if you ever find this Clown Island, you need to turn away FAST! (The Clowns have Taken over)
if you ever find this Clown Island, you need to turn away FAST! (The Clowns have Taken over)

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  • Stromedy

    Stromedy Squad, I have posted the ENTIRE Hawaii Series as a big compilation for every to enjoy! Lots of bran new videos coming out this week now that I'm back in Canada!

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      Hey stormedy my name is Jamaal


      They stormedy my name is Jamaal

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  • Akabane Burst Official
    Akabane Burst Official

    I love these compilations, keep up the good work Kyle

  • Iplaygames12

    25:54 look closely in the trees you can see some red and white things that look like figures of clowns

    • invisible


  • Mateo Mako
    Mateo Mako

    Those waves scarred me more then that clown.

  • Gaming Pikachu
    Gaming Pikachu

    32:24 everyone being loud The clown: minds his own business 🤣 😂 😆 😏

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      because its fake

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      Miranda Kelley

      Haha he Did

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    Lydia Reiman

    I love your videos they're cool and I never caught clowns on the camera before

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    da biggest purrr

    0:38 I actually have a bed now 😂😂

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    Vinelle Salvant

    When you were walking up the stairs I saw a clown behind you

  • Suicide Klown
    Suicide Klown

    Imagine if a clown squad rolled up and requested for you to "Leave the 👱, the rest may leave" ?

  • Lillyxplays -
    Lillyxplays -

    Man: yea there on the right Justin: NO CAAAP !?!

  • the pro player
    the pro player

    When ever we go through a tunnel we hold our breath

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      lisa harris

      Why tho

  • 𝔸𝕤𝕙𝕩𝕖𝕕𝕚𝕥𝕤

    I thought that this wasn’t going to be entertaining and I would stop watching it at 30min but I watched it to the end

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      Ailea Deaton

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    Paul Preston

    A stromedy day keeps the docter away

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    Mia Gaming

    Imagine Jana and Kyle causing a scene on the plane lol

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    london and drake beat box

    Good job keep up the good work watching videos everyday

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    The way he said “ I gotta look cute for the stormedy squad ya know?

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    Paul Preston

    Sromedy how do you always find all these cool places I wish I was with you

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    💀👻sum bih

    Kyle always is in the back 😂

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    Janus Caraig

    33:33 its either its staged or the clown is just blind

    • Master Bender
      Master Bender

      whole thing is staged for entertainment purposes

  • Bankai

    "This is probably gonna be the shortest video you've ever watched" Last words before disaster

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      Alexiah Flores

      You wanna know why it's one hour long it's because the video has a timer that tells you how long it is so I watched the whole thing

    • Alexiah Flores
      Alexiah Flores

      Yeah I had to watch the whole . video and I did not skip it And If been watching Aldo's world And jester And hyipemike And graphics videos And get this there not bad At all And its one hour long.

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      Alexiah Flores

      Stromedy is a good IRglor

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      @SlothPro 123 yea 1 hour+ video so long I leaving this vid to watch @ssundee

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    I know its fake as hell but still amazing vids :)

  • Paytondelugamingmyler

    25:55 Stromedy: Any clowns that wanna mess with me then say! Hello to my little friend

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    Bekim Emini


  • Random idiot
    Random idiot

    “Shortest video you probably ever seen” it’s literally 1 hour and 40 minutes and 7 minutes and finally 48 seconds long HOW THE HECK IS THIS A SHORT VID?

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    jessica carlock

    Uhm- I have always wanted to go to Hawaii…AND I STILL DO 🤪

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      Sherrod Pack

      I’m from Hawaii

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      Kristina Zakareviciute

      And wdym means why do you mind

    • Kristina Zakareviciute
      Kristina Zakareviciute

      same but now am kinda scared of hawai because of the clowns be safe and dont die you guys if you go to go to hawai be safe if you go

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      Jasmine Hernandez

      Ck TY j v t b heu

    • Jasmine Hernandez
      Jasmine Hernandez

      @brother and sister gaming 6

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    Billy Waylen

    I love the cow boy bit it was so funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

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    Nikita Rippingale

    Love your videos but sometimes I get really scared

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    Jiyeon park

    If you look close there's a clown following them constantly

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    Addison Daniels

    I have been watching your videos sense I was 4 years old. You Guys are the best you have a great personality

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    Tokyo & Luka


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      Fox TheGalaxyGamer

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    ZaCauri Burley

    Wow I didn't know clowns were so.. smart to make their own Island (probably not true but I'll believe it).

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    Hi!stromedy I love your videos when I'm bored I watch your videos and I'm 9 years old but I'm on my moms account but I love your videos😊😊😊

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    Alyssa Watts

    I love the 13:11 part

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    Yessica Martinez

    1:1:44 there's something or someone seen you from the background

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    Gamer Breezy

    when i saw the fat clown i died of laughter

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      Miranda Kelley

      Me to

    • The Last Uchiha
      The Last Uchiha

      That’s not funny cause it’s someone in a costume

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      oop girl

      that's not funny what if u were fat

  • Valerie 1
    Valerie 1

    I was so happy when he put the videos in 1 video so I don’t have to take an year to find all the videos

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    12:38 you can here a clown honk

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    Mark Lundall

    There was something at the back light at the back Round that creeped me out

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    Potato / zoe

    When he said wow the lights can change cooler ME:wow couplers🤣🤣🤣

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    Jana: “This will probably be the shortest video you’ve ever watched” ... The Video: over and HOUR long 🤣

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    The Amazing Amelia!

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    Denki’s sister

    Them: never travel here Me: hey Siri get directions to clown island

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      Harley Young

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      Melanie Frett

      @Reba plus Hannah equals bestie stupid you can't drive to Hawaii you have to fly how are you exposed to drive on a ocean dummy

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    Gerard J. "Rusty" Brinkman

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    Jaxson Logsdon

    39:51 DK:I heard there are pigs here. Stromedy: oink oink

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    Gardening asmr 🪴

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    Kat Allen

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    Dakota Anderson

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    Carlos Barron

    on 18:53 behind them there are 2 clowns when they were going off track

  • Suicide Klown
    Suicide Klown

    We are actually from other planets and our human appearance is the best we can do to not scare you. Your eyes would melt if you saw a clown's true form. #ShapeShifters

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    24:49 is this what being on… the ✨STUFF✨ like?

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    me watching this when i am afraid of clowns, stromedy your a legendary youtuber that i try to watch all your videos sometimes i cant but most of the times I do, because i sometimes dont watch you cuz i love to watch football/soccer. but keep the great filming up

    • footballfarah

      @I-AM-B-0-R-E-D I know but still afraid of clowns

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      Kristen Oles

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    Molly Taylor

    On the third zipline clip the clowns were right next to stromedy I think that it is all staged

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    The amount of ads is way more Scarry than the island lol

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