if you ever see this while driving do not get out of your car, keep driving and get away FAST!!
if you ever see this while driving do not get out of your car, keep driving and get away FAST!!

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    • Linda Cherry
      Linda Cherry


    • Melissa Redmond
      Melissa Redmond

      Rryghrgyffuf spud channel ever

    • Marcos 8307
      Marcos 8307

      I don't think he has a sister

    • Kyler chok likes to play roblox
      Kyler chok likes to play roblox

      stromedy you should show the clown the middle finger and tease the clown and escape from the clown

    • Yaris Añorve
      Yaris Añorve


  • Chase VanderDussen
    Chase VanderDussen

    If it were me, I woulda rammed my car into the lemonade stand.

    • Rose and my best friends
      Rose and my best friends

      @Superstar Camyrra lol

    • Danny Rice
      Danny Rice


    • The Petersons
      The Petersons


    • Lauren Kinsella
      Lauren Kinsella

      Haha same but the clown would probably chase or kill me so yea

    • Theoficialalex_yt


  • Itz Babii Cakezz
    Itz Babii Cakezz

    Damnnnn That clown acting like five year old me when I didn’t get the toy I wanted but another child did 😂

    • Andrew The
      Andrew The


    • carol ward
      carol ward


    • Gamewithmoney

      Lol same

    • Matthew Harrer
      Matthew Harrer

      @Ruby Booth so

    • Ruby Booth
      Ruby Booth

      @Matthew Harrer thats a swear word

  • Nexxing Mods
    Nexxing Mods

    I literally went across this and there was the same thing and I ran on foot

    • Jiji Foula
      Jiji Foula

      ASHPgp KL ??L ءكءظءءتتءسظءطث

  • Roxanne Nevin
    Roxanne Nevin

    At the end when u smashed the glass I felt sorry for the clown when he jumped up and down. Excellent video! I laughed so much in this😂😂😂

  • Sunni Robertson
    Sunni Robertson

    This is one of my fav Stromedy videos! And that’s saying something because Stromedy had a lot of great videos

    • Joao Souza
      Joao Souza



    The way he stomps after the lemonade is smashed 🤣

    • Charlotte Murray-twinn
      Charlotte Murray-twinn

      Ik it’s so funny

  • Christina Shaw
    Christina Shaw

    When he broke the windshield I was like is he gonna come through the window

  • D3V1L_F1R3

    You know, i actually felt really bad for the clown when you broke his lemonade jar:(

    • Young Mad Gamer Films
      Young Mad Gamer Films

      me too it made cry even

  • Mia Griffiths
    Mia Griffiths

    If he did not be chasing people around the car park I would like him and feel bad for him what he done done

  • XxAstrid WolfxX
    XxAstrid WolfxX

    I’ve been watching Kyle for MONTHS now and this was my first vid and yet I’v seen it a million times lol

  • jen fox
    jen fox

    stromedy: nothing is free in this world mr beast: am i a joke to you

    • Andrew The
      Andrew The

      Mr.beast:oh you think ok then have a couple thousand dollars😂😂😂

  • Antonio Britez
    Antonio Britez

    I was never afraid of clowns but now after watching this series I’m even less because this just makes me think these clowns are really dumb

    • aiman fitrie Nazlin
      aiman fitrie Nazlin


  • Karlee Williams
    Karlee Williams

    I love watching your videos stromedy ❤️

  • arrowlol

    These types of videos are the ones I watch at 7am high on caffeine

  • Hadleybluefeet

    Thank you so much! You help us so much!:)

  • Nightmare sans
    Nightmare sans

    It gives me anxiety when they bring the drone close to the ground

    • sba


    • Andrea Eales
      Andrea Eales

      Yo me too bro

    • Obamium


    • mammaA08


    • merrickdragon


  • Roblox_Gamer546

    I like how the clown was like dancing like pennywise 🎈

  • Little Bambam Having Fun
    Little Bambam Having Fun

    I love how hard they try to edit this

  • °•Blue Sunny•°
    °•Blue Sunny•°

    “Nothing is free in this world” Mrbeast : Here is 1 million because you where my 5 millionth supporter

    • E

      @efgxgdhhole in Allen's are iijdbsPoulsen whos?

    • efgxgdhhole in Allen's are iijdbsPoulsen
      efgxgdhhole in Allen's are iijdbsPoulsen

      I. Love you lots your. Channel. Should. Be. On. Netflix.

    • Lia WiFi
      Lia WiFi

      Frr 😀😀

  • Dee Mccroskey
    Dee Mccroskey

    He definitely broke your windshield that was insane ,I loved it when you broke the lemonade peace to you all.

    • Marcus Graves
      Marcus Graves

      No0 that's sad I feel bad for the clown all he wanted money he's probably homeless

    • E


  • Polar_ P
    Polar_ P

    Stormedy to tell you this to all of the comments here Life lesson: PAY FOR YOUR GOD DAMN LEMONADE NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS WORLD I have been a huge fan of you stormedy I

    • Arturo Ledezmabrianna114
      Arturo Ledezmabrianna114


    • Zagify

      IRglo is frew

    • Lilly_playzz247

      I hug is free :)

  • [FAONE] CosmicFangs
    [FAONE] CosmicFangs

    Love ur videos keep up the good work sorry I’m so late

  • Brooklynn Grimmett
    Brooklynn Grimmett

    Hi guys, love enjoying your videos 💘💗

  • Jonas Gaming YT
    Jonas Gaming YT

    I kinda feel bad for the clown when he threw the lemonade but good job guys

  • Albert

    13:18 if im the last one standing be like:

  • Tudor Onofrei
    Tudor Onofrei

    The people in the car: He's running toward you! Stromedy: nah lemme just steal some lemonade

    • Yo Landa
      Yo Landa

      Astronomy don't donate

    • Yo Landa
      Yo Landa


    • DinoWasFound_

      @Olivia Plant u can't spell "bully"

    • DinoWasFound_

      @Olivia Plant ur like 4

    • DinoWasFound_

      @Dishon Hopkins idc

  • Steve Michael 2.0 :D
    Steve Michael 2.0 :D

    13:28 “-lown is pissed!!” Sniper: mind if I take it litteraly?

  • ItzRyan

    just subed! followed all of them and nice vids bro

  • Jacquie Taylor
    Jacquie Taylor


  • Jesabel Moran
    Jesabel Moran

    Stromedy Squad: get away from it!! Me: (smashes the lemonade)

  • Samantha and all things fun!
    Samantha and all things fun!

    If you see this again try getting the mask off the clown.

  • Beast Brawler9
    Beast Brawler9

    OMG i watched this again the moment kyle broke it it was so funny

  • weirdo queens
    weirdo queens

    When the clown was walking back did you see the way he walked?? 😳

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees

    13:17 seeing that clown so pissed was hilarious

  • Caz the purple gaming girl💜
    Caz the purple gaming girl💜

    hi stromedy I love your vids

    • Akyzan

      rip clown

    • star

      @Thomas Renoud u watched dj cooks vid did u?

    • Thomas Renoud
      Thomas Renoud

      His vids are fake.

  • Thunder bird
    Thunder bird

    i feel bad for the clown when broke the lemonade glass

  • Jocelyn Lactaoen
    Jocelyn Lactaoen

    I love your videos Stromedy!!!

  • Jerome Fuimaono
    Jerome Fuimaono

    Great job for making these changes 👍👍👍👍👍 👍👍

  • Alexis Buschmann
    Alexis Buschmann

    Around 7:21 I saw something yellow, might be the clown


    This is how I discovered Stromedy

  • Georgia Cheeseman
    Georgia Cheeseman

    13:20 when you throw your brothers toy lol

  • Vansh Solanki
    Vansh Solanki

    it's fun to watch scary things which u know are totally fake 😂🤣🤣

  • jake brittain
    jake brittain

    Stromboli: doesn’t have lemonade, decides to use orange juice

  • ravenblck0ut

    The reason why the couple got chased it's because the clown said take 1. They probably took 2 cause they were a couple

    • Thomasina s is h thy
      Thomasina s is h thy

      Couple can just Run back to the clown and Fight clown

    • Sweet horse zz
      Sweet horse zz

      Idiot they can share

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      K Carter

      fax bruh xD

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      Andrew Green


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      fazetyler fazejack

      Thay where ubay and leah

  • Brooklyn Quintana
    Brooklyn Quintana

    The people that were there before you they got two and paid $.25 you need to pay $.45 if you are getting two

  • MrCheeseDogeFart_Matteo

    Have you ever thought of calling the cops

  • Traci Dotson
    Traci Dotson

    I feel bad because they smashed it and he probably spent a lot of time on making it

  • andy_

    So we were just driving around and saw this really weird thing, *a fricking lemonade stand*

    • Flora Azalea
      Flora Azalea

      @andy_ I love you

    • andy_

      @No Not happening what

    • No Not happening
      No Not happening

      If you arm get wrong just run away and get back to your house now

    • No Not happening
      No Not happening

      So don’t go to so make it still didn’t get a gun to get a man who live in Picco to Candy and take all the juice

    • Doge.Kaiden

      @Unicorn Squad yeah me to

  • Keisha Markie
    Keisha Markie

    You should've put the drone in front on him ge would've got mad lol

  • Maddie Stamper
    Maddie Stamper

    To me it looked like a normal lemonade stand.

  • TigerXD Plays
    TigerXD Plays

    I’ve yet to see them run something over

  • April Groves
    April Groves

    If anyone pauses at 7:28 y'all can see the clown in the corner of the screen

  • Elsie Chandler
    Elsie Chandler

    7:28 there like someone in the corner near the trees and bushes

  • Scott Atwood
    Scott Atwood

    I've seen this 4 times it's so funny when he gets angry

    • Amber O'Neill
      Amber O'Neill

      Its very funny lol😂

    • Cagychicken9313

      Yeah 😂

    • Saulo Meza
      Saulo Meza

      Same 🤣 it's so funny!

    • Elerie Jean Villamor
      Elerie Jean Villamor


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      Emanuel Guzman


  • arjan lalwani
    arjan lalwani

    13:19 am i the only one who laughed at this moment?

    • jelly_jorge

      I felt bad what would you do if they broke your lemonade if you were trying to earn money huh

  • Hank B
    Hank B

    Never uproach it unless your bestfriend and his friend is running it with minute maid

  • Coolness Gaming
    Coolness Gaming

    13:20 i feel sad for the clown :(

  • Shashi Kala Timalsena
    Shashi Kala Timalsena

    I can't stop laughing when you broke that lemonade pot and he was screaming and jumping and when he get on to your car 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rajvee Shah
    Rajvee Shah

    Maybe he just wanted to sell lemonade and get some money,breaking the jar wasn't a good idea

    • •{Itz_ Humayra}•
      •{Itz_ Humayra}•

      Did u not see them scissors in his hand?

    • the blogger
      the blogger

      Yeah stromedy made a big mistake thats just guilty for what they done to that poor clown i agree with you

    • Elenascooch


    • wolfman666 lol
      wolfman666 lol

      I feel bad kinda:(

    • isabelle gaming montero
      isabelle gaming montero

      Yes i know

  • Krishank Yadav
    Krishank Yadav

    you make great videos keep making

  • JELLYOffline

    I feel bad for that clown :(

  • Robloxmaster

    6:08 who's gonna fly Cameron or you?? 8:39 what kind of binoculars is that?

  • Amelia sego
    Amelia sego

    When he smashed the lemonaid : that’s me when my brother takes my batter baloons then I throw one hard at him then get grounded

    • Steve Michael 2.0 :D
      Steve Michael 2.0 :D

      It’s written lemonade :)

    • Cristina Cano
      Cristina Cano

      @Sarah Thornton csa ghggg hhggghhhh .

    • Sarah Thornton
      Sarah Thornton


  • Jadene Ward
    Jadene Ward

    I have only just heard of your channel and watched a few vids to get to know it. After watching one video i have noticed that as soon as a clown appears you either get in close with the drone when you shouldn't or you are to far away. In the one where you are driving and constantly taking left turns, you sped up when they were nowhere near and slowed down when they got closer. Where is the sense in that?

    • Real Midas
      Real Midas

      @Emily Fountain it’s fake

    • RexTheNoob

      Its fake Its just for entertainment

    • Emily Fountain
      Emily Fountain


  • • y u k i •
    • y u k i •

    love how it says run but the title says don't get out ya car

  • Kamaluddin Mohd Darus
    Kamaluddin Mohd Darus

    I feel bad for the clown🤣

  • shanya walker
    shanya walker

    At 7:21 right before he turned the drone I saw the clown standing

  • Maisie park
    Maisie park

    When stromedy broke that lemonade I felt bad for it.. 13:42

  • Yousefiscool.5000 Tail
    Yousefiscool.5000 Tail

    Thats the right thing to do chase them if they don’t pay for it or call the 🚔

    • Benjamin Hornberger
      Benjamin Hornberger

      Big brain boy

  • Kit_gacha and itz_devil 2 owners
    Kit_gacha and itz_devil 2 owners

    One day imma go up to one and take lemonade and act like I'm leaving but I'm going to get a quarter

  • Jennifer Vazquez
    Jennifer Vazquez

    This is when I start watching stromedy

  • Aaditya_j

    these guys are nice at leaking their address no cap

  • Taylor Tymeson
    Taylor Tymeson

    I love your vids I have been watching him for at least two years

  • Winter💕

    I feel so bad for the clown actually I would also be mad if someone broke my lemonade love your videos💞💖💞💖💞💝💗💝💗

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      Aiyanah Mignonette Villaruel Julian

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    Ali Awais

    7:28 top right corner you can see the clown

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    13:09 Why this clown runs so slow 😂😂😂

  • Karen Dehart
    Karen Dehart

    At 7:50 he's standing right there

  • sadjie gaming
    sadjie gaming

    stromedy you guys are the best detectives omg


    I saw the clown when u said”look at this guy maybe he will get some” and when u said “look he right there”

  • Affan YT
    Affan YT

    I felt bad for the clown he was just trying to sell lemonad

  • Your.local_Gachatubēr

    Just subed to all you legends!! Be safe (not really) ✌🏻 peace

  • Var & Nachozz
    Var & Nachozz

    Stromedy: gets lemonade without paying. Clown: chases him. Stromedy: freaks out and runs. Me: freaks out even more then drops my tablet and runs to my room.

    • GamerVip_Xxs

      Good comet

    • Friday night
      Friday night

      Same when he run I was like oh hell nah I ran super fast right and went out side and I slip and went in my pool

    • ataraxi

      SNEHA JOSHI pffffffff-

    • Daniel Viking
      Daniel Viking

      Same here 😟

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      I BROKK MY DEAR PHONE WAAAAA me:mom look told u my mom:WHAAT AaaaaaaAAAAAAAaa *loks room me:mom come out mom:no i stink me:lol

  • Judith Sayers
    Judith Sayers

    When you through the lemonade he was GOD DAMM MAD and it was funny

  • Leah Rushe
    Leah Rushe

    OMG im a BIG fan of you Stromedy

  • Kerah Jumaye
    Kerah Jumaye

    I feel so sad about the clown 😭

    • Young Mad Gamer Films
      Young Mad Gamer Films

      Hopefully it’s bc of his lemonade jar got broke

  • TommyInit

    i actually feel bad for that clown , he just wanted money , and you just broke that lemonade that he made so hard

  • MalwareShop

    Stromedy: Alr im gonna end this man's whole career by stealing his lemonades

    • May Magdadaro
      May Magdadaro

      @godzilla i wont its a person not a real clown

    • May Magdadaro
      May Magdadaro

      @DinoWasFound_ shut up

    • May Magdadaro
      May Magdadaro

      @DinoWasFound_ yeah

    • May Magdadaro
      May Magdadaro

      @NadeShotIDK yeah i feel bad i mean its not a real clown we can see its a mask

    • godzilla

      I would kill the clown


    At 7:21 I already see the clown and they didn’t see lol

  • Cuddlez roblox
    Cuddlez roblox

    If that was me i probs just run it over XD (idk why)

  • Gopy Pranav
    Gopy Pranav

    I feel bad for the clown 😔

  • Snowman girl
    Snowman girl

    What kyle is thinking at 13:17 :I might die and that clown didn’t get his cocky milk

  • ❀over_obsessed_with_felix

    I'm literally concerned.. I haven't watched him in a long time and now here I am.. Watching him!

    • Alexis Mapel
      Alexis Mapel

      Alexis mapel 7 to the next day we can help me go to bed

    • Alexis Mapel
      Alexis Mapel

      THE one 1+3=4

    • mother of 2 children
      mother of 2 children

      @CLXY% your life if fake

    • CLXY%

      He is fake

    • CLXY%


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    Title: if you see this happen drive away and don't get out your car Thumbnail: run

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    Cool gamer

    7:28 you can see him at top right

  • The Bleached Kermit
    The Bleached Kermit

    I’m watching this cause it’s fake but it’s entertaining For some reason lmao Well that really is the point of Clickbait if I’m being honest lol 😂

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    Ttv_lilis 3

    7:21 by the trees how didn’t u see him

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    Gueden Bryne

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    • Hello kitty😩
      Hello kitty😩

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    Keone capan

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