if you see this in the forest, PLEASE Run as fast as you can! (Don't let them catch you)
if you see this in the forest, PLEASE Run as fast as you can! (Don't let them catch you)

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  • James Hillman
    James Hillman

    In so glad he's back we all need his goofy ness in the videos and that I wish he can start magic back up hopefully he will he inspires me to do magic have a good weekend and hello I love the whole team and I subscribed to the whole team welcome back kameron

  • Jane Burton
    Jane Burton

    Stromedy never give a clown a ride guys. Later he finds a clown gives the clown a ride and then more clowns come and take him away. Do more videos like this Kyle

    • Sissal Haldansen
      Sissal Haldansen


  • Boeing Infinity
    Boeing Infinity

    Stromedy, its been a long time since you filmed these roadtrip videos.I truly love them. Next time in the future, can you possibly visit Long Island, New York? I am from Long Island, New York and would truly love to see you one day ! You are my role model.

  • Gacha_story

    I love these videos bcs when someone is chasing them they hide in the dumbest hiding spot and they don't see them 🤣😂

  • eva naqtai
    eva naqtai

    i laughed so hard when Kyle said we passed Him for 5 times now

    • Lily blossom cat
      Lily blossom cat


  • Kessie Jangad Malalis Sarueda
    Kessie Jangad Malalis Sarueda

    I love it everytim he posts about new crazy videos.

    • MR H1LAG
      MR H1LAG

      AND FAKE but interesting...

  • Kathy's Wanderlust Diaries
    Kathy's Wanderlust Diaries

    Great vlog, keep it coming!

  • ch1srmas.x.e1l

    I like how the clown said “Let me in” 😂

  • colton mooooore
    colton mooooore

    Stromedy: guys never pick a clown up in your car. 5 minutes later he picks him up

    • * CocoXskye *
      * CocoXskye *

      Ok.but he is trying to defense his friends

    • Vika Havili
      Vika Havili

      @ZENON cool

    • Alexandria Onimus
      Alexandria Onimus

      @ZENON he’s not fake and his name is kyle

    • Kimya S.
      Kimya S.

      @Sniper Ash idk

    • Sniper Ash
      Sniper Ash

      @Kimya S. I thought are they cousins?

  • 💮•*moon rose*•💮
    💮•*moon rose*•💮

    The clown you picked up seemed more scared than anything

  • superhero of ROBLOX
    superhero of ROBLOX

    The clown told him to pull over because he knew it would be a lot of clowns

  • Kimya S.
    Kimya S.

    Glad y'all made it out, those clowns r creepy as hell. Also glad to see Cameron again ❗❗

  • Chris Mathews
    Chris Mathews

    I loved when youtube videos were genuine, like you couldn't tell if it was fake or not

    • James Holland
      James Holland

      @Justin Alvarez kkdkjo

    • Taylor

      @Chris Mathews exactly

    • Chris Mathews
      Chris Mathews

      @Taylor literally the only video I've ever seen from this IRglor

    • Taylor

      @Chris Mathews is you don’t like it don’t watch them tf

    • Chris Mathews
      Chris Mathews

      @hetam singh obviously

  • Imtiyaaz Omar
    Imtiyaaz Omar

    How do you guys get really strong man your the strongest Man I know

  • dxrk_sliq

    Haters gonna hate but... I love your videos ❤️ keep uploading your a very talented person hope u succeed in life keep uploading if your reading this Kyle/Stromedy

  • Charlie Richards
    Charlie Richards

    U all doing good guys keep it up 💯

  • Michael

    Everyone can we just take a moment to thank stomedy for doing this ♥️

    • 1P Kenneth
      1P Kenneth


    • robert thabah
      robert thabah


    • Jack Smith
      Jack Smith

      U release its all cap tho

    • Lightro

      For the fake content

  • Joseph

    My favorite part is when the glowing mask clown looked at them

  • •lil_ramenø•

    please kyle u dont have to do a hard work just to make ur fans happy u dont have to do it all of us love all of ur videos kyle and u really really deserve to get many likes and subscriber kyle and stay safe kyle

  • CoffeeChick2

    I’ve been watching Three years now and I love it thanks for making all these new Videos

  • Abigail

    Me watching these clowns: 😀 are they wild animals? Clowns: hahaha *crawls around like wild animals cutely*😗✌️

    • Landen Booth
      Landen Booth

      That would be scary

  • AYoo wassup
    AYoo wassup

    i live in a forest and i feel like something is like around me and its very creepy i never go outside😰

  • Beyblade Master
    Beyblade Master

    I’ve been thinking like I think Stoney and the others should make a movie about all the stuff that’s been happening in their lives every single video mixed together

    • Michael Aguirre
      Michael Aguirre

      @Rexified no

    • Andrew Andrew
      Andrew Andrew


    • Sniper Ash
      Sniper Ash

      Isn't he stromedy?

    • Sniper Ash
      Sniper Ash


    • Janelle Hundley
      Janelle Hundley

      Yesss I'm so here for that! Good idea!

  • Kessie Jangad Malalis Sarueda
    Kessie Jangad Malalis Sarueda

    I love it everytim he posts about new crazy videos.

    • Yeetyeet41w

      You know this is fake right

  • James Dove
    James Dove

    I loved this video it was so crazy with all the clowns in the forest

    • Emraan

      @Breanna Snoddy he never said it was real so shut up

    • Breanna Snoddy
      Breanna Snoddy

      Bro its fake. Well your a kid, you don’t know anyways.

  • Maricela Valdez
    Maricela Valdez

    Stromedy crew I love ya ! I’m been waiting for clown videos my whole life … I absolutely love clowns .I decorate every Halloween with nothing but clowns “creepy carnival theme “ . I discovered your channel when my daughter was watching your videos . I got really excited , and even more when I saw clown everything …Thank You guys love ya .❤️🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡❤️

  • PhilMeaty

    I love that the clowns let him record this😀

    • Anika Sullens
      Anika Sullens

      If I were a clown I woulda snatched that camera right outa his hands.

    • Amelia And Evie
      Amelia And Evie

      Jeez thes r god actorS

    • Roblox with ethan_playz
      Roblox with ethan_playz

      Those are just actor

    • PhilMeaty

      How would i not know that🥺🥺🥺

    • dapperboi

      they aint really clowns.you know that right

  • Emraan

    New rule: don’t pick up clowns and if u do listen to what the clown says

    • Lucila Zavala
      Lucila Zavala


    • Lucila Zavala
      Lucila Zavala

      @Nizi B 😀😀

    • Nizi B
      Nizi B


  • Leah Louise Gibson
    Leah Louise Gibson

    So glad you guys got away okay

  • Farhad Darya
    Farhad Darya

    Haven't seen Cam'ron but thank god you put him in the vid

  • ピンクの悪魔

    “Guys if you ever see a guy like this on the road *dont pick him up*” I thought common sense was already invented

    • Objectivewolf6

      It's clickbait. LOL

    • nah bro
      nah bro


    • HithisisayoutubechannelyoushouldsubscribetooplsssE

      Then he picks him up

    • MaMMy

      This is hilarious he’s like 25😂😂

    • supreme Jaguar
      supreme Jaguar

      Why ?

  • LittleZeo Playz
    LittleZeo Playz

    I love how he keeps the camera on him and never fights back and says "what the frik is happening right now"

  • Grayson Gentry
    Grayson Gentry

    Bro it’s been years since I watch this IRglo channel I am going to stay back to watching it keep up the good work☺️😇😇

    • 1P Kenneth
      1P Kenneth

      stop the cap


      @Lightro like you?

    • XxXMySTiX Onxbox
      XxXMySTiX Onxbox

      @1P Kenneth still it’s entertaining

    • 1P Kenneth
      1P Kenneth


    • Lightro

      For the fake content

  • Finn Lau
    Finn Lau

    This is the first stromedy video I've watched in a while but correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the war between humans and clowns get resolved and end in peace after the clown king was killed?

  • Levi Ackermann
    Levi Ackermann

    People: WARNING! DONT TRUST CLOWNS DONT LET THEM RIDE WITH YOU! The youtuber: ok we bring you to gas station :>

  • Albert Ramirez
    Albert Ramirez

    I love your videos!!

  • Teodorica Lorena
    Teodorica Lorena

    I feel so bad for the clown🤡 bc he just wants a ride

  • Aiman Kabir
    Aiman Kabir

    Les go Kemeron is BACK.

  • Captin Hansolo
    Captin Hansolo

    As soon as you let him in the car I was scared

    • Ramakrishna Patnala
      Ramakrishna Patnala

      @DIO Even though it’s fake I would still rather let people enjoy it

    • DIO

      Ya know its fake right?

  • George Murray
    George Murray

    I love your videos they’re so good

  • Bailey Ackroyd
    Bailey Ackroyd

    I bet that the clown Right at the beginning is one of his friends but I love all of them and how much effort they put in to these videos😍😍😍

    • Mary Stewart
      Mary Stewart


    • Beans and Burgers and other things
      Beans and Burgers and other things


  • Boeing Infinity
    Boeing Infinity

    Hello Stromedy, its Boeing Infinity. that was nice and adventurous video you got there ! You always make nice videos. Great video, thank you for telling the Stromedy Squad to never stop the car for any stranger passengers on the road. Your video truly made by day How long have you returned to Toronto? When is your next video coming up? I always turn on post notifications of your youtube channel. Please do a shoutout for me #Stromedy I subscribed to prime capitol!

  • Lilly Austin
    Lilly Austin

    I think this was by far the scariest video so far

  • Royalty Family
    Royalty Family

    do challenges please love all you guys xx

  • MightyMason

    YAY!!!!!! You brought back Cameron

  • Brooke

    If you want to go back explore to see what’s going on so you could find out why they caught you

    • SnakinGamin

      You realize this is fake right?

  • Jennifer Ragnath
    Jennifer Ragnath

    you are the best youtuber stay safe stromedy and i saw somthing behind you at 4 ; 56

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones

    Love how Cameron just smacked him in the face lol

    • Sharif Ullah
      Sharif Ullah

      U know he didn’t actually punch him

  • Preeti Bharadwaj
    Preeti Bharadwaj

    I love it how when they ask the clown in the forest "what is that" and he responds in a normal human voice "what"😂

    • Obyplayzz Bustos prudente
      Obyplayzz Bustos prudente

      What minutes

    • Teodorica Lorena
      Teodorica Lorena


  • Chloe Maitland
    Chloe Maitland

    Yeah love stromedy I’ve been watching him for a year now

    • Amy Cao
      Amy Cao

      I’ve been watching him for 9 years now so I guess I’m a fan

    • Breanna Snoddy
      Breanna Snoddy

      RIP all of you I’m the comment section, y’all really need to think, why you think jay got ban? And he will be next. Your kid by the pfp, its okay.

    • Rampify107

      I’ve been watching him for 3 yrs

    • Andrew Kassis
      Andrew Kassis

      Me too

  • Stacey Breward
    Stacey Breward

    Be calm and pretend to love them ❤ they will let you go

  • Krishank Yadav
    Krishank Yadav

    wow!!!!!!! its great!!!! you will keep posting videos i like it1!!!!!!!! you are the best youtuber!!!!!!!!

  • Oliver Nagy
    Oliver Nagy

    Their next video is probably something like" IF YOU SEE THIS CLOWN AMONG US GHOST IMPOSTER, RUN!!!!!!"

  • Haleycarol2022

    This is one of the reasons why I refused to go outside sometimes, because there could be a cult, even worse a clown cult which sounds really more terrifying to me than a normal cult because clowns are my biggest fear 😨 😂

    • AshZee

      It's fake I go outside all the time and nothing ever happens.

    • عباس السيد
      عباس السيد


    • Maggie S
      Maggie S

      I know it fake it's just fun to watch

    • Alexis Sotelo
      Alexis Sotelo

      @Monique Steven ye fake

    • Griffin McNinch
      Griffin McNinch

      It is fake I sorry but it is fake

  • Kenzie Needham
    Kenzie Needham

    I've not seen Cameron in time welcome back

  • Nael TV
    Nael TV


  • Camryn Yanalivich
    Camryn Yanalivich

    You guys always mack me laugh

  • Sophia Izquierdo
    Sophia Izquierdo

    Y’all should catch a clown and tie it up and unmask it that’s would be cool af

    • gamingwithnoir

      thank you so much person its aiasn or chineneiss

    • •shi shi•
      •shi shi•

      Scooby Doo where are u

    • عنان ياسر
      عنان ياسر

      Sorry, But I don't think they will do that Because his videos are fake, But It might be a crazy person wearing the Clown mask lol.

  • Roblox Planet Productions
    Roblox Planet Productions

    Is it just me, or does the clown look like crouchy? #STROMEDYSQUAD AND I LOVE YOU GUYS

  • Paul Fisher
    Paul Fisher

    Kameron is Back I love him he’s funny 😂

  • Salama Alkubaisi
    Salama Alkubaisi

    I let my baby sis watch with me so she gets scared hahaha

  • Lolita Sacamay
    Lolita Sacamay

    Finally Cameron is back

  • îtz•°•shãdøw

    This is a awesome! Keep it up with these awesome vids

    • îtz•°•shãdøw

      @𝕏._𝕂𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕝𝕪𝕟𝕏𝔻_.𝕏 Yee

    • 𝕏._𝕂𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕝𝕪𝕟𝕏𝔻_.𝕏

      Do you hate it when he keep saying shut up to this fans

    • îtz•°•shãdøw

      @Breanna Snoddy ok uh im not actually a kid anymore i guess but i kinda like make kid stuff bc I want to but i already know his video's are fake i mean clowns like dude no one will have soms crazy clowns doing these stuff so i knoa its fake but i don't like his vids they make it looks so real so i love the vids and i give him support!! And for his squad too

    • Breanna Snoddy
      Breanna Snoddy

      are you serious. I hope this is a joke 😃😂😭.his videos are fake, how do you not know kid?...eh- it takes you time to process when your order, and you will understand, and see why.

  • Wolf Wilf
    Wolf Wilf

    Hold up…. I saw this freaking car when I was playing hide N seek with my brothers and it don’t matter if y’all don’t believe me…

  • Taniqua Womack
    Taniqua Womack

    I love your videos so much

  • Senga Jermyn
    Senga Jermyn

    Stromedy:good thing were in the tesla because we can go fast if they run at us Man beside stromedy:yeah like were the cheeta and and there the turtle *Clown bangs on window* Stromedy:YO YO *edit:sorry I lost motivation if this gets 27 or 8 likes il continue

    • #PoopyPantsSquad

      BTW the guy beside him is Cameron just saying no hate he was in stromedy's old videos and he is back

    • Carla Goncalves
      Carla Goncalves

      Hi there are the it I LA Anthony

  • dripgoku

    Stromedy I love your videos

  • RcseRosely

    Cameron hasen't been in a video for a LOOOOONG time Yay he's back!

    • snix_ plays
      snix_ plays

      This fake the eye closing thing ia fake

    • nah bro
      nah bro

      Don’t go on the crack kids or you’ll think these videos are real

    • Hi im Andrei ツ
      Hi im Andrei ツ

      @Breanna Snoddy why do you care leave the guy alone

    • Breanna Snoddy
      Breanna Snoddy

      pls tell me...that you believe this damn video. Omg..

  • Soma Deb
    Soma Deb

    He actually taught us a lesson that never let any stranger get inside your car...

  • Semaj White
    Semaj White

    i love your videos

  • Nicol Urioso
    Nicol Urioso

    Like they always said never take or ride with strangers

  • Momin 200 IQ
    Momin 200 IQ

    Finally Kameron in the vids again

  • Jennai Bobcombe
    Jennai Bobcombe

    I want to see a part 2

  • Melissa Mortland
    Melissa Mortland

    When your mom wants you to play with the kids next door but they aint rlly humans😭😭

  • Natalie Colquhoun
    Natalie Colquhoun

    I love your videos


    “We’re in the middle of nowhere” Question Kyle: Why was there a bulding then?

    • 𝒯𝒶𝓁𝒾𝒶


  • TruckDark

    Damn the content is flames 🔥 I should of watched this all.

    • TruckDark

      @ZENON baba boi U dont know how to spell

    • ZENON

      Plus u don't even know how to SPELL

    • ItsAlphoenixYT

      Lets go!

  • drake atkin
    drake atkin

    Your videos are amazing I love your channel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • thommat57

    I’ve seen a killer clown and I ran so fast and I screamed

  • Worlds Greatest Bladers
    Worlds Greatest Bladers

    Next time you make a Ouija board video please do it live so I know you aren't faking it

  • Ryan Peace
    Ryan Peace

    do more things in new jersy pls i live there and i want to know creepy things about it chestnout street is preety creepy and ive been hearing wierd things

  • Travis Mason
    Travis Mason

    Am a clown lover so I wouldn't run anyways nice video guys

  • MR H1LAG
    MR H1LAG

    Damn, their face is dry xD on the car window u can see their "dry face"

  • Alejandro Salazar
    Alejandro Salazar

    This is a banger video bro I love your videos so much my man 😊👍👍💖💖❤

  • ⚡️Fåîth⚡️

    That fake punch in the clowns face haha

  • Fîrst lâst
    Fîrst lâst

    Love your videos♥️😍♥️❤️

  • Kerri Greenslade
    Kerri Greenslade

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    • Kerri Greenslade
      Kerri Greenslade

      Yay Cameron is back

  • Hacked By Ava
    Hacked By Ava


  • Sarah Webster
    Sarah Webster

    Stromedy your the best and when you do your clown videos I now can sort of sound like a clown

  • Taylor Siddle
    Taylor Siddle


    • Scott Johnson
      Scott Johnson

      @Yeetyeet41w it is real

    • Yeetyeet41w

      You think this is real

  • Angela and Cat ♡
    Angela and Cat ♡


  • Riley Messer
    Riley Messer

    Stromedy always has a camera with him

  • 💮•*moon rose*•💮
    💮•*moon rose*•💮

    Mom:we going into the forest Me alright just let me get my clown costume and knife


    who else love to hear thisi,ll see you guys in the next one for another banger and as always peace

    • عنان ياسر
      عنان ياسر


  • Mahliks Roblox videos
    Mahliks Roblox videos

    Maybe he found a clown mask on the floor so he decided to put it on because he didn’t have another mask and he was because of the corona so he just found on the floor so he decided to put it on not knowing there you guys have been dealing with clowns

  • SpiderGaming

    Did anybody notice that the clown never used the seat belt

  • 🍪 Mr Cookie 🍪
    🍪 Mr Cookie 🍪

    Kyle :do u see that Cameron :of course I do

  • ✨cRaCkHeAd EnErGy✨
    ✨cRaCkHeAd EnErGy✨

    I subscribed to the whole team luv you guys

  • vZoom

    He’s literally wearing prime capitol merch

  • #Pinterest_fan

    ISN'T it Just funny how there where cameron pretended to smack the Clown with hies fist.

    • Ethan Cook
      Ethan Cook

      He actually punch him u puss*

    • ✨HAHA✨

      His... You mispelt

    • Savannah Killebrew
      Savannah Killebrew

      @Just Spamit it is to

    • Savannah Killebrew
      Savannah Killebrew

      Ha yes

    • Swag boy
      Swag boy

      It’s fake they would have weapons and broke the camera