when you see this at the top of Clown Peak.. don't approach him! Get off the mountain and RUN Fast!!
when you see this at the top of Clown Peak.. don't approach him! Get off the mountain and RUN Fast!!

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  • Stromedy

    Never climb CLOWN PEAK!

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    Amy Delgado

    12:02 the drone go’s up for the people who just want to see the drone part and not the talking part

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    Jaylin Phillips

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    Alejandro Salazar

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      Sadie Balding

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      Ceri Black

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  • Michelle Prasetyo
    Michelle Prasetyo

    Stromedy: "Not only do we have to worry about clowns, but we also gotta watch out for bears" Me: "Hold up, wouldn't the bear eat the clowns? Or at least the clown kill the bear?

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      Pamela Kudrik

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    Kirstin Gibson

    The moment when you see the clown was sitting next to blood☠

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    Elliot Mandzuik

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    JettandDiane Million

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    Bløssøm Wölf

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      Bløssøm Wölf

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    Stacy Swafford

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    Tracey McDonald

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    Rishi Dhillon

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    Leesha Applasamy

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    Golden Gamers

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    Wyatt Walton

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    Breanne Luskin

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      Felicity Lewis

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  • My plushies and me
    My plushies and me

    At 3:20 when you were reading the sign and you pointed the camera at the path I saw a person but it was close but it was completely black At7:55 when you heard the horn thing when you pointed the camera to the rocks I saw some think red on the top and yellow and blue clothes

  • Stephanie Claire Aban
    Stephanie Claire Aban

    Wait how do you save Yana on the Scarecrow on The haunted Cornfeald thats weird🤔



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    Atasha Gardner

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    • Gemma's world
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    Robert Fletcher

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    Spxrit BrIdge

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      Kirstin Gibson

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    banana gang

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    àgc 23 za best

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    dėådvįbėš I want to die ;w;

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    Jessica Rauch

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    realyoutuber 3d

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    • Rod Velasquez
      Rod Velasquez

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    Alejandro Salazar

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