drone catches killer clown on a dirt bike (he tried to take our car)
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  • john Martinez
    john Martinez

    Banger video

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      Backyard Bros

      Yes sir

    • Angela Page
      Angela Page

      Thank God u made it last time🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    • Charles Tillman
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  • Louise Black
    Louise Black

    Clown is clowning around 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Layla Potter

    I love stromedy squad

  • Layla Potter
    Layla Potter

    I love stroked squad

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  • Ashley Miller
    Ashley Miller

    My sister was scared to whatch your video 😂

  • Lilliana Rose
    Lilliana Rose

    What about the drine

    • Lilliana Rose
      Lilliana Rose


  • Charlotte_horvathova

    The last bit scared me😅😩😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    Zack Calipari


  • Chris Winters
    Chris Winters

    Go to Atlanta I live in Atlanta there once was a clown standing outside with my school we gonna on The killer clown trend is coming back in Atlanta

  • Tim Gallatin
    Tim Gallatin

    he is a fake

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  • Amp World
    Amp World

    Banger video..................i dont have money to buy prime capitol......do you think you can guve me for free............my dad died and my mom lost her job so its been rough paying our bills......if you want to you can if you dont want tl thats also fine

  • Angela Page
    Angela Page

    Thank God u made it last time

  • Angela Page
    Angela Page

    Btw I shat myself

  • Sathitpong Mungphienman
    Sathitpong Mungphienman

    I am 7 years and I live in Thailand for 7 year name (chin)

  • Lurch adams
    Lurch adams

    Boy you are so dumb because you said your going to go to the truck and then you went to look for the fake clown

  • Lee Logan
    Lee Logan

    I'm a clown

  • Lee Logan
    Lee Logan

    Your the best

  • mason Pettitt
    mason Pettitt

    When the clown human was wearing the helmet he sounded like phillthephrill


    How many fake asss vids are you going to make

  • Octane sam
    Octane sam

    Uhh do you know you spelled dirtbike wrong

  • AZ’s Custom’s
    AZ’s Custom’s

    Bro that's frickin Phillips the thrill

  • Joshua Hope
    Joshua Hope

    #drone #clinton #stromedy

  • Ryan Semak
    Ryan Semak

    ill only go down that trail if dk was by my side lol dk is ripped

  • Ryan Semak
    Ryan Semak

    stromedy i cant be a member because my parents don't want me using my money :( sorry

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    Alex Warren

  • Nothing sus
    Nothing sus


  • Ayla Sansom
    Ayla Sansom

    Where's yana? Btw that video was a banger !

  • Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson

    That's Phil the thrill how do I know cuz I I see his neck because I watch his videos and that's his dirt bike and yeah

  • Puvaiahh k
    Puvaiahh k

    Banger video

  • Aaron Thompson
    Aaron Thompson

    I am scribed to your channel and the others as well I, a girl by the stromedy

  • Aaron Thompson
    Aaron Thompson

    Stromedy u are my idol please be safe don't get hurt I always watch your videos

  • Bob Le
    Bob Le

    Nice dumb dirt bike I have one let’s race 😂

  • SkyShadow1

    How are half the people commenting on this video not members? Only members can watch this video…

  • you are the best
    you are the best

    Clowns are not scary and stromty is the best

  • you are the best
    you are the best

    Nooooooo ad's

  • Dwayne Vlog's
    Dwayne Vlog's

    This is Very Scam I don't know Because The. Feat is not real

  • tina goubert
    tina goubert

    Man killer clown?

  • Max playground!!!!
    Max playground!!!!


  • Ivy Scapes
    Ivy Scapes

    You and your girl are the coolest

  • carl wee
    carl wee

    i wont dare go down here and i live in sg so yea poggers

  • Cherry Rose Manalo
    Cherry Rose Manalo

    i si someone you love song is it yor friend

  • Alluminate  YT
    Alluminate YT

    Was that fil the the thrill. I can’t spell his name

  • Eric Geister
    Eric Geister


  • Lela Miller
    Lela Miller

    you are the best i lava you

  • The Rasic Brothers
    The Rasic Brothers

    You guys are like mystery gang scooby style

  • B VanAlstyne
    B VanAlstyne


  • viper mum
    viper mum

    Ever heard of fucking gassing it

  • Bizbee

    This was so crazy and super fun to watch 😎

  • Bizbee

    Banger video

  • SkyShadow1

    Hey man

  • city circuits
    city circuits

    more clitoneroad

  • jump dance
    jump dance

    Skip to 7:17 to see them fly the drone

  • Jax g Kimborough
    Jax g Kimborough

    I'm so excited to see you soon after all that is needed

  • Semisi Matekuolava
    Semisi Matekuolava

    Sorry Stromedy I want to join as a member but i dont have 16.99

  • Arshad Darren
    Arshad Darren

    I think its fack I think the clone is Andrew

  • Haley Drewes
    Haley Drewes

    Love your Vids And you Stromedy ❤

  • Madelin Rubio
    Madelin Rubio

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  • Katie Cat Alonso
    Katie Cat Alonso

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  • Sharon Folsom
    Sharon Folsom

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  • Jordan Young
    Jordan Young

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  • Yoosuf Zaul
    Yoosuf Zaul

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    terry lawson

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  • Cola Er godt
    Cola Er godt

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  • Mackenzie Rozak
    Mackenzie Rozak

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  • Anthonyg_edit_zone

    Clowns are fake

  • Oliver Curry
    Oliver Curry

    That biker is a clown.

  • veronica mazurek
    veronica mazurek

    WOW only 586 dislikes not a hater or anything but he usually gets like 1k yano

  • GoldenPhoenix

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  • Kathy Miller
    Kathy Miller

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  • Map Pap
    Map Pap

    That clown sounded alot like @Tommy MX with the helmet on

  • Samuel Judd
    Samuel Judd

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    Silverstream The Traitor Wolf

    Did u and jana break up?


    ʙʀᴏ ɪғ ᴄʟᴏᴡᴍ ᴛᴏᴏᴋ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴄᴀᴍᴇʀᴀ ᴡʜᴀʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ɢᴇᴛ ᴄʟɪᴘ ғʀᴏᴍ

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    alan walker fan

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    Velikina Mascarenhas

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    Kali Morgan

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    Garry Singh

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    Chris Wilson

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    Mr blocks 12

    Banger video

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    Evan The Dino

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  • you all the best 💖
    you all the best 💖

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    Epic FR3D Playz

    That’s Phil the phrill

  • [maya]😃❤️

    Wish its almost Christmas so i can try asking if i can join the membership

  • Jenni Barton
    Jenni Barton

    First the clowns on Atvs now a clown on a two wheeler dirt bike wow that's a good video I like it

  • Cassie Makey
    Cassie Makey

    Guys are you ok because It looks so scary It looks like

  • Axelmarc Dino
    Axelmarc Dino

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  • Axelmarc Dino
    Axelmarc Dino

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    Nicholas Malone

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    Jade Leisure

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    Shayne Smith

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    dream of yumna

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