if you ever see a bent fork in your door, leave your house and RUN away fast!! (it's a trap)
if you ever see a bent fork in your door, leave your house and RUN away fast!! (it's a trap)

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  • Stromedy

    If you ever see a FORK in your door you need to RUN!!

    • Thangavelu K
      Thangavelu K


    • Ppalakorn M
      Ppalakorn M

      Liar kyle your wrong fork is not creepy

    • Te'Airruh Cortez
      Te'Airruh Cortez

      How do I join

    • Xanthicalpha

      I’m in Texas luckily lol 😂

    • Francis Cortez
      Francis Cortez


  • Galaxy Kitten
    Galaxy Kitten

    There is probably a thief watching this video and thinking “Oh, what great idea. Now I can get into houses easier.”

    • Alishba imran
      Alishba imran

      Now I'm scared

    • Lia


    • McLaren

      Probobaly a Thief is not waching but if a Thief was or is waching he probobaly Like 93% Saying that

    • SCR

      Ya lol

    • Crystal Brunet
      Crystal Brunet

      so like uwuysgdgedggtedtgy2twfdgsfdxzxsdfghjkl i am the one that did that to you stormedy

  • Jodi Schiller
    Jodi Schiller

    What would've been smart was them standing at the stairs for the basement trapping him in their basement and then call the police and keep him in there until the police could deal with him.

    • zk3phoenix

      i am in his basement

    • Yeeter girl 123
      Yeeter girl 123

      They would have done that if it wasnt staged

  • Naomi Evans
    Naomi Evans

    Can we just take a moment and appreciate stromady for taking the time to do this for us

    • Smiths omg
      Smiths omg

      Art cat don’t be rood he reads this

    • D_brozych


    • Art Cat
      Art Cat

      Bruh it’s fake content to farm views.

    • DAB L1t
      DAB L1t

      Yes ikr

  • A Hang
    A Hang

    The good thing is that he wasnt wearing gloves so he left finger prints on the play button that the cops can scan and figure out there identity

    • Gaming with Jasmeh
      Gaming with Jasmeh

      You could became a detective

  • Donnie Alexander
    Donnie Alexander

    If I find a fork in my door..."he" better hope there's time to run.

  • FluffyPuppy✨💗

    I like videos like this it's so cool to find out new things!

    • Joel Rodriguez
      Joel Rodriguez

      @Adrienne Hayes 😍💋👄😘💄🍓🤑🤩🥺🤮🤢💕😘🥳💋💅🏾👠🥻👙👡👢🩴🩱👖

    • Landon

      @Love is cute YT not fake it’s for entertainment

    • Yahya Alghamdi
      Yahya Alghamdi

      @Love is cute YT I know right this is so BS

    • Yahya Alghamdi
      Yahya Alghamdi

      Bruh you actually believe this BS

    • Stacey Cohen
      Stacey Cohen


  • Emika Dibben
    Emika Dibben

    Does it work on one door or double doors?

  • leafy...gxcha.

    I love your videos so so much! Keep doing what you do!!

  • Pride Wildcat Warriors -Changing name soon-
    Pride Wildcat Warriors -Changing name soon-

    If theirs a fork in my door I’m calling the national gaurd 😂

    • Kylie Marler
      Kylie Marler


  • boy shorts
    boy shorts

    I always like watching these videos to learn things

  • Some Person
    Some Person

    THANKS STROMEDY!! For protecting and warning us!

  • Kev Euresti
    Kev Euresti

    I hope this doesn't happen to me That's so scary and probably that he's still stalking him

    • Ben Golf
      Ben Golf

      Its not real

  • MLB Comics
    MLB Comics

    I just now realized that every single time they try and expose them and catch them, they NEVER actually turn them into the police :/

    • ChuckCZE

      Cuz it is staged, but still entertaining

  • Carrot

    Stromedy: *starts being robbed* Also Stromedy: Drop a like on the video right now!

  • Julia Flatt
    Julia Flatt

    I love watching your videos stromedy before I started watching this video of yours I was mad because my grandfather ruined one of my jumps for my horse then I watched this video and I am not mad

  • RetakesRuns

    Thanks Stromedy for making these videos to expose tricks so no one else falls for them :)

  • Dana Dunton
    Dana Dunton

    I feel so bad for all The thing he's responsible for!

  • Dance_Music50 T
    Dance_Music50 T

    I had one in my door a couple months ago and then a few days later I saw someone in my garden whilst I was on my own and it was 8pm and winter so it was dark!

  • QueenT Bridger
    QueenT Bridger

    If someone was waiting for me to go sleep they would never get in 🤣

    • Gaming with Jasmeh
      Gaming with Jasmeh


  • Ops5x21

    I had one in my door. Thanks Stormedy

    • Cousins and guinea pigs forever together
      Cousins and guinea pigs forever together

      It is stromedy not stormedy

    • Mj Perez
      Mj Perez

      @Tom Kromhout van der Meer wtf

    • Mj Perez
      Mj Perez

      Omg that is scary what did you do?😯

    • Chinthaka Kannangara
      Chinthaka Kannangara

      Really dud

    • lyra mich mendoza
      lyra mich mendoza

      @Spud qs

  • ★Rain♪

    He wants your forks....he broke into so many houses that he needs more forks...lol...

    • Raha Shakeri
      Raha Shakeri

      Terrifidly funny:))))

    • Raha Shakeri
      Raha Shakeri


    • Raha Shakeri
      Raha Shakeri


    • christy dunn
      christy dunn

      LOL 😂

    • Shelly Singh
      Shelly Singh


  • James Gilmour
    James Gilmour

    *theif looks through stromedy stuff* Stromedy:that’s ok *thief tries to steal his golden IRglo button Stromedy:IM COMING!

  • orlando_thereal_lol_artist

    Just a clarification if I a person does this to me there never seeing light again 🤣

  • Natalie Straub
    Natalie Straub

    Dude I love your videos they’re the best and I can’t wait to see this video and what are those things you’ve been up there

    • Natalie Straub
      Natalie Straub

      Yo that was so scary he almost took your plaque that’s bad because I can’t believe you got to go to mine I mean wrote wrote never mind but dude I’m glad he didn’t do that he almost took it off if you don’t mind I will call the police and chase him down until I taught them even know if I’m out of breath

    • Natalie Straub
      Natalie Straub

      Well I can’t wait to see your video because I got to see what why do you run when you when there’s a fork in your door

  • Alondra Ramirez
    Alondra Ramirez

    It's good that ur telling people this and other things that can happen

  • ᴋᴀʏఌ

    I feel like this is acted, but if it wasn't i feel bad for you guys.

    • G Knox
      G Knox


    • Lone R
      Lone R

      I feel the same way

    • Tedra Kennedy
      Tedra Kennedy


    • ᴋᴀʏఌ

      @samsung wdym?

    • samsung

      Hi there 😊I fan

  • Hannah Fryer
    Hannah Fryer

    Thank you this person got very close to breaking in to my house but because of this video we new what to do

  • Fnaf plushie Productions
    Fnaf plushie Productions

    This guy does really risky things but they are also very great things

  • Will Stevenson
    Will Stevenson

    Oh my gosh thank you my house has a bent fork thank you so much for saving my life stromedy I came home that one night and there was a fork thank you so much 🙏🥲😭 *happy tears*

  • Dexmurval

    I’ve seen a fork on my door but it wasn’t bent LOL

  • Dalila Violet
    Dalila Violet

    11:17 You can still see him just standing there if you look closely.

    • Dalila Violet
      Dalila Violet

      @Terri k

    • Terri

      I see him

    • txppanyaki

      @Dalila Violet yea I think I can see him

    • Dalila Violet
      Dalila Violet

      @Chelsea Gagne The black figure/the person that ran

    • Chelsea Gagne
      Chelsea Gagne

      What standing

  • jake brittain
    jake brittain

    Stromboli- watches person break into his own house Also Stromboli- doesnt call the cops

    • dreamnotfound

      Stromedy not stromeli

    • Sean Moore
      Sean Moore

      Lol that so true he's just like this is.........................fine...

  • Gaming Wolf
    Gaming Wolf

    Bruh I love the fact that you spread awareness about thieves and all but why you gotta fake it like tell me that shit ain’t fake


    Kyle is ok i am gonna move into a new house thats my moms my mom works alot so we can move into a new house and also stay safe god bless you

  • avery youtubes
    avery youtubes

    one time i saw a bent fork in my door my family and i went inside to check it out

  • OgsniperTOG

    This is the kind of guy that says *if you see a roof on your house run*

    • mali

      no he’s not he make clown and other *REAL* stuff

  • Sarah Wagz
    Sarah Wagz

    He’s telling his friends to shush when he’s sooooo loud like I would just hear him straight away if I was that alien guy

    • ?møøñ_å_f[tøñ


  • Merissa Miller
    Merissa Miller

    Always down for stromedy

  • Master man gilt
    Master man gilt

    I've got a question, do these things actually happen to stromedy or does he make it look like it happend because a lot of the things in these videos I've never seen?

  • Enya Gee
    Enya Gee

    I love when you do videos like this because then more people are aware of these situations.

    • Natalya Pukeke
      Natalya Pukeke

      Hi I 7

    • N & T Dover
      N & T Dover

      it’s a black and white mask i think

    • N & T Dover
      N & T Dover

      I think I have see something in the basement i think????

    • Swarm Uprising
      Swarm Uprising

      Kemal Playz yea ikr it’s so obvious that it’s fake

    • Granger Playz
      Granger Playz

      Jeez it makes me cringe when someone believes this

  • Rosalyn_ _Gold
    Rosalyn_ _Gold

    Your seriously saving my life rn I’m literally writing the names of the vids on sticky notes and my journal

    • Rose Baxter
      Rose Baxter

      Wait really tho?

  • bluxberriizz

    I really love ur channe. And its the safest channel that I ever seen edit: its kinda scary 😅 but I still love ur channel and I just wanna say that keep your great work and oh yeah why is ur channel most of clowns anyways bye! Stay safe,

  • Nasreen Bi
    Nasreen Bi

    You guys make awesome videos

  • Zain Darby Gaming
    Zain Darby Gaming

    I be like... nah this is fake the next week I find a folk in my door.

  • Mia Pekanovic
    Mia Pekanovic


    • Ashley Roseblock
      Ashley Roseblock


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    • Nichole Boyle
      Nichole Boyle

      Also not lol he was stealing his stuff

    • Nichole Boyle
      Nichole Boyle


    • Mighty ExoticMotors
      Mighty ExoticMotors


  • MrNoah11

    I love your intro it’s like at the cinema at the start of the movie

  • that birb birb
    that birb birb

    i thought the street lights arent suppose be be on passed 4 am lol and is it me or do they NEVER call 911

  • sharky liv
    sharky liv

    This scared me,I’m not in Canada but I hope it’s not in New York or maryland😰😰

  • Caitlyn Barr Mcguigan
    Caitlyn Barr Mcguigan

    I like the way he says 'stromedy squad what the heels going on guys'

  • Team Forsyth
    Team Forsyth

    If they can grab a fork from your house then they are already in there

  • Xify

    I found one in my front door he actually got in my house at night and took my gaming monitor

  • YourAncestor

    This is a good video. Even tho i believe that could of been a fake scenario. I'm not douting but this is a good way to help someone get ready for these scenarios.

  • Viral Video Vault
    Viral Video Vault

    Wow I love ur vid you make me smarter by telling us things 🤭

  • Leighann Downing
    Leighann Downing

    The way they protected liah from going down to the basement tho

  • Sophie Wright
    Sophie Wright

    I really enjoy your vids

  • °Gacha_Boba°

    This actually happened to me yesterday but they couldn't get in, so I'm fine😩👌😭

  • Avery Mckissick
    Avery Mckissick

    It must be hard to get on your roof

  • Jhovani Herrera
    Jhovani Herrera

    I remember that a door is stuck in my house and I have to say to grab a spoon and it opened

  • Mindful Movers
    Mindful Movers

    I am glad we have someone to tell us all of this stuff so we know

    • LuckyKxta

      Yea but now everyone knows how to break in yo house

    • corn con
      corn con

      he is a facker just to make money

    • sky night
      sky night

      Yes we have some one to tell foolish fake things

    • Dawn McDowell
      Dawn McDowell


    • Lev Cameron
      Lev Cameron

      I diddnt know it's true... Now I'm scared

  • Saxton Fan 2009
    Saxton Fan 2009

    Should I pack all my stuff and then run off if some one attempts to break in to my house

  • lex

    This makes me even more paranoid and it gives me anxiety.

  • Rl_vibes

    lol the robber isnt even acting well 🤣🤣😁😁

  • AJ Armstrong
    AJ Armstrong

    Yo if you're locking your front door with just a one bolt lock that seems crazy, is that normal in America? I live in England and my door locks with like 5 or so bolts, and no way his door just made of glass and wood😅

  • Vyomiscool 1
    Vyomiscool 1

    Thanks for alerting us for what's happening, hope everyone in the WORLD see this.

  • smeena hmar
    smeena hmar

    One time I had that in my house but I went to sleep and when I woke up I saw people in my house with guns I called police but they didn’t answer so I told them they could take my house I was so pissed but also hey would you want to die

  • G Knox
    G Knox


  • micheal afton
    micheal afton

    I would never break into someone's house when their car is still there

  • Angie Tang
    Angie Tang

    I literally don’t sleep in till a.m and I saw one of those dropped on the floor of the mat outside my door in the morning for me going to my school :

  • hninpan nyunt
    hninpan nyunt

    Stromedy:*shows how to do it* The criminals:mmmmm interesting

    • josh bro
      josh bro

      Yo don't you think that is a good idea for if you're locked in the house oh shoot please agree with me somebody

    • Blue ⭐️
      Blue ⭐️


    • maddies gaming channle
      maddies gaming channle


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  • Linda Carr
    Linda Carr

    Last night I saw that fork in my door 😣 and it’s still there

  • Physicalplayz2000

    Their so entertaining to watch

  • peanut

    Thieves: This little maneuver is gonna cost us 52 years.

  • Saiful Bahri Japri
    Saiful Bahri Japri


  • ꨄ.aaliyah.ꨄ

    Lol then imagin the fork starts flying and goes "PA POW" with lasers.

    • Jenifer Hartness
      Jenifer Hartness


    • Maddy Snyder
      Maddy Snyder

      If they have a mouth on that and gutters might be a hacker a back pillow on it but cake with our masks off to deal with it

    • Efrain Torres
      Efrain Torres


    • ꨄ.aaliyah.ꨄ

      @MrDinosaur tHaNk yOu sIstEr

    • ꨄ.aaliyah.ꨄ

      @phantomX tHaNk u sIstA bUt sTiLl i dOnT bLaMe tHem i dOnt cArE iF tHey r rUdE cUz i sTiLl lOvE mY sElF aNyWaY. UwU

  • faizaan abdul latiff khan
    faizaan abdul latiff khan

    You're the most helpful person in the world

  • SprainedDisc211

    When he put the fork in you should of yelled "GET THE HELL OF OUR PROPERTY" and run down and tackle him

  • Rae Rae
    Rae Rae

    stromedy dont worry i sent this video to the police :) you will be okay

  • Totally cool
    Totally cool

    Thank you for the all these tips your like a undercover cop a IRglor

  • Laevus

    Its fun how they literally let him leave

    • JasonArtCraft19

      And i guess he made his friend to do it

    • JasonArtCraft19


    • Laevus

      @Kaitlin Brown ik

    • Kaitlin Brown
      Kaitlin Brown

      cause it’s fake it’s one of their friends

    • *le bunny Xx*
      *le bunny Xx*

      Mohamed Abdulle it is because it’s happened to me

  • Rosalyn_ _Gold
    Rosalyn_ _Gold

    Thanks for. Doing all of these vids like this like what if there was a kidnapper or actually zombies here

  • BrandonDisneyMouse

    I live in the uk so im safe bc it only happens in torrento lol.

  • Naser AlIbrahim
    Naser AlIbrahim

    My door is stronger then that😂😂

  • William Hartle
    William Hartle

    Who else lives in a different country but still gets scared

  • RJ Ross
    RJ Ross

    I love how they don’t even think about calling the cops and they catch their criminals on their own😂

    • wolfskie

      I also like that the did not punch him lol and that he tells us that it takes a time too open a door with a fork but the criminal dus it in 1 second lol

    • josh


    • RJ Ross
      RJ Ross

      @KAM KID K yeah a lot of times but weather or not it’s true they could have at least acted like they did call the police tho right?

    • KAM KID K
      KAM KID K

      I think *no offence* that they get some people to do this stuff and purposely let them go. I am sorry if this makes you disagree with me but it's weird in all of these things they don't catch them suspicious right?

    • Samantha Ratcliffe
      Samantha Ratcliffe


  • M!NT

    Wait, how can you run if your locked in the house..? :0

  • _Jacqui _
    _Jacqui _

    You know what they should do? They should put a tracker on him.😏😏😏 Ik it’s probs not real but-😏😏😏

  • chris carter
    chris carter

    Love your vids

  • gacha• skulls•
    gacha• skulls•

    yall should have some how got down and blocked the front and back door then called the cops

  • JELLY_Tomoaster

    im so glad we have one of those chain lock things that prevent people from opening the door U-U

    • Ciaojun

      @dolphingirl892 youll hear it

    • JELLY_Tomoaster

      @dolphingirl892 its not really a chain lock thing- its metal so that would be hard for them to do lol. I said it was a chain lock thing bc I didnt know how to describe it lol

    • •Disapointment••Levi•

      If they have plyers your screwed

    • Melody_creepypasta

      meh too U-U :-D

    • Juney Mergilles
      Juney Mergilles

      @yoongi my bestie!!!!!!!!!! omg

  • Amy Tindall Love
    Amy Tindall Love

    I cant believe that can happen 😳😳

  • Monique REID
    Monique REID

    I love watching your videos

  • SmileE

    I stuck a fork in my door…. Should I run?

  • Belén Deluchi
    Belén Deluchi

    imagine finding a thief in your mf house and let him escape when he is in front of you, twice. wtf man that shit false af.

  • Mecer

    Man a lot of strange things happen, what's next someone breaking into a house with a spoon or a knife to slice a sliding door.😔

    • icicle

      @Lacy Skinner um dude are you okay in the head?

    • Iveal plays
      Iveal plays

      @Lacy Skinner?

    • Lacy Skinner
      Lacy Skinner


    • Lacy Skinner
      Lacy Skinner

      Shut up!!

    • Lacy Skinner
      Lacy Skinner

      I think you are doing a good job with your reply so I think you are going through a lot of stuff

  • Elaine Phillips
    Elaine Phillips

    Just put a trap including a gun but in your hands you know where this is going

  • Darnell Samuels
    Darnell Samuels

    I would be like why is there a fork here and now that I’m seeing this now I would know why

  • ThatGirlThatsPretty


  • Devil Red drums
    Devil Red drums

    Stromdedy: This guy is SUPER sketchy Me: he’s in your house

  • Brenton Thomas
    Brenton Thomas

    Guys..... I just went from the outside in the back of my house to the front and found a fork.... but there was none inside so I pulled out the sword my dad gave me to protect myself and screamed “IS ANYONE HERE!?!?” And then I heard a crunch and I saw someone run so I chased them and tied them up and called the police (P.S they got arrested for 19 years for trying to break in to a house and steal)

    • Trent Eissler
      Trent Eissler

      @Onki Llale no

    • Brenton Thomas
      Brenton Thomas

      @Trent Eissler people my dad hides the FLIPPING GUNS

    • Brenton Thomas
      Brenton Thomas

      @kid alojado wait what-

    • Trent Eissler
      Trent Eissler

      @Brenton Thomas but it seems sus that he would give you a word when the person who you are trying to protect yourself with could have a gun

    • Grace Collard
      Grace Collard

      Dude i feel bad if its real but mate i dont really believe cause why would your dad tou you a sword?!? To protect yourself and how os it a perfect ending and stoey itself i just dont believe its way to good bro but sos if its real if it is i feel so bad bro👉👈 (p.s people make alot of things up so thats why i dont trust )