when you see this Clown inside of Clown Castle Playground RUN AWAY FAST!! (It's CRAZY)
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  • Stromedy

    love you Stromedy squad!! we are working on the Movie Right now!! Been super busy but it will be WORTH IT!

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      Ian McPeek

      I love your videos can I please get a shout-out because because I've never had a real shout out

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      Jade Smith


    • Jade Smith
      Jade Smith


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      EvaL Bumstead


    • EvaL Bumstead
      EvaL Bumstead


  • Adri

    His hand movements are better than the whole video it’s self🕚

  • Toy destructor Kid
    Toy destructor Kid

    The clowns are your friends

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    Gerry and Geo brotherhood

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    Mauricio Mundaca

    i saw a clown run to the other side and hide behind that wood pole

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    jayshawn spivey

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    Katja Reussel

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    Kristen Krysiak

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  • Patricia Larsen
    Patricia Larsen

    I wish I can see y'all's house I listen to your videos and I saw your house and it looks really good more videos she's We love you

  • Cristina Amador
    Cristina Amador

    The kid scared me

  • Cristina Amador
    Cristina Amador

    I will play there just to meet you

  • Patricia Larsen
    Patricia Larsen

    I love your videos strongly Squad you are the best at making videos I hope have a great day we love you

  • Manbox

    It feels like clue The board game and I noticed their kids playing 🤣

  • Not Abby Gacha
    Not Abby Gacha

    😱 omg

  • Junior Conley
    Junior Conley

    I like your videos

  • Isis Atkins
    Isis Atkins

    Your fake the clown thingsare fake everything is fake

  • Froggie squad
    Froggie squad

    So did anybody notice that man yelling for his child?

  • Holly Griffin
    Holly Griffin


  • Ashlie Crews
    Ashlie Crews

    There was a clown suit on time 9:11

  • Max TheYouTuber
    Max TheYouTuber

    i saw him in the castle

  • John Bratcher
    John Bratcher

    you are my favorite IRglor ever

  • Ian McPeek
    Ian McPeek

    Stromedy I love your videos but I can't I couldn't watch them for a little bit because we have to move and so I was really sad and crying that I couldn't see my friend

  • Maryam Tahir
    Maryam Tahir

    Stromedy I am literally not joking but I saw two things in the castle the first one was I saw a man in the windows and the second was I saw a man hanging from a rope so plz believe in me.

  • Louise Black
    Louise Black

    Clown need to brush his teeth🤮

  • Lilly Riendeau
    Lilly Riendeau

    This is the fakest crap I’ve ever seen

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    Giovanni Ponce

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    • ° Kitty channel afan fan °
      ° Kitty channel afan fan °


    • Giovanni Ponce
      Giovanni Ponce


  • Jessica Laughton
    Jessica Laughton

    I’m six why are you saying this and you’re turning seven and I can fight and I don’t trust lies that small if I don’t then I’ll beat it up I won I want to have everything I was in my life

  • Jessica Laughton
    Jessica Laughton

    Another state find a screenshot you know that because some clowns can seafood glass and can see us so we’re not safe and you can look at everything even look at your number and thank you so yeah

  • EvaL Bumstead
    EvaL Bumstead

    Yet. Rysudoe

  • EvaL Bumstead
    EvaL Bumstead


  • EvaL Bumstead
    EvaL Bumstead


  • EvaL Bumstead
    EvaL Bumstead

    DYou are so awesome you’re my favorite IRglo channel I wish I could see you in real life but I’m not some clown emoji clown is your video not like that because he is my God OK so I wasn’t

  • Darby Starr
    Darby Starr

    My little sister in their ones

  • Darby Starr
    Darby Starr

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    Darby Starr

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    Darby Starr

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    Darby Starr

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    Darby Starr

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    iwona mazerant

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    Mindy Beck


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    Lisa Penson

    Coockly 5 elm place UK have spotted 45 clowns sronding hous 🥺

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    Giugiu Dudu


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    TJ Vogel

    9:11 there is a rainbow clown next to the slide

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss

    I Love you guys you are the best and I sub like I love your video


    Kkkkk que susto

  • Minkah Is #1
    Minkah Is #1

    Oh no I saw the clown oh no he’s targeting me idk if you guys saw him but if you did he’s targeting you too.”he’s a paranormal clown” smh stroked yeah I’d the only clown 🤡

    • Minkah Is #1
      Minkah Is #1

      Stromedy the only clown**

  • Amer Garang
    Amer Garang

    my favorite part is when the kid was behind the camera

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    Carine Visser

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    Janet Hodge

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    Janet Hodge

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    Irina Khrobort

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    marcus barrett

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    Vake Vaioleti

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    Amanda Lewis

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    Lee Stoney Fry

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    Mason Cutler

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    Rebecca Smith

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  • KingEnder1

    Oh and also I saw a person that kinda looked like a clown,entering the castle at 3:44.

  • KingEnder1

    You guys are amazing!!!!! Thank you for doing this for us,oh and can you also keep doing clown videos?

    • Anah Handayani
      Anah Handayani


    • Anah Handayani
      Anah Handayani


    • Anah Handayani
      Anah Handayani

      I like your name it standS for Kyle which is the youtuber

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      Anah Handayani

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      Anah Handayani

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    Xxwater Remington

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    Nikisha Amore

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    jennifer lopez

    Guys I think the clown just behind the car and you did not saw him and followed you in the clown castle


    Hi I have a question 🙋‍♀️! Is the stuff that you do real or fake because all I know is that clowns aren’t really real and portals aren’t real either but I really want to know and I definitely know that you do this just to get views and stuff! I’m a super big fan but I really hope they answer my question!

    • °Crystal_playz

      ...they didn't reply I feel sorry for you...I'm serious

  • Blaze


    • Richard Oreiro
      Richard Oreiro

      Yes sir

  • noressa Obermuller
    noressa Obermuller

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    H!gh Heart

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    Hi bro

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    Helen Simpson

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    Michaela Huskinson

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    Michaela Huskinson

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    Michaela Huskinson

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    Jaireyell Ingraham


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    flame fyre

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    flame fyre

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    • Josue Ortiz
      Josue Ortiz




  • just a reducer guy
    just a reducer guy

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  • just a reducer guy
    just a reducer guy

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    Geetika Sahoo

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    Lemon Plays

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  • D'Angelo Sanchez
    D'Angelo Sanchez

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    Gia Smith

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