you won't believe what my drone found at this secret desert abandoned Zombie apocalypse ghost town
you won't believe what my drone found at this secret desert abandoned Zombie apocalypse ghost town







*DISCLAIMER*: Please DO NOT attempt to recreate any of the content in this video, All people featured in this video are adults and anything you watch here is done in a controlled and safe environment to serve a viewers entertainment purpose.


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      little bros and big bros

      Cool but scary

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      Craig Arnold

      Big question how d

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      Legacy DA BOSS

      When did you officially take this video and how long ago

  • yash jadhav
    yash jadhav

    1minute silence for the people who thought this was real 😐

    • ✨Bubble:Tea☕

      @♡Mo0nyaKur0m!大女 Zombies are real but dinosaurs aren't

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      @Zorro I know it's fake but it's still cool

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      @Extreme I know it's fake but I enjoy it

    • ✨Bubble:Tea☕

      Umm I know it's fake but it entertains me 🙄

    • Mary Ra
      Mary Ra

      @Trishia Mae Caliao ur stupid there’s so many reason that zombies can’t exists lmao and movies are real like wtf 😬

  • Neil Maguire
    Neil Maguire

    You're right, I don't believe it. Notice how your "zombie" out's its arm out to protect itself when it fell down.....also, a little surprised the security at this place and indeed your soldier didn't notice the drone?

    • X_I_beauty_girl_X

      It's fake right? Go by yourself to these abandoned city. Nobody dares so, shut up

    • X_I_beauty_girl_X

      Not fake

    • X_I_beauty_girl_X

      influenza pandemic 1919 usa

    • X_I_beauty_girl_X

      You all are dumb. 1 day it will happen in your city. Wait for it

    • X_I_beauty_girl_X

      Now they found new variant (omicron virus) keep thinking that its fake. This all is maybe a warning. CDC SITE has a zombie survival guide. Explain that for me

  • arnel caluya
    arnel caluya

    It was hilarious when the zombie pulled up his pants as he spun 😂

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      Sussy baka


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  • Papaya Lord
    Papaya Lord

    the fact that when that *zombie* was taking down the *military* i love how he just instantly dead without moving or put out a fight

  • Febrianto Widodo
    Febrianto Widodo

    The town of Eagle Mountain emptied and the Eagle Mountain mine was closed as production at the mill in Fontana wound down and the need for iron ore dwindled to nothing. It's my understanding that most if not all residents of Eagle mountain left the town shortly after 1983. In 1988 a small privately operated prison opened in Eagle Mountain serving the state of California. That facility was closed in 2003. Portions of the town have been demolished but many (over a hundred) homes and other buildings are still standing. All of them are apparently empty. The school had operated for a while after the town emptied out but it did not look like it was being used when I visited in winter 2013.

  • 71Kenn

    And nobody notices a drone flying around. Silly...

    • Frans Hutapea
      Frans Hutapea

      Yes..totaly 100% fake. It is just for content. Nice try dude.. 😂

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    • Idk Ill commit suicide
      Idk Ill commit suicide

      Yes!Its so fake,A drone is SO loud!

    • Dominik Vasquez
      Dominik Vasquez

      Its obviously fake

  • Victor Rackley
    Victor Rackley

    These guys are so entertaining its fun to watch and I know its not real when did the military starts wearing sneakers lol

  • Patrick Leonini
    Patrick Leonini

    "This is unexplainable!" hahaha....while the miner shakes his head....and that must be the most unaware guy ever as the drone flies right up to video!

    • Kyle Dodge
      Kyle Dodge

      Aha that's why zombies don't exist

  • Schizniit

    "It's a US soldier!" US soldiers are armed with more than a pistol. Usually, they'd at least have a standard issued M4, so where is that? You'd think they'd arm him better to go into an alleged zombie town.

    • The BB Gun MASTER!
      The BB Gun MASTER!

      @Mr.J Jdee it’s not just in call of duty

    • Mr.J Jdee
      Mr.J Jdee

      Yea M4 in Call of Duty

    • Javier Curiel
      Javier Curiel

      Are you seriously questioning about the gun lol the zombie pulled up his pants after get shot lmfao

    • Catman Gaming
      Catman Gaming

      Didn't think they wore white Jordans either 😂😂

    • jporpmer

      The New Balances on the "soldiers" is what got me lmao

  • Schizniit

    I love how the "soldier" keeps just looking right at the drone and you actually think he can't hear that thing. Drones are pretty damn loud, idk if y'all knew that, but they're pretty easily detectable. Not like that really matters, since he clearly has no problem with its presence, he keeps staring right at the goddamn thing.

    • Dire 1501
      Dire 1501

      facts you can fly a drone up about 75 feet and it can still be heard

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  • mrfreshbacon

    The fact that the soldier dude didn't hear the drone so close to it, there was no blood, no flash from guns and the zombie in white put his hand on ground so he don't get hurt while falling lol

    • Rafael Skit
      Rafael Skit

      @Funny Central You call poor acting skills "a lot of work"?

    • Rafael Skit
      Rafael Skit

      666t like

    • Falcon Kaelin
      Falcon Kaelin

      Fake asf

    • Rafael Skit
      Rafael Skit

      @Fabia R T Ikr

    • Fabia R T
      Fabia R T

      @Rafael Skit facts

  • RicTricio

    I just love the fact that there is no blood or any holes in the zombie shirts after the bullets are shot this is a funny video though haha :D

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan

    A for good Resident evil story.... 🤣 Was more surprised how everything spawned on time. Soilder , Zombies, 20?? Cars Epic. You guys got room here to make a movie no serious I would.

  • TheSeeker008

    Well done. Great quality entertainment but I hope no one actually believes it’s real 😂

  • SM Soren 123
    SM Soren 123

    A moment of silence for the people who believed this 😔

  • Mini Your A God
    Mini Your A God

    I'm questioning how is this a secret when millions of people watched this video

    • SM Soren 123
      SM Soren 123


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      Tracy Ritchey


    • Lupe Negrete
      Lupe Negrete

      Because it is all fake

    • “Reflection”

      bc its clickbait

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  • Yours Only
    Yours Only

    12:32 a good view of the two beings running

  • SerVerm

    “Guys we literally see no one in the houses right now” Me: YEAH WELL NO DUH, YOU 150 FEET IN THE AIR

  • TEAR gas
    TEAR gas

    i remember when i was subbed to this dude when he had like 50k i just thought it was all a joke until he just started action like it was actually real

  • Lola

    My prayers to little billy who thought this was real 🤧

  • Jessica Thompson
    Jessica Thompson

    The real story of that town is that it was a mining town. When the iron ore mining dried up, people moved away. The school is actually still in use. There are current plans for the town btw.


      @Lucas Gonzalez you don't get it he is saying it's fake but it is still funny


      @Heather E well zombies are real or could be the government actually has files also rabies can turn you into a "Zombie"

    • Tabuada Games
      Tabuada Games

      Hell not, mining ? Those places were to kill and burn zombies hahahahhaha

    • Jessica Thompson
      Jessica Thompson

      @Taylormade2350, The story behind it is actually pretty interesting when you get more than just the basic version.

    • Taylormade2350

      I was thinking either an old mining town or a town that was evacuated because of atomic bomb testing.

  • Raymond Riggio
    Raymond Riggio

    I love how that soldier is wearing sneakers, fail.

  • Lucas Winget
    Lucas Winget

    Pretty well kept for"a zombie town aka where thay filmed the walking dead"

  • Fighter [The Fighters]
    Fighter [The Fighters]

    I had to laugh so hard when the M4 or whatever they had, had so much knockback that it went like 45 degrees up, which is only possible at a shotgun.

  • Schizniit

    "They're a mile out. They formed a perimeter around this town." Well which one is it? Are they far outside or do they have a perimeter? Your story seems to have lots of holes. Plus, the fact you claim to not know anything about this town, then in the same breath start spouting off claims as if they're solid facts.

    • pyromaniac03

      Holy shit chill out lmao

    • Jayden mooers
      Jayden mooers

      Its just for intertainment chill

  • Matthew Di Serio
    Matthew Di Serio

    Abandonded ''Zombie'' town evacuated 50 years ago has F-150's in the driveways and other mid-2000's era trucks in the town (THAT CLEARLY SHOWS SOME FORM OF MINING) totally makes sense - they were just way ahead of their time.

    • Tabuada Games
      Tabuada Games

      U see the ONE MAN ARMY ? the Military guy was alone, walking like a bad NPC holding a pistol i didnt even see

  • Shaine Sabong
    Shaine Sabong

    Lol I was laughing when this "zombie" pulled his pants out 😂😆


    I can see you have a crew of casts. But this channel miss professional stun, you guys should hire one haha.

  • Vincent#bahamat

    Respect those soldiers risking their lives for us and think of their families and they aren’t even wearing hazmats

  • Toca life Tik toks
    Toca life Tik toks

    We all should appreciate all The risk he’s doing for us

  • Multi's Place
    Multi's Place

    I honestly can't imagine why anyone in their right mind would believe this at all. I mean, come on. We're not _all_ idiots.

    • Joshua Auman
      Joshua Auman

      Would of been more entertaining with blood good job with film practice.

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    • Madi Bessinger
      Madi Bessinger

      im glad im not the only one thinking all the teens and stuff thinking its real are idiots

    • amy amayzing
      amy amayzing

      @Mr. Anshu lol- i 100% do NOT believe this, i watch this when im SUPER bored- i subed for the sake of it

    • madison bishop
      madison bishop

      ik there not real

  • Lola La Trailera
    Lola La Trailera

    Good production guys! Nice and entertaining idea. ✌🏽

  • SoulArcher

    We all know is fake but still a very entertaining video keep up the good work

  • shreemathi

    This video gave me chills under my spine man it was freaking real

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    Cheese Noodles! 🧀 🍜

    I'm subscribing to you my guy you're awesome

  • Steve Mayo
    Steve Mayo

    I can’t believe how realistic this is omg 😱 😂

    • Angela

      @Steve Mayo don't curse to me

    • Steve Mayo
      Steve Mayo

      Aeaulio Xx ye no shit I am haha

    • Wehrmacht

      Ok idiot

    • Im_foxatron

      @Angela innit

    • Angela

      It is real now if you call him fake then leave his channel

  • KINGDC1988 ENT
    KINGDC1988 ENT

    Soo no one notice how the so called zombie looked at the drone 🤔

  • Daz_Animation


  • TacoManchanic

    Love that zombie mask!

  • Dakota Osborne
    Dakota Osborne

    I'm scared of zombies so I'm watching zombie videos to get over my fear of zombies 🧟‍♀️ so yeah

  • Kxng Juan
    Kxng Juan

    Hold up.... did any one else see that the “soldier was wearing shoes that looked liked yeezees and not boots

    • Little Flxwer
      Little Flxwer

      That was so fake they set up the zombie thing

    • Nepali Guys Gaming
      Nepali Guys Gaming

      and there were some trucks moving in the other side of the road 19:15

    • Lucid

      Legit the first thing i noticed

    • Ava Rose Windsor
      Ava Rose Windsor

      so yeeah i did see the soldier was wearing Yeezees

    • Ava Rose Windsor
      Ava Rose Windsor

      these r Kyles friends playing as these ppl like duhh the frends probley like acting but there acting SKILLS r freaking amazing! I love them so much i have been keeping up with them for like every video so ik that there acting lol

  • CptMcquacken

    16:19 That zombie just pulled his pants up.


    If this is real, just the town, it’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen on IRglo.

  • Dalk quiroz
    Dalk quiroz

    For a moment I thought it was real until at minute 16:20 it was seen how the zombie lifted his pants and the zombies do not care about the discomfort hehe.

  • m sh
    m sh

    There is a movie called the walking dead and there are zombie songs one of them is called rotten girl and there is a vid called the dancing dead it is so funny 😆 you should see it one day

    • Michaelle barte
      Michaelle barte

      Literally boring here / 0

  • The two underdogs Bros
    The two underdogs Bros

    Surprisingly Cameron did a good intro for him and he’s a good flyer on the drone

    • Jasmine Chloe Evangelista
      Jasmine Chloe Evangelista

      Yes,Very good expert drone flyer can you teach us

  • C r i n g e F e s t S t u d i o s
    C r i n g e F e s t S t u d i o s

    It would be hilarious if this entire video was completely real

  • Holly Landstreet
    Holly Landstreet

    How are you so brave there could be zombies literally living in there still like there could be zombies hiding and houses to try and like get you to be their zombie like what the heck why are you even flying the drone they could be literally trying to get it

  • Peter Mumbasa
    Peter Mumbasa

    Love how the "military" is wearing tennis lol

  • •XxMushroomCutiexX•

    Great job convincing 5 year olds to freak out

  • Carrer


    • Ur to gay for me
      Ur to gay for me

      @Landon like one day you believe all of us in the comments

    • Ur to gay for me
      Ur to gay for me

      *Dj cook*

    • Ur to gay for me
      Ur to gay for me

      @Landon don’t you see that the zombie is white and that he does this for subs if you don’t believe me watch a video from a IRglor called

    • Ur to gay for me
      Ur to gay for me

      Also WHY ON 16:20 IS some parts of the zombie is white helllloooooo

    • Ur to gay for me
      Ur to gay for me

      @Viki Now the fact on 16:20 the zombie is wearing a mask and this clown lover literally makes kids thinks this is really real and think there coming up one day for literally only viewers and even subs and even on one part a zombie is black like HOW HOW is a zombie B L A C K like what is wrong with this channel 😭😭👁👄👁👆

  • Sports Wyatt
    Sports Wyatt

    If they don’t know if survivors have the viras why can’t they set up a hostpital thingy so the can ask you questions and do these shot things and stuff you know

  • Mia

    Dude thanks for making this video I really love it but really zombies are real I just looked it up and it said really so guys just be careful out there zombies are real might be fun to dress up as in but no .

  • gen :3
    gen :3

    “dude can you imagine what it was like for these people? quarantined in their houses while this virus is out.”. bro imagine

  • Linda Solito
    Linda Solito

    I know it's edited and fake but nice edit! I know you put to much effort for it if we know is fake we will still support you!😊

  • Keshi Guban
    Keshi Guban

    Soldier in a uniform with a running shoes ? 🤔 And he never heard the drone in that distance 🤔

  • brian mcclure
    brian mcclure

    Life in a minute town turned zombie-fied!

  • Abigail Dinglasan
    Abigail Dinglasan

    8:59 im intrested on why there was a four on the top corner on the right

  • robotic_Steve

    zombie facts: The narrative of a zombie apocalypse carries strong connections to the turbulent social landscape of the United States in the 1960s when the originator of this genre, the film Night of the Living Dead, was first created. Many also feel that zombies allow people to deal with their own anxiety about the end of the world.

  • Al

    I shall pretend to be so excited when I open my least that is real

  • Kido

    Soldier: *aims his gun at something* Stromedy drone: *goes to where the soldier was aiming at* Soldier: *sees nothing*

    • Reyna Moran
      Reyna Moran

      Debika Syiem hater

    • Reyna Moran
      Reyna Moran

      Edcel Yao hater

    • Reyna Moran
      Reyna Moran

      Erika Jeanne Daganon hater

    • Reyna Moran
      Reyna Moran

      Samuel Kohlhase hater

    • Sapana Gurung
      Sapana Gurung

      You like

  • Linda Solito
    Linda Solito

    But please still subscribe to stromedy because he put a lot of effort to it :)

  • shehwar sikandar
    shehwar sikandar

    Is this place near area 51. Is this what they r doing there. 😨😱 Although this feels staged.

  • Lilbaconfan

    The moment of truth of the people thought this was true be like: OMG ZOMBIES IN REAL LIFE???!!

  • Sheri Quirion
    Sheri Quirion

    When you were at the part when you were talking about the military around the town I saw a person running away from a zombie 🧟‍♂️

  • greysin wachholtz
    greysin wachholtz

    Damn never seen a soldier wear some fresh ass shoes 😂😂

    • D𝕚m𝕠n𝕕 F𝕚n𝕕e𝕣
      D𝕚m𝕠n𝕕 F𝕚n𝕕e𝕣


    • Minebrine the original
      Minebrine the original

      @ThatDUDEfromMAINE yeah he need to put his finger to the trigger and put his other hand in the barrel and aim and thats how and when he is suspicious of something he is aiming when soldiers aim means they are suspicious of something or you and put the gun next to your chest

    • Lucy Furr
      Lucy Furr

      That’s what I was thinking. High tops? And blue jeans? And no way a US Military person (in 2020?) does not notice that drone!

    • honkgoose

      bruh lmao LOL that zombie looks like jeff the killer bruh.. there's no blood and gore and even the zombie is not dead yet 1 shot zombie how many shot was that zombie like 3 i mean and the Military was not even holding the gun correctly BRUH,LOL,LMAO

    • Sam Edmondson
      Sam Edmondson

      I wad hoping I wasn't the only one who saw that

  • Schizniit

    Also, if you wanted this to look real, you probably should've chilled out on the jump cuts on the drone while you kept rolling on the car footage. Makes it seem like your drone was just over there time-warping, yet you're flipping out over zombies. I'd be more amazed about the whole time-warping drone thing.

    • pyromaniac03

      You're getting way too worked up over a fictional video

  • arecia kidd
    arecia kidd

    Camorn is doing great on his intro

  • Dneli

    Those are some clean “zombies”

  • F.O.B Gaming
    F.O.B Gaming

    This almost caught me off guard really thought it was real

  • Gabrielle

    Even the zombie is offended by the way that dude in a joker mask and green suit move

    • Shraddha

      @Cutekoala 360 u r right

    • Cutekoala 360
      Cutekoala 360

      @Laine Alabado It isn't real mostly because it has masks and costume. Also how the hell did they get a drone there? It would of been shot down by a military drone and would of been tracked to them. Also Another thing to point out is that NOBODY would be allowed to see as youtube would of shut it down. If you still don't believe me then go a head i'm just pointing out the obvious and how poorly made it is plus there reaction gave it away as nobody would make state ments about god alot. There just debunked it.

    • Laine Alabado
      Laine Alabado

      @Cutekoala 360 this is not just all fake all of rumors not all rumors i meanis true there some zombies eaten by a military that's why we should not come back at this los angeles a banded streetsending the military and of eating by a zombie apocalypse

    • Cutekoala 360
      Cutekoala 360

      @karen osbourne Bruh it's all fake.

  • robloxien

    Dang I can't believe I have seen a solider in Gucci boots and a Gucci suit for the zombie virus even The solider is helping people who have the virus

  • Larisa-Maria Dodu
    Larisa-Maria Dodu

    The zombie apocalipse is gonna start in 855 years!!!😰😰😰

  • vea1 SVEN
    vea1 SVEN

    and even if they saw the drone they still would continue what theyre doing most militarys would think someone in their high command is monitoring the scene and yiou can tell this is real too becuase the homes would have graffiti if it was truly abandoned its 1 of the real zombie practise grounds

  • Zam wild
    Zam wild

    Love the effort that was fun xD

  • Timothy Rohan
    Timothy Rohan

    This place is called Eagle Mountain, CA. It’s just a abandoned mining town in California. There was no virus or outbreak that caused this town to become abandoned.

    • Valerie A.
      Valerie A.

      Finally somebody commented a fact...thanks...😆

    • Kai Hua Chang
      Kai Hua Chang

      Reason of abandoned : because they lost money and had to shut it down

    • Ashlynn Kolbe
      Ashlynn Kolbe


    • J Holyroller
      J Holyroller

      I figured this


      Ameera Angela Gabriel oh well I don’t believe also

  • Holly Landstreet
    Holly Landstreet

    I'm terrified of zombies but I'm still watching this video

  • Kimberly Baez
    Kimberly Baez

    someone else was in the ghost town😰

  • Audrey Faye
    Audrey Faye

    Can we take a moment for the soldier who got bit

  • ClassicSlowed

    I really jump on the top of the building if this was real.

  • Risen Daluzon
    Risen Daluzon

    I laughed soo hard when the man says "there trapping the zombies so it cant go to the real world"

    • L . E . O
      L . E . O


    • Mohamed Faaz Fazal
      Mohamed Faaz Fazal

      Yeah he thinks we will be fooled like children 🤣🤣

    • Fakhra Farhan
      Fakhra Farhan

      Me tomorrow



    • Lorena Umali
      Lorena Umali

      if that happens ima have to move to a new country

  • Ricardo Ferreira
    Ricardo Ferreira

    As you can see at 12:38 there is 2 person walking on the ground

  • chelseii leanne
    chelseii leanne

    On 9:36 you could see the whole town

  • Thexgamers

    Half the videos u do St remedy are so awesome

  • Pamela Hoffmann
    Pamela Hoffmann

    I love your videos so much

  • KawaiiGacha_Angela

    Did anyone notice that some of the cars look Soo new and some of the houses paint are newly dried?

    • seema madiwala
      seema madiwala

      @Winn Gomez yes this is fake

    • asdfghjkl

      @Winn Gomez yess it is weird the costume or mask is can't see properly right? (It's just my opinion) 😃

    • Broadcasting Room
      Broadcasting Room

      Did anyonr notice that everyone hates you gacha kid

    • Mz Heather Lynn
      Mz Heather Lynn

      Yeah isn't that weird

    • Frog


  • Toca life Tik toks
    Toca life Tik toks

    I love your videos

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    Elijah Harpjr

    Great job guys

  • Cathlyn Ng
    Cathlyn Ng

    Here is the tip for a zombie infection "wear a gas mask "

  • Keth

    Finally PROVEN! Zombies EXIST!

  • Emilie Harvey
    Emilie Harvey

    After the “soldier” killed the green zombie with the black hair, he sees the drone and runs but if it was a real soldier he would’ve shot the drone down.

    • william hearne
      william hearne

      Fake zombies aren`t green zombies, don`t even exist ,soldiers don`t wear white shoes ,this is all 💩💩💩💩

    • Atharv Singh Parmar
      Atharv Singh Parmar


    • Paweł Klamrowski
      Paweł Klamrowski

      Or yell to ge out of. Here

    • •Dixy_the_rainwing_bunny•

      Yeah this vid is fake

    • Avikash Sukdev
      Avikash Sukdev

      Why u like telling We want to

  • The Akatsuki Member Tobi
    The Akatsuki Member Tobi

    I am laughing at their Walking acting skills bro Zombie shoes may be bussin tho 😂😂

  • magus incognito
    magus incognito

    I desperately need more footage

  • Cohen Korchinski
    Cohen Korchinski

    That was scary!!!☠️🤭🥶😣

  • Lilly-mae❤️

    i loved the video and the acting was great 👍

  • Nicholas Joel Poltorak
    Nicholas Joel Poltorak

    Is that Eagle Mountain, California aka "Zombie Town?" An old mining town which later on was in operation for the last time in 1982 to 1983. Besides I have been researching this video until I could find this exact location. And yes there has been a biological incident of blood and hazardous conditions within those houses and fascilities, but the security is tight checking the area twice a day at sunrise and sun-down... no there is no zombie virus, as of yet. But doesn't mean it can't happen. A zombie virus can only happen by biological studies of pathogenic genetics, or from outer-space spores, or mother nature. Other than that no such thing as a zombie virus as of yet.

    • Claire

      Its a desiese


      The word "yet" gives me chills

    • yellow impostor
      yellow impostor

      bruh its fake it only happens on nature also the virus called zombie fungus it can control bugs and insects besides the virus isnt real stromedy is just scaring little kids: like if u know its a edit

    • yellow impostor
      yellow impostor


    • jecoriisweird lol
      jecoriisweird lol

      @taeminkook I am super cereal

  • Sam Gorman
    Sam Gorman

    He is my favourite youtuber because I love horror like siren head!

  • Schizniit

    Also, you can't find a way into the town, yet you know where the "back" is? Which way is "back" when talking about a city? You do realize that a city isn't a house where there's a front and back door, it literally goes in every direction.

  • michael's world
    michael's world

    I know it's fake but I like where you all used a old abandoned town for the video is nice good work and keep it up