if you ever see this on your iPhone when taking a picture get rid of your phone and RUN away fast!!
if you ever see this on your iPhone when taking a picture get rid of your phone and RUN away fast!!

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      Stromedy you are the very best of finding

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      I love you video

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      I'm a big fan

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      I like you guys jealous and I wish I could but I cannot at the exact same time but I could subscribe give you 50 billion subscribers

  • Blueberrie.mp13

    Stromedy: Maybe the guy who was spying on us was mad that we took his equipment so he's hacking us? Me: How can he hack you without his equipment?

    • Maxx Montgomery
      Maxx Montgomery

      He could have just gotten new equipment

    • fidiolove

      Bruh you not stromedy 😆

    • The God Of Mischief
      The God Of Mischief

      Nah but frl my boi is not hacking him with a hoodie

    • Slick Shallot YT
      Slick Shallot YT

      He wasn't alone he had a walkie talkie more equipment

    • chloe adamson
      chloe adamson

      @Aman Tariq it's not

  • Couthcabbge895

    Is it just me or its kinda suspicious that all of this happens to him like every week

    • Ignited

      i agree im doing a video on this rn

  • Cyan._.shrimp

    I saw some one creeping round the next door neighbours house Stay safe love your Chanel

  • oscar talyarkhan
    oscar talyarkhan

    you have changed my life stromedy (in a good way) thank you so much

  • Shaypon Crantz
    Shaypon Crantz

    Something weird... the green lettering comes up before on photos and videos but when testing it with a flashlight, it just dissapears then comes back after???

    • Shaypon Crantz
      Shaypon Crantz

      @disrespecc I know right?

    • disrespecc

      because it’s faked

  • Byron Not Listed
    Byron Not Listed

    12:18 Anyone else notice how angled the house next to stromedys is

    • Life Kid
      Life Kid

      That mad sus

    • Ciara Eardley ⭐
      Ciara Eardley ⭐

      Bc it goes into a turn there bc it goes in a half circle.

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      Same that is sus

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    Lupe Valdez

    5:54 is so funny I laughed so hard

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      Theresa Ricker


    • Theresa Ricker
      Theresa Ricker


    • Theresa Ricker
      Theresa Ricker


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      Joey Valdez

      Yep, so funny

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    Ilona Zajac

    I will be watching you for infinity:)

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    Cis Phone253

    I know, he gets a bad omen everytime.

    • Cis Phone253
      Cis Phone253

      @Emerald Gaming yeah but it doesn't mean if it's in a game then it's not in real life

    • Emerald Gaming
      Emerald Gaming

      bad omen is from minecraft not irl

  • Tedra Kennedy
    Tedra Kennedy

    Stromedy: Omg we almost got stuck in a tree! 😲 Me: well you're pretty far away from your house and you have a tree in your backyard so pretty sure you're going to hit a tree 😐

  • ThatgirlKayy bug
    ThatgirlKayy bug

    Yes it's trackers on the iPhone's now its called health in your settings u have to make sure it is off so no one can get into your phone because they can hack your entire phone your social media and everything

    • Anna W
      Anna W

      Maybe Nice Guess It may be that

  • rushkah Modack
    rushkah Modack

    This also happened to my brother on his phone

  • Ano Tech Industries
    Ano Tech Industries

    could you take a pic and show that you are looking at the same pic instead of dragging it out of frame then going (maybe) to a different pic that you took before the video


    When Cameron takes the picture the angle he's standing in doesn't match the picture


      @Cony Flores what

    • Cony Flores
      Cony Flores


    • Cooper Kingston
      Cooper Kingston

      True true I just realized

  • Harrison Power
    Harrison Power

    Stromedy please make a part 2! I love your videos

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    John Warren

    Stromedy: I hope you are having a fantastic day Me: But it's night time at my house

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      because u watched it at night

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      laceys amazinglife


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      Miley And Jesse Are Crazy

      Are you scared?

  • Ciara Eardley ⭐
    Ciara Eardley ⭐

    2:32 there's a hand in the window behind Aundres.

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    Brittany Perez Barrios

    I love his videos tell him to do more.😉😉

  • Amanda Mowery
    Amanda Mowery

    Imagine the reason why this always happens to you is because your house is like haunted I guess and people just love to go there to see how it’s haunted

  • Melissa Smith
    Melissa Smith

    Maybe a hacker can hear you from your camera?

  • Daniel Viking
    Daniel Viking

    Omg, this was scary in a whole other level, Sirenhead is scary as hell, but if this ever happend to me i would get paranoid as never before. Be careful guys 🤭

    • Daniel Viking
      Daniel Viking

      Lazy Potato Exactly 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    • Eiko.

      Motunrayo Olooto how do you know , you can’t just go and hate and say it’s fake,that’s you’re opinion that you think it’s fake I think it’s real

    • elizabeth amadieh
      elizabeth amadieh

      @Daniel Viking in his second season

    • elizabeth amadieh
      elizabeth amadieh

      @franchesca zaparita uzzy has said

    • elizabeth amadieh
      elizabeth amadieh


  • Shehla Nawaz
    Shehla Nawaz

    still watching in 2021 (justin did an awsome act)

  • Gurjit Singh
    Gurjit Singh

    That happened to me too thank you for telling me I'm going to kill my phone

  • Reece Godfrey
    Reece Godfrey

    There was another person on the left side as you were heading over to the one with the benoculers.

  • Tower of hell logan
    Tower of hell logan

    11:36 if your good you can see a hand out side

  • Tokakao

    thx for those warnings. you saved me a lot of money when people tried to steal my things :)

    • Amanda Hinton
      Amanda Hinton

      wiw you but why?'

    • Tokakao

      @hypermanix roblox k

    • hypermanix roblox
      hypermanix roblox

      @Tokakao ok fair enough. but better be careful because there are many clickbaiters out there.

    • Tokakao

      @hypermanix roblox it's your opinion. ITS YOUR OPINION

    • hypermanix roblox
      hypermanix roblox

      It’s fake. ITS FAKE

  • Maritza Dress
    Maritza Dress

    the red light on the phone happens to everyone when there phone is on camera it happend to me

  • Wend Goodie
    Wend Goodie

    Stromedy these videos r goanna help me so much if it all happens to me like mannequin man evil clowns hackers robbers

  • Kelly Riley
    Kelly Riley

    I'm a biggest fan I like your videos you always pick up your camera and your drone

  • Elizabeth Davis
    Elizabeth Davis

    Hey stromedy I love you and the whole squad

  • Kallol Paul
    Kallol Paul

    Stromedy when you were talking to Andreas while flying the drone in your secret balcony I saw a man wearing a black hoodie was sitting on a bike near your house he seemed suspicious.

    • Ciara Eardley ⭐
      Ciara Eardley ⭐

      What time?

  • jms11782

    It looks like an inscription code that will download data and sends it to the hacker

  • • Blackcherry •
    • Blackcherry •

    Have you guys tried using the green code on your screen as a QR code? Because maybe that might do something

    • Ian Pedregosa
      Ian Pedregosa

      Quack brooo...............

    • Ian Pedregosa
      Ian Pedregosa


  • Jex is robloxing
    Jex is robloxing

    13:53 somebody was behind the tree

  • Alane Ketter
    Alane Ketter

    This is the. First row many videos ever watched and I watched it about five months ago Love your videos

  • Julian Godfred Addo
    Julian Godfred Addo

    Literally, everything happens to stromedy

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      imfastboi gg


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      Mackenzie Schiffman

      𝐈 𝐤𝐧𝗼𝐰 𝐑𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭

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      CLFAM I Connor And Liana

      @snithik tammi that’s joy me mine is a x not a j so why am I getting notifications from someone replying on someone else’s comment that’s not mine

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      snithik tammi

      Yeah literally everything

    • { • Thatdumbnut • } ʕ º ᴥ ºʔ
      { • Thatdumbnut • } ʕ º ᴥ ºʔ

      @Emily Taglieri sometimes i could be real so don't speak taco bell . Edited :U-U

  • kim Roberts
    kim Roberts

    Be careful because it could be on the camera that you use

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    ReXo GamesYT


    • Ya_Boi_McCheezy

      Dude it’s fake

    • ReXo GamesYT
      ReXo GamesYT

      @Isaac Cooksey I mean if they don’t their a hater

    • Isaac Cooksey
      Isaac Cooksey

      Well not everyone has the same pov

  • Sloane Whelan
    Sloane Whelan

    Now that I think of it, hackers are SCARY 😦

  • AisH Ali
    AisH Ali

    someone is behind the tree watch what I see 14:00

  • •Yummy._.bunny•

    I love how his friend threw his phone and he's totally calm plus if somebody did that to me u don't wanna know what will happen ;) thank u for 43 likes XD

    • Ricky Boggs
      Ricky Boggs

      @TigerXD Plays what.....!!!!!???

    • Bushra mohamed
      Bushra mohamed

      @Triny Trần- California 🇺🇸 nah it cant

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      Ayana Turner


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      Family Un

      Wtf is your Pfp-

    • Triny Trần- California 🇺🇸
      Triny Trần- California 🇺🇸

      Your drone will get hacked stromedy

  • milikyYT

    It happened to me to I saw the green lines but this is where it gets terrifying I saw a big Red Dot when I was taking a picture of the flashlight on of one of my friends then all of my friends phones were also happening to them so I get the up all of my friends and my phone and smash them at the same time from the balcony after that we went to get a new from for another country and its s top happening

    • milikyYT

      Stromedy is the only one who always get the terrifying most terrifying things ever and I am also the one who gets the most terrifying things ever from an unknown person one dime in unknown for send message me and said that I am coming for you and looking for you and I can see you

  • karen sank
    karen sank

    I actually saw somebody in your window!!!!!

  • Matty Knoop
    Matty Knoop

    My sister and I where watching this than I got a Message from my sister I decided to prank her I told my sister the plan she agreed I said "OMG look it's a unknown number saying I'm watching you she was so scared."

  • Angela Grim
    Angela Grim

    OMG I was watching the video, and then I took a picture just to see if I had it and I had the green Christian.

  • KoreSharkk

    Stop hating on him he said this in bio... *DISCLAIMER*: Please DO NOT attempt to recreate any of the content in this video, All people featured in this video are adults and anything you watch here is done in a controlled and safe environment to serve a viewers entertainment purpose.

    • Kate Hall
      Kate Hall

      Hey Hey there

    • ♤real asylum food♤
      ♤real asylum food♤

      @Jeremy Englehart It literally says it's for entertainment purposes.

    • Jeremy Englehart
      Jeremy Englehart

      He is FAKE

    • liu

      @DerpMon 101 ikr

    • Ayanika Kar Purkayastha
      Ayanika Kar Purkayastha

      Yea that's right

  • BTD6Charles

    everybody gangsta until your taking a picture of the video and you see this

  • Angela Ryan Whyte
    Angela Ryan Whyte

    The same thing happened to meI did not know what to do I can not believe it 🤤

  • Aviation-X

    This is one of my favorite videos

  • Sarah Coop
    Sarah Coop

    If I ever see that on my phone duh I am getting rid of it it is broken 😞 love u Kyle

  • rene robles
    rene robles

    Thank you for keeping us protected right now I just checked my iPad to see if it was hacked

    • francheskaCantollino

      @Halp me😂❤️ its not fake how dare you

    • Ainsley Blevins
      Ainsley Blevins

      What happened

    • rene robles
      rene robles

      @Taylor Kelvey I saw nothing but the thing I took a picture off

    • Taylor Kelvey
      Taylor Kelvey

      Me too! But what happend

    • rene robles
      rene robles

      @Nasir Riley well idc

  • Kaitlyn Brager
    Kaitlyn Brager

    I love your videos


    Me when its 13:42 in the video: couldn't they hear you guys from your phone?

  • Amber HW
    Amber HW

    When you guys lifted up the drone there was a man crawling into the bush or at least I think it was a man

  • ur done
    ur done

    bro, I woke up went downstairs and my window was cracked open and a knife inside aswell as some glass shards I don't know what to expect and I live in B.C. Canada so it's not only one province

  • Linnea Tan Miller
    Linnea Tan Miller

    me: **can’t even open my window** kyle: **casually jumps out of window**

    • Ellie laplant
      Ellie laplant


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      Proud Panda13

      @Linnea your profile fits the comment lol 😂

    • Mykitteniscute

      I mean i can open my window and the window inside it but my mom always catches me😭

    • Lily Freaker
      Lily Freaker

      Bro it had to be some thing breathing I literally heard it too

    • HATSUKI_bootch Hernández
      HATSUKI_bootch Hernández


  • my meme guy
    my meme guy

    It happened to me also so I got rid of it

  • Deborah Tencer
    Deborah Tencer


  • Aribear Lockett
    Aribear Lockett

    Omg right when they put the drone uo i gotta like a alert saying somthing with ur device being comprised so i took a photo but im good j aint hacked

  • Ahlina Herrera
    Ahlina Herrera

    Oh stromedy it was so easy to hack your phone now that you’ve been gone I’ve decided to tell you

  • RADU Eric & Iris
    RADU Eric & Iris

    These guys always have a friend that rezolves their problems

    • spurs fan
      spurs fan


  • dirtykiwi925 FN
    dirtykiwi925 FN

    I guess it's time to use old school cameras

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      Chase Moore


  • Kristina Langteau
    Kristina Langteau

    I saw somebody behind your tree 14:09

  • Lenny butterflies
    Lenny butterflies

    At the beginning of the video I checked the picture and I took a picture and there was nothing so good for me good luck if you’re still hacked


    2:08 its click bait I know that cause he brought his phone down to equip an effect or something for the photo


    my friends literally making me watch this so I'm scared

  • Tonya Moss
    Tonya Moss

    There is always something sus so keep your eyes peeled

  • Aviation-X

    2:15 Yup the red light flashed, so he was watching you as that happened

  • Vault 8166
    Vault 8166

    You know what I am never taking a photo again

  • Elliot Savenko Graebner
    Elliot Savenko Graebner

    also probably a good idea to duck tape the camera run a full restart and install insane security on the new phone too.

    • Amy Mason
      Amy Mason

      Same two my grandpa went to jail for hacking

    • Haylee Daniel
      Haylee Daniel

      That's what I would do

    • 𝚂𝚘𝚖𝚎𝚘𝚗𝚎

      Yeah my grandma said the same thing.

    • Jessica Jimenez
      Jessica Jimenez

      @ssniperwolf2 ais /xx

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      Kamil Boberski


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    Tiffanie Haus


  • Joey Valdez
    Joey Valdez

    5:54 is really funny

  • Kelly Stapleton
    Kelly Stapleton

    I have subbed and dinged that bell I love your viddios stromedy/Kyle:)

  • Avery Ferrara
    Avery Ferrara

    Either way I still luv ur vids. :)

  • Kayla

    When stromedy said something about a red flashing light on his phone,I’ve seen multiple people say the same about their phones,tv remotes and a few other things but it’s only able to be seen on camera as people would say,and it’s not a Face ID bc it’s been going on to phones with no Face ID feature,so that part might be true

    • Ezekial Naidoo
      Ezekial Naidoo

      I subed kayla

    • rktube6607

      i did td it out it work

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      Komathi85 Supramaniam

      @Ciara Eardley ⭐ is that you brother

    • Ciara Eardley ⭐
      Ciara Eardley ⭐

      Hi I know my brother it's all click bait most of it ecleast

    • Loka Pavani Naga Sree Ananya G
      Loka Pavani Naga Sree Ananya G

      THAT IS SOOO TRUE!!!!!!!

  • Don Vaughan
    Don Vaughan

    Oh my goodness this is crazy

    • James Christian Asuncion
      James Christian Asuncion

      Check you phone your are andriod you save or iphone you danger

  • Gloria Piggott
    Gloria Piggott

    I found something in your yard and it is at the bottom of the screen on 12:30

  • jelly wolf
    jelly wolf


  • Madison Fraga
    Madison Fraga

    Behind you as you were setting it up it was a boy and a girl from all I could know this I hope you guys had the best of luck

  • Harry Cars
    Harry Cars

    12:33 in the video on the other side alleyway somebody's running to the front door

    • Maddy :D
      Maddy :D

      @emmylol9 yeah i guess

    • emmylol9

      @Red Hoodie Family well look close I guess😺

    • Michelle Lin
      Michelle Lin

      Back door

    • Hey Man
      Hey Man

      Red Hoodie Family well in the bushes but lag

    • Maddy :D
      Maddy :D

      @Michelle Lin like i don't see anything also where

  • Hasan Alasiri
    Hasan Alasiri

    Stormedy every time you take a picture I saw a little tiny red flash on your phone

  • AntCleo2958

    Look back at the time on the video 12:32 that's how far you need to look in to the video

  • Tonya Moss
    Tonya Moss

    Go to 13:52 it will show someone in y’all’s back yard behind a tree

  • Jelly Beans
    Jelly Beans

    Does that happen on iPads?

  • Stephen Vance
    Stephen Vance

    Why don't they just call a specialist for this kind of stuff. And then call the 👮‍♂️

    • rick gunderson
      rick gunderson


    • CLFAM I Connor And Liana
      CLFAM I Connor And Liana

      @Just Some Guy Without or With a Mustache we know we’re not dumb but u don’t have to ruin it for everyone that actually likes his channel

    • Morgan Harris
      Morgan Harris

      The popo

    • Brooklyn Meeks
      Brooklyn Meeks

      Because his videos are fake you can tell because if it wasn't fake he wouldn't hide his phone when he would pull up the picture.

    • Just Some Guy Without or With a Mustache
      Just Some Guy Without or With a Mustache

      Stromedy is known for doing dumb shit and clickbaiting little kids

  • Just jake
    Just jake

    Them: YO GUYS HE’S RIGHT UNDERNEATH US!!!! The dude: I wonder where they are

  • Maryam

    Stromedy, ur content is amazing but ik this is fake bc if I look in the box with the most recent pic I see a picture with the green lines on the same spot u stood at 1:35

  • Guineapig 68
    Guineapig 68

    12:32 if you look in the bottom middle near that shed thingy I thought I saw a red balloon with like a clown face on it

    • Emilia Cheema
      Emilia Cheema

      Oof thats straight up pennywise

  • Amber Narron
    Amber Narron

    They hack your phone so they can find your location

  • Muhammad Bin Adnan
    Muhammad Bin Adnan

    Imagine one of you guys jumped on him when he was walking by. Tbh I'd definitely do that even if I knew I'd get hurt.

    • Z Emad Z
      Z Emad Z

      *DISCLAIMER*: Please DO NOT attempt to recreate any of the content in this video, All people featured in this video are adults and anything you watch here is done in a controlled and safe environment to serve a viewers entertainment purpose.

  • Cousins 10
    Cousins 10

    15:24 give drone the thumbs up

    • Cousins 10
      Cousins 10

      @ChunYuan Huang no it’s 15:24 but thanks

    • ChunYuan Huang
      ChunYuan Huang

      I’m pretty sure it’s 15:20 tho but thanks

    • Cousins 10
      Cousins 10

      @0zy_Xion yeah it’s weird

    • 0zy_Xion

      I just saw that

  • Korby

    the red light on ur camera means recording is in use witch makes this scarier

  • Abby MacDonald
    Abby MacDonald

    at 13:40 you can see a person in the trees

  • Olivia Cummins
    Olivia Cummins

    Does it happen to any device?

  • cretionz

    Why everybody hating on him he’s making good content wether it’s real or fake

    • Mary Cathey
      Mary Cathey

      Bc he is exposing them

    • Symone mitchell
      Symone mitchell

      God bless u im happy u don't hate on him I'm subscribing to u ok stay safe

    • CR Pug
      CR Pug


    • Spuddy

      @{Hēllō} I know!😀😀😀😀☺☺☺☺

    • TT YY
      TT YY


  • undeadsilencer

    at 3:10 seconds he starts taking the video and you can see a Canadian flag but when it reaches the mirror it show the united states flag

  • Among us
    Among us

    Plz make a part 2 because this is so interesting

    • roshamboo YT
      roshamboo YT

      @Kam Varela Shut up real or fake its 🔥🔥🔥 content and why you on this video if you dont believe

    • Kam Varela
      Kam Varela

      Bruh u actually believe this trash?

  • Xx_kapi_xX

    5:54 ITS SO FUNNY

  • Ryan karajian
    Ryan karajian

    It happened to me at my old phone