a Scottish myth

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    This guy always finds out something new and ends up finding of fight them

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    Skylar Hein

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