Do NOT watch the Squid Game Movie or they will come to your HOUSE! (They found me)
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*DISCLAIMER*: Please DO NOT attempt to recreate any of the content in this video, All people featured in this video are adults and anything you watch here is done in a controlled and safe environment to serve a viewers entertainment purpose.


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  • Micheal Drew
    Micheal Drew

    I love how the workers are just standing there like nothing is happening

  • Bryan Cole
    Bryan Cole

    The worker’s/circle’s are the one who transport you to the squid game, not the triangles.

  • Sayedah Kubra
    Sayedah Kubra

    Bro this ended crazy really waiting eagerly for next part

  • Maira Hernandez
    Maira Hernandez

    Imagine how awkward it is for the construction workers

  • Boeing Infinity
    Boeing Infinity

    Hey Stromedy, thanks for another video. I see you are back to the squid game after yesterday you posted a video of the prime team playing the squid game. How is your day going? How are all the prime team doing? I love your channel

  • Peso

    How to survive in this video: be the camera man.

  • Lucky EEEEE Studios
    Lucky EEEEE Studios

    For a really long time I tought this dude was faking and I checked comments

  • Babatunde

    I love how they are screaming and running from the squid game people and the workers next to them is just chilling and enjoying the scene lol

  • -!BlxckEm!x-

    I love how the workers don't even care what's going on 😂😂

  • LizzieInnit

    Them:Completely freaking out

  • Syed Mohtashim
    Syed Mohtashim

    Loving these daily videos

  • Yoneo Gamalinda
    Yoneo Gamalinda

    The title of the video: don’t watch squid game movie or they will come to you’re house

  • ghost reactions
    ghost reactions

    A lot of people have been watching it and they didn’t even come at their house

  • Thekingofdeath🔥☠️

    It's funny that the workers are just chilling when you guys are getting chased XD

  • Jahaira Jimenez
    Jahaira Jimenez

    I love your videos so much😄

  • NoahOStudios

    the workers be like: do we want to help them or no?

  • eternalnut

    Wow amazing. People with PlayStation buttons are walking towards you while you're in a car with a statue of a girl on a screen. I don't know what to say.

  • White Trump
    White Trump

    I would RUN AWAY FAST if I ever do encounter one of those clowns or in this video the squid game doll but sadly god didn't intend to make me black so I can't run away fast.

  • Pikachu500

    Did you know the old guy was never being scaned

  • Tamekia Sholts
    Tamekia Sholts

    Waiting for part 2 or something this was awesome!