if you ever see this outside your window at night, leave your house and RUN away fast!! (Siren Head)
if you ever see this outside your window at night, leave your house and RUN away fast!! (Siren Head)

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  • Stromedy


    • DAB L1t
      DAB L1t

      @Popcorn Willy u are right because the footage ( no offence ) looks soo fake

    • Mark Dooley !!!
      Mark Dooley !!!

      I’m In Australia so I don’t have to worry

    • Jonathan

      It is a joke, siren head is fake…

    • John Paul Beringuel
      John Paul Beringuel

      thats a joke edit

    • Beth Wells
      Beth Wells

      Kkskskxkzkakskskalaksklalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalal lallaalalalal lsalalalalalalzlzllzlLLLzl! Alaska and that's a water bottle and a lot to think about the fact

  • Joshua Elisy
    Joshua Elisy

    Did anyone notice that when the security camera in the backyard, Siren Head's legs just slides a little bit.

    • Trisha Po
      Trisha Po

      yap its fake sooo fake

    • Griffin Gregory
      Griffin Gregory


    • Natalie Chapman
      Natalie Chapman

      I seen it hahahahah

    • Donna Buelin
      Donna Buelin


    • Thi Thanh Thao Vu
      Thi Thanh Thao Vu


  • ˢᵀᴿᴬᵂᴮᴱᴿᴿᵞ ˣᵛᴵᴮᴱˢˣ
    ˢᵀᴿᴬᵂᴮᴱᴿᴿᵞ ˣᵛᴵᴮᴱˢˣ

    I didnt know that siren head can type - HE’S TALLER THAN THE 2ND FLOOR

  • Socorro Bojorquez
    Socorro Bojorquez

    Siren head be like : whats the wifi password

    • Avery Medina
      Avery Medina


    • Mandisa Mqikela
      Mandisa Mqikela


  • ✨Foxy_Pumpkins✨

    9:14 if you have good eyesight u can see a foot of siren or that was just my imagination lol I’m kinda paronormal sometimes

  • Barry b benson 2
    Barry b benson 2

    When it comes to stromedys thing about all the multiple siren heads he’s technically not wrong according to Trevor Henderson there are many different types of siren heads so it is a species however he still incorrect in saying that they come in many shapes and sizes in that kind of sense there isn’t multiple siren heads that look exactly the same just different sizes according to Trevor Henderson according to him the only different types of siren heads or stuff like the multi headed siren head and the red siren head among others so he still technically wrong

  • ꧁Cocoa The Wolf꧂
    ꧁Cocoa The Wolf꧂

    It can’t get you when inside, close the windows, cover them so it won’t see you and stay as far away from any entrance leaving your house will enable it to see you and you wouldn’t be able to run 10 meters without it catching up to you and eating you

  • Phoenix Galaxy
    Phoenix Galaxy

    Honestly at first I was was terrified to watch this video because I thought it would be scary but now that I watch it it’s not that scary I’m honestly only scared of jump scares

    • Latisha Thunderblanket
      Latisha Thunderblanket

      Okay book head to get

  • Lee Stanley
    Lee Stanley

    What the hell that was crazy hope you guys are OK god bless you all love you guys I subscribed

    • SpicyGo4tCh33se

      You actually believe this shit?

  • ClxmsyV1cky

    The fact that everybody else in the neighborhood ignored that they heard sirens and loud stomps XD

    • xFlamexIng


  • SubzeroPlays

    9:28 also when siren head walks the camera always follow him so it’s easier to edit. (no hate, I find it funny)

  • V3nom Op
    V3nom Op

    Did anyone notice the drone was controlled by him as siren head comes the drone moves without controlled by him

    • [REDACTED]

      This is fake, you can legit see it’s just a 3D animation, that or he looks like a Roblox lego dude or something

    • Bruce

      • ꧁SodaMidoriyauwu꧂ • the sirens were shiny and if it was in the dark you wouldn’t be able to tell

    • Bruce


    • KoalaNesteaa_Games

      CT VENOM yeah that’s very strange, I mean I believe in Siren Head. And he could’ve moved it.

  • nickname

    siren head:goes to the house* stromedy:runs on open streets* siren head his brain:i am 65 paralel universes ahead of you


    “What else could’ve been making those stomps?!” Two things,1:shaking your camera 2:Air (this is all a joke your videos are so cool)

  • larry patterson
    larry patterson

    siren head is scary if i saw him in real life i would freak out

    • Odessei27

      He not real

  • Olivia Morton
    Olivia Morton

    11:42 makes me laughter

    • terry6680


  • AmaZane

    Wait, if they heard from their friends about coming in contact with siren head, but never lived to tell the tale, then how do they freaking know. HUH!

    • Daniel is a jerk Wendland
      Daniel is a jerk Wendland

      That’s edited

  • milk

    How fake do you want this to be? Him: yes 😏

  • itsnosic

    nice video i do enjoy these at night but keep it up :)

  • Sierra Porchak
    Sierra Porchak

    You can tell the skin is animated when he comes to the back door

    • gem m
      gem m

      @Landon u good??

    • Brantly Furr
      Brantly Furr

      @Glen Davis not true

    • CC

      Very true

    • Hanns Robert De Jesus
      Hanns Robert De Jesus

      yes its actually animated...bcose the movement and the height

    • Glen Davis
      Glen Davis

      @JELLY Kragel He is real I think I saw him outside my house.

  • Gaming A
    Gaming A

    The siren head in the window, 2nd camera, and drone camera was editing. PS: Siren head is fake

  • Javier Gamas
    Javier Gamas

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that they left, and let every body else in the house😂😨

    • Marcus Millbrook
      Marcus Millbrook


    • Marcus Millbrook
      Marcus Millbrook

      Yup I guess so

    • Mia Valadez
      Mia Valadez


    • exclusive,games


    • winahsummerki

      What the hell are you talking about dude

  • Lino Da Silva Pascoal Da Silva PASCOAL
    Lino Da Silva Pascoal Da Silva PASCOAL

    How does he come up with every mysterious investigation come on ain’t it obvious I wish they were real thou❤️

    • Daniel Viking
      Daniel Viking

      Apperently they are drawn to Stromedy, you cant ”fake” nighttime videos btw

  • Annie

    When you were flying the drone I heard the siren head sound

  • Extreme Eatz
    Extreme Eatz

    Y’all are good at editing. When he was “at your window” that is what I mean by good editing

    • Imshorty

      His siren head edit is 😆

  • Chloe Chloe_sherwin:2164
    Chloe Chloe_sherwin:2164

    Who thinks siren head is real though😂

  • kawajisss s
    kawajisss s

    I was watching this then I heard a creepy noise and found out it was a bird on my window

    • Amber Wille
      Amber Wille


    • Ebenezer Sangluai
      Ebenezer Sangluai

      Creepy bird

    • Patrick Star
      Patrick Star


  • ꧁𝚙𝚎𝚊𝚌𝚑꧂

    Man if I ever see him I would literally freaking scream like no other..

  • Evie Bond
    Evie Bond

    Oh my God I never thought that he was real😱👁👄👁

  • Claire Evans
    Claire Evans

    He was out side my house yesterday night 🌙🌙🌙

  • Furbyfurr

    Siren head looks so creepy if I see this I think I'm going to die


    Siren head will never leave you because you called him. He misses you guys. He has fans and wants to live with them or he is alerting you to leave your house because your in danger there.

    • Samantha Siebert
      Samantha Siebert

      NO MORE that just makes siren head nice even tho it’s fake

    • Somer G Dixon
      Somer G Dixon

      It’s fake LOL

  • McDreamyFnaf

    Pov: its 2:15 and im scared af now😰

  • Julian Johansson
    Julian Johansson

    Did No one hear stromedy farting in the start when he started filming 😂

  • CC

    You can tell when siren head is at the window it's clearly editing

  • CaptainMarveloussGamingYt

    Siren head be like imma raise my hands take a picture and scare em half tooo death

    • Gabby Williams
      Gabby Williams

      How can he take a picture of you

    • Gabby Williams
      Gabby Williams


  • —L̶o̶v̶i̶n̶g̶ • S̶i̶s̶t̶e̶r̶—
    —L̶o̶v̶i̶n̶g̶ • S̶i̶s̶t̶e̶r̶—

    “If you see anything like siren head run” So if You see a tree run, guess I ain’t going outside


      so ur saying if I see a tree u want me to run hell nah just stay inside cause I got a lot of tree`s so nope not going outside

    • wahajhussain

      @Kaitlyn Sheppard lol 😂😂😂

    • Jordan Griggs
      Jordan Griggs


    • Aby Hawkins
      Aby Hawkins

      The best comment ever 🤣🤣🤣

    • NRGEnjoy


  • Nat Weiner
    Nat Weiner

    First of all - can you keep the camera still? Second, stop acting like you've just had 15 Starbucks coffees.

  • monica e
    monica e

    I've been hearing random Simon out my house

  • Lucy Thornley
    Lucy Thornley

    the scaryiest part was when siren head popt out the window

  • the chestercat
    the chestercat

    Everybody cool till the 5G tower starts walking

  • Smashing bro
    Smashing bro

    Fun fact: siren head marks his next victims by making those noises. Another fun fact: siren head also mocks his victims voices as screams to lure people, and he is fast

    • Kumaran kumar
      Kumaran kumar

      @linda mao you mean *Subscribe*

    • cloudy..n!ght

      He tall He loud He stronk He skinny But most importantly Scary

    • {Sugar_Treat} #Roadto150
      {Sugar_Treat} #Roadto150


    • kckim

      fun fact: siren head is not real

    • Jon The pro
      Jon The pro

      Nice try scammer

  • xFlamexIng

    0:34 it kinda looks like light head

  • Jay Hill's back
    Jay Hill's back

    That the siren head actually almost killed me and my brother and sister

  • J Vr
    J Vr

    I saw siren head a long time ago it was soo scary

  • Mr.shinzilla

    Stromedey:what else could have been causing those stomp Sounds? Me:idk Godzilla or King Kong

  • Çåþð


    • taste the crunch
      taste the crunch

      Duh xp

    • C. Bash
      C. Bash

      Yep we know

    • rocky manomanman
      rocky manomanman

      Maybe Slenderman 😁😁

    • LisaTvH

      Oh yeah I didn't even think of the drone it probably was it cuz it was

    • KImberly Kowalski
      KImberly Kowalski


  • Brooke McMillan
    Brooke McMillan

    i got scared because of the screaming 🤣

  • Adam Catlin
    Adam Catlin

    This is creepy and I hear 👂 siren heads siren it’s so freaky 😰

  • gacha life maker
    gacha life maker

    Did anyone notice when they switched on the backyard camera siren heads legs weren't even on the ground

  • Keaton Maxwell
    Keaton Maxwell

    When I saw this video I put up my drone I want to get on around that area and I found them

  • Alex

    When it slapped the window it looks so fake and if it was real, then the neighbors will notice. Like if you agree

    • Teresa Sybrandy
      Teresa Sybrandy

      Wow that

    • Teresa Sybrandy
      Teresa Sybrandy

      Wow that is so true

    • @Hi

      @Hope Tui "wronf"

    • Shruthikaa Selvarajoo
      Shruthikaa Selvarajoo


    • @Hi

      @Love fox and friends写博客小丫头 Spammer.

  • Annie

    Btw siren head is actually a really mythical creature

  • Ngân Ngân👆👆
    Ngân Ngân👆👆

    Tuy tôi biết đó là giả nhưng vẫn thấy hay👍 tôi là người VietNam🦋

  • Luigi Is Short
    Luigi Is Short

    Stromedy: completly ingores the fact he is 40 feet tall in the camers footage

  • evelyn grace
    evelyn grace

    Happy 6th birthday 🥳 don’t ever get old enough for you to stop making weird videos that I found on your mums phone that you upload silly billy

  • Sonic the headgog
    Sonic the headgog

    I love how you where shaking the camera and your friend acting high

    • mrbomboiYT


    • Wizzy101

      @mrbomboiYT yeah its fake

    • Wizzy101

      @Sherry Hughes that was fake tho

    • Ace Fryer
      Ace Fryer

      Hello my name is a saline

    • Jeanne King
      Jeanne King

      You guys didnt already know that?

  • Tan Jia yi (Bendemeerps)
    Tan Jia yi (Bendemeerps)

    Wait what why the siren head the leg so tin? WOAH-HE can Teleport

  • Tiff Dubash
    Tiff Dubash

    Yes meto when I was at my uncles yelled lamp head and I heard someone big foot steps ran across the back yard!!

  • Nillyjilliebriella13scotbaker2079

    I had a dream about siren head I was freaking out

  • Janet Leslie
    Janet Leslie

    I love your videos so much

  • Human Not Being
    Human Not Being

    Siren Head: A 40 foot tall skeleton-like creature with two sirens for a head, the sirens also have teeth in them. If he WAS probably real, he would be all over the news.

    • CatNamedJoeCousin

      Umm this is the whole point of the channel is entertainment purposes and if you don’t believe me read the bottom of the description

    • Tornado  animations
      Tornado animations

      @high noon music and doom I knew it

    • Cara Childress
      Cara Childress

      Dose the news reporters watch IRglo?


      Listen the government could be trying to hide it from us so yeah

    • Esther Uupindi
      Esther Uupindi

      Siren head East not real

  • Guven Orman
    Guven Orman

    I'm scared lol I was about to pee in my pants!

    • Guven Orman
      Guven Orman


  • barbara wilson
    barbara wilson

    I hope you guys are save because I watched a siren head video and I got a nightmare all week

  • Akixx

    When I see that sh*t outside my window I lock my doors and cry in the bathroom. Why tf would I leave my house to encounter that-

  • 23 hacker    Rhia
    23 hacker Rhia

    This is scary I love this channel 🎅

  • hell wolf
    hell wolf

    Won't you be safe inside your house when he come to our house

    • MostEpicElliott

      no siren head can break through the house. plus he can outrun you not the other way around

    • April Patterson
      April Patterson

      I mean yeah

  • Mia Kat
    Mia Kat

    He doesn’t notice the first glitches on the drone then the last one gets him

  • Faeriie

    there’s a another one! Just to let u. Know! I love ur vidoes!

  • Vaporwave officer
    Vaporwave officer

    i'll admit your a gawd at editing

  • Heidi Crowell
    Heidi Crowell

    "Siren Head is tall" Me:"Teach me Siren head on how to be tall"

    • Ashton Waith
      Ashton Waith


    • * cloudy playz *
      * cloudy playz *


    • Mandisa Mqikela
      Mandisa Mqikela

      Nice, I like it

  • Lila Dixon
    Lila Dixon

    Stromedy: You can clearly hear the sirens. The Deaf Kid: WhAt?!?!

    • Bob-lee Swagger
      Bob-lee Swagger


    • Horse Lovers
      Horse Lovers

      Thats rude just like you

    • Martha Young
      Martha Young

      charles. 3aMHRie. No the we run

    • Callista Bender
      Callista Bender


    • Callista Bender
      Callista Bender

      He is not deff

  • Roxywolfie

    Me watching this when he nearly has 4 million Also the music is creepy I’m scared with the music Also ur right that he does camouflage with the trees 🌲

  • 💜LOLXPLAYZ💜#roadto330

    Ok Stormedy you did a good job I watch your vids everyday 😍😍😍😍🤩🥰 P.S this is effects so plz don’t fall for it

  • Brother channel
    Brother channel

    Love your vids


    Good videos keep it up though

  • Taya Jossart
    Taya Jossart

    I love how CGI that is and I love how you wake up poor Andre to tell him "siren head " is at the window.. lol still love you and your vids

    • Austin Long
      Austin Long


  • AmeliaVids🤪❤

    The siren head looks um edited 🤣🤣🤣still loved the vid

  • Natalie Chapman
    Natalie Chapman

    At the end of video there was what looked like a stick hand out of your window

  • Makayla McCool
    Makayla McCool

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that he edits siren head into his videos?

    • Big Iron Gaming
      Big Iron Gaming

      @Daniel Viking 😐

    • iloveyou

      @Daniel Viking true

    • Daniel Viking
      Daniel Viking

      @PurpleCc Exactly, if you edit in something in a video you see the whole figure, you cant edit in something in the window. So its a real video 👊🏼

    • PurpleCc

      you don’t know thT


      No Its Fake Siren Head Was Last Seen In 2018 Not 2020 Siren Sound By Trevor Henderson

  • sabina majcen
    sabina majcen

    it also could be godzilla,but i think its too big for that thing that take your picture when you are in second floor(1 godzilla size = 10 siren head size)

  • •Original_Nancin• Battle Bay
    •Original_Nancin• Battle Bay

    0:33 That Is Siren Heads Brother Named Head Light He Is Smaller Than Siren Head

    • Nugget_YT

      @Dee Wells thats wrong XD they are rivals

  • Emma Heard
    Emma Heard

    I lightly got scared 😨

  • 𓆉𝙴𝚕𝚕𝚊_𝙶𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚎𓆉

    Good editing!

    • Odessei27

      To me it look like as

    • Mandisa Mqikela
      Mandisa Mqikela

      To me it looked SO REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Padmanabhan T.V.
    Padmanabhan T.V.

    I love your videos,

  • lewis jackson
    lewis jackson

    No it isn't. Siren Head is an urban legend made by Trevor Henderson, mainly known for his odd appearance.

  • youtube user
    youtube user

    Stormedy: what else should making those stomps me: it must be a elephant around your neighbourhood dude

    • Ay Homar
      Ay Homar


    • suryani Djafar
      suryani Djafar

      This edit😆🤣

    • devil lights
      devil lights

      Ok but can a elaphant text

    • JELLY fox gacha!
      JELLY fox gacha!

      I was thinking the same thing LOL 😂

    • Izuku midorya deku
      Izuku midorya deku

      Shut up axtrol elephants are not that big btw they only in a zoo thats not zoo video dud

  • cleo Tuckwell
    cleo Tuckwell

    The window at the end 😨😨😨😨😨😨!!!!!

  • Kavita Ramkumar
    Kavita Ramkumar

    Me: can siren head smell people??? Siren head: of course i can smell people what do you think i can find them?? Me: so how i smell🤣🤣😏😏 Siren head: falls Me: oh no what happen is it my smell?? Also me: smells my self falls lol🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Jenni Doan
      Jenni Doan


    • Chanel1234

      I no this is real I once got parked by are next door 🚪 namers they put the sound on there tv 📺 with there window down

  • Azhar Iqbal
    Azhar Iqbal

    10:31 Dude: Hello1? Like Siren Head's going to say, "Yeah I'm in the kitchen, want a sandwich?"

  • Beau Simons
    Beau Simons

    u can CLEARLY here the siren

  • Chezy Bg
    Chezy Bg

    Am I the only one who knows that everything it's fake but I'm still watching his videos

    • Gabrielle Aure
      Gabrielle Aure

      Me, your not alone.

    • Niko Ghassemieh
      Niko Ghassemieh

      Me me me

    • Elliecat lynn
      Elliecat lynn

      yas preach i know it is did you see the feet there was no feet when he was walking

    • Jens van Luijck
      Jens van Luijck


    • Jens van Luijck
      Jens van Luijck

      Me 2

  • Fanatik Levanjil
    Fanatik Levanjil

    i was like ._. when he was saying " OH MY GOD HOLY CRAP OH MY GOD YO

  • Nicolo Cuvilie
    Nicolo Cuvilie

    Dude make this real you can tell because the way how he walks tells me and he is just shaking the camara come on we know it’s not real he is so dang short that’s animated sorry for exposing but man and also when he was coming back to the backyard there is no shaking man this is not real and also can’t come in different forms

  • rexyYT

    I’m scared from a ouiji board

  • Little Kittiee
    Little Kittiee

    right after you said to look on the road i sall legs when you turned it then flue up

  • POV

    Stromedy: No one is that tall to take a picture from that height Me: What about a drone?

    • Ayden Martinez
      Ayden Martinez


    • kurodedkitten

      yeah possibly

    • Hello

      @Alexander skyler drones can hold stuff so Maybe it was holding a camera

    • Ananthasivan V
      Ananthasivan V


    • Alexander skyler
      Alexander skyler

      A drone can not take pictures

  • A Sharp
    A Sharp

    That siren head looks different to the siren head from the movie

  • Demon859 (GD)
    Demon859 (GD)

    Nice editing like bruh the first sighting bruh just that walk is everywhere dude

  • CaptainMarveloussGamingYt

    If you see siren head you cant run he can run faster then a car