Stromedy - Clown Around (Song) - (Official Music Video)
Stromedy - Clown Around (Song) - (Official Music Video)

Written By: Alexis Ricordi

Directed By: Kyle Godfrey

Clown: Mark Ricci



*DISCLAIMER*: Please DO NOT attempt to recreate any of the content in this video, All people featured in this video are adults and anything you watch here is done in a controlled and safe environment to serve a viewers entertainment purpose.


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  • Keanu Bertrand
    Keanu Bertrand

    Did this guy just say out of all 60 states LA is my place?!!!😂🤣 isn’t there only 50?? And also LA isn’t a state🤣

    • Kenneth Villamizar
      Kenneth Villamizar


    • Serenity H
      Serenity H

      Ha ha ha ha

    • MyNameIsJoshOBM

      la is a state its a state of the us dude

    • Francis Cortez
      Francis Cortez

      Rid and lol

    • SOLDIER_5150

      Keanu keep up the good work,😝😝😜

  • Oratile Ruiters
    Oratile Ruiters

    Great tune for 2021 hope the clowns see this and know we going to win this war!❤🎶

  • Layla Beninato
    Layla Beninato

    I can’t stop listening to this and the other music vids lol

    • Victoria Roblox
      Victoria Roblox


    • Gordon C
      Gordon C


  • Katie May
    Katie May

    I LOVE this sooo much❤️❤️❤️ it is lit

  • AmPro

    I listen to this song everyday

  • Lil g
    Lil g

    I ❤️ THIS!!

  • Patrick Chisanga
    Patrick Chisanga

    I still watch this shit till now...I really think your destined to be a rapper cause this shit is reallyyy💯 a hitt

    • GrantBl@ster6000


  • AMS Pranks🦅
    AMS Pranks🦅

    This song is fire 🔥

  • Charlene Moore
    Charlene Moore

    This a great song I listen to it every day

    • Landon

      I like the clowns part they made it better

    • Anees Davids
      Anees Davids


    • Daryl Woods
      Daryl Woods


    • xxMochibubbleteaxx


  • Little fish cool kid
    Little fish cool kid

    Yo that’s legit yeah you’re the best you tuber on the planet like I watch you every day before I go to bed and when I wake up and guess what I watch all your videos I subscribed and hit that notification bell

  • Nimo Hdz
    Nimo Hdz

    My kid got me into this song 😂❤️

  • It's_yo_girl_niya🤞

    It's been 9 months I'm still listening to this 😂🤣

  • war zone
    war zone

    sheeeeesh straight fire love you stromedy

  • Boys Sears
    Boys Sears

    Love this song best song I've ever heard

  • Xx_kapi_xX

    i love this ❤

  • Shayan Be
    Shayan Be

    Keep up the good work stromedy ♥️

    • Jayden Mills
      Jayden Mills


    • Moonlight_boba

      Did you notice that there is a clowns on the rooftop if you pause it when the clowns are singing there are four and four and if you put four four together it makes eight and count on the beginning of the video when all of the teams together there are eight of them so are they Faking It?


    Good singing voice!!!!!!🤩

  • nobbg

    Its a mistake✨its a masterpiece

  • Debra Jennings
    Debra Jennings

    Omg this is the best song ever I can't stop listening to it

    • Amy Payne
      Amy Payne


  • Tamika and Brodie
    Tamika and Brodie

    1:13 I love how he said u see me getting payed

  • Girls Sears
    Girls Sears

    This song is fire great job Kyle

  • Darcy Humphreys
    Darcy Humphreys

    Love it

  • GrantBl@ster6000

    Love it

  • Kylie Fairweather
    Kylie Fairweather

    This is fire🔥🔥

  • MasterMikey798


  • Jimia Williams
    Jimia Williams

    My daughters watch this bs faithfully 😆 every second of the day

  • Jimia Williams
    Jimia Williams

    My daughters watch this bs faithfully 😆 every second of the day

  • Jimia Williams
    Jimia Williams

    My daughters watch this bs faithfully 😆 every second of the day

  • Eva MoonWolf
    Eva MoonWolf

    An absolute banger.

  • Zira's pride
    Zira's pride

    I love this song so much strongest! I literally made a one hour loop of this and I will listen for hours on end. I fell asleep watching this video.

    • Khushanki Goswami
      Khushanki Goswami

      How old are you 5 you're falling for this shit

    • Aylirah Lisman
      Aylirah Lisman

      U mean stromedy

    • E. G.
      E. G.

      Hi yo

  • Divan Nortje
    Divan Nortje

    Love it

  • Eleana Maragopoulos
    Eleana Maragopoulos

    I love it😍


    Love it alot stromedy ❤️❤️❤️

    • Lisa H
      Lisa H

      Middle finger⚰🇾🇪😊😄😉😆

  • The PEN
    The PEN

    I love this man's video I'm even skipping school to watch your videos

  • Brandon Morrow
    Brandon Morrow

    it’s really good love it!!!!!, save it on my playlist, love watching your videos and love all of prime capital gang videos too , you Kyle and all of prime capital gang are so awesome!!!!!!

  • Monica Munguia
    Monica Munguia

    Damn this amazing

  • nancy in wonderland
    nancy in wonderland

    This song is on fire when I listen this song I listen 100 times and I dance Also 😂🤣nice keep it stromedy and her team

  • Abdul Hussin
    Abdul Hussin

    I love the song it is sooo good

  • himself

    I love it

  • Naleene Singh
    Naleene Singh

    This is so awesome keep up the good work

  • Larry Beatty
    Larry Beatty

    I love it

  • Faith Buggeja
    Faith Buggeja

    Love the song very much

  • Trish Jayaswal
    Trish Jayaswal

    Best song i have ever heard amazing.I have sub ur channel.

  • Britt Brogdon
    Britt Brogdon

    These videos are fire😍🤘Hi Traumedy AKA Kyle

  • Britany Young
    Britany Young

    I swear its so good keep playing it I like the start when he dances I was dead az laughing

    • The gacha phantom
      The gacha phantom

      I was trying to look for bright clips clowning around song but then this appeared ;-;

    • carlice mockabee
      carlice mockabee

      me too

    • Casey cooking
      Casey cooking

      I was in tears from laughter

    • Maddi O’Reilly
      Maddi O’Reilly

      That part isnt even funny i think its funny how you think its funny

  • Kathron Jamison
    Kathron Jamison

    i Love it


    I love this song

  • Wolfy

    Its so good its too addicting AS HECK great great job stromedy

    • Jamie Canning
      Jamie Canning

      @Master ClowN shut up

    • Master ClowN
      Master ClowN

      Your trying to get him to heart this.

  • Janet Monsivais
    Janet Monsivais

    Lit music kyle godfrey your the best IRglo ever

  • Game Time With Panda
    Game Time With Panda

    This is on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • xxxtreamwolf not really extream
    xxxtreamwolf not really extream

    I love it its my new fav song

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  • Bradley Anderson no g
    Bradley Anderson no g

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    Giovanni Lawson

    I play this song everyday and I love it

    • Giovanni Lawson
      Giovanni Lawson


    • Giovanni Lawson
      Giovanni Lawson


    • Giovanni Lawson
      Giovanni Lawson


    • Giovanni Lawson
      Giovanni Lawson


    • Giovanni Lawson
      Giovanni Lawson


  • Amanda Herndon
    Amanda Herndon

    Make this song on Spotify please And THIS SONG IS STUCK IN MY HEAD

    • Amanda Herndon
      Amanda Herndon


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      Lucy Timmis


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    dogy dinonuggy

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    Ghxstyalways crazy

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  • Leila Laurecka
    Leila Laurecka

    Love it love it love it love the song and also clowns you're going down 😎

  • •officially broccoli•
    •officially broccoli•

    GO STROMEDY! Also I'm your biggest fan PLS KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORK

  • Vozz Ducky
    Vozz Ducky

    This is so fire 🔥 let’s go #stromedy

    • Vozz Ducky
      Vozz Ducky

      I’m big fan love all of your videos and prime capitol think your videos are real subscribe to stromedy if you weren’t subscribe then subscribe right now i don’t know what heck you doing

  • Shelley Pollman
    Shelley Pollman

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    Liz Okuom

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  • Drake The frog
    Drake The frog

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    Gianna Ronan

    I Love this Video❤❤❤

  • Tilted Sk8
    Tilted Sk8

    This is the best flow you have made in a song💯🔥

  • Amanda Calvert
    Amanda Calvert

    I can’t stop listening to your song it’s because it is so good I keep on replaying it and we playing

  • Swarna Rekha
    Swarna Rekha

    0:55 - 1:05 kyle made me laugh

  • Nicole Connolly
    Nicole Connolly

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    Joseph Raceles

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    Maria Squires

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    • Creator Racer
      Creator Racer

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      darkme gb

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    Apirl Beaven

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    Samuel Johnston

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  • NoahOStudios

    love this song (best song ever)

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    Alzbeta klemparova

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    Dj Hutson

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    Annfen Herrington

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    geoff seefus

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    Leighton Blake

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    Margi Johnston

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    Amanda Calvert

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      Consuelo Cruz

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    RJ Jackson

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    Amy Lee

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    Lacie Johnson

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    Apirl Beaven

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