when your drone see's the Dark Lord Demon on the Road, DO NOT try to pass him! (he is bad)
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  • JAY

    Another banger video

    • meg wyatt
      meg wyatt

      @Stromedy i love your videos and I watch all of your videos as soon as they come out

    • Tanya Johnson
      Tanya Johnson

      I don't not no if your videos are real but ok it's awesome

    • Landon

      @JAY Nah

    • Harley gaming
      Harley gaming

      @Shadow Wolfie you need to press the blue jone button

    • Laura Williams
      Laura Williams

      @Shadow Wolfie bhjgvm

  • EmiEdxts

    I don't think I will see a "Dark Lord Demon" on the road, but if I do I will definitely not pass him. (he is bad!!!)

    • EmiEdxts

      @Alex Nite okay, now, all I’m asking is please mind your own business because this was supposed to be a JOKE. Do you not get it? 🤨

    • Alex Nite
      Alex Nite

      @EmiEdxts uh I'm not old at all "BoOmEr"

    • EmiEdxts

      @Alex NiteI guess your supposed to be my elderly or something

    • EmiEdxts

      @Alex Nite I know that, boomer?

    • Alex Nite
      Alex Nite

      It's fake little kid


    Them: HOW DID HE GET UP THERE me: looking at the ladder on the side of the house Also me: remembering he can teleport

    • Mystery Gamer
      Mystery Gamer

      @TOXIK CLAN no it can not it went up the ladder.... ... ...


      Yes the dark lord demon can teleport

    • Kaitlin Ritter
      Kaitlin Ritter

      He can’t teleport

  • Reaper Admin
    Reaper Admin

    Yeah. Stromedy beats them when he catches video footage and runs away.

  • Loretta Nilsson
    Loretta Nilsson

    Maybe the thing that makes all the monsters go to your house it’s because you keep catching footage of all of them

  • 13@12 olivia
    13@12 olivia

    6:19 there's a black figure with a shiny thing on the sidewalk

    • christopher tifft
      christopher tifft

      I dident see it

  • Camycoolguy

    I just wanna ask why they always leave there door unlocked I haven’t watched the whole vid so I think the dark lord will get into the house bc they don’t know how to lock there doors

  • Zack the Awesomeness
    Zack the Awesomeness

    you guys should go to Clifton where the bunny man lived its in Virginia usa its a spooky place ive been there i found blood its an creepy place also the bunny man was a killer btw you have been to Clinton but Clifton is the place to go

  • Penguin Lover
    Penguin Lover

    The dark lord reminds me as a child having a stick or something and waving it around casting spells! xd

  • Brexi

    rip to all the people that don't know this is all an act and the "dark lord demon" casting a spell is literally the power of editing. And even if this is all real how do they keep surviving in every video they die

    • michael gibbs
      michael gibbs

      No but my sister is

    • Stephanie E
      Stephanie E

      I agree

    • xzvBruhzxv


    • AmalNation

      @OLIVER100 no one reads the description

    • AmalNation

      @Ana Komarova I’m a atheist

  • julissa candelagynnu
    julissa candelagynnu

    i feel like its a guy under the mask when he talks about magic im like WTF

  • david gonzalez
    david gonzalez

    This was crazy great video guys

  • Thomas Antunes
    Thomas Antunes

    Is it only me who noticed the ancient barrace sound effects😂😂😂😂

    • Thomas Antunes
      Thomas Antunes

      Hes far casting HAHAHHA

    • Carl Weston
      Carl Weston


    • gamer boy
      gamer boy


  • ThatGirlThatsPretty

    2:24 null music again I saw a dumb thing on the corn scarecrow video Camron:imagine seeing a drone on your ceiling, crawling while you sleep Stromedy: that's the dumbest thing I've heard

    • ThatGirlThatsPretty

      Me too Stromedy

  • drizzy M
    drizzy M

    ayo i beg bring the 2017 stromedy back and start doing ouija boards and exploring haunted places again bro

  • Tyler Moore
    Tyler Moore

    You know, I just kinda find it funny that there is always one person missing in the video. Like the one where the girls weren't in the video but there were 2 clowns. To girls missing from the squad = 2 "killer clowns" 🤔🧐

  • brandon

    those are some drippy shoes that the "Dark lord Demon" had couldn't imagine that behind that mask is a human

  • Danita Elliott
    Danita Elliott

    Literally screams excitedly and gives that intro and says that this video isn’t cheerful also says that there getting chased and the one dude is laughing

  • Jelly bolt
    Jelly bolt

    You should get the staff and then summon All The Monsters

  • mixtro

    0:12 GOT ME DYING 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Miracle Charles
    Miracle Charles

    I loved the intro😂😂😂😂

  • Michelle Black
    Michelle Black

    Stromedy I’m a kid and I don’t know my email or password so I can’t join but I’ll do anything cuz I watch u every day and u upload soooo much I love it ❤️

  • Sam Campbell
    Sam Campbell

    Keep up the great work

  • ghost_anna

    The demon looks like the Batman who laughs

  • JimmyPlayz

    hi stromedy im a big fan love your videos and i just became a member :)

  • Jessica Tawney
    Jessica Tawney

    You’re my favorite IRglo or of everyone I hope you have a great day

  • anime and mcpe gaming dj cook assistant
    anime and mcpe gaming dj cook assistant

    How to defeat the darklord:get a lancer from the 18th century

    • AmalNation

      How to survive the dark lord:be the camera man

    • TheHappyTurtle

      get thanos glove and *SNAP*

  • Mac Mooney
    Mac Mooney

    Keep up the good work

  • h20Cory

    imagine what their neighbors think when they see all the clickbait and hear the fake screams

  • Amanda Majane
    Amanda Majane

    the dark lord demon is so crepy hope you guys are safe from him.

  • Nickalis Loghry
    Nickalis Loghry

    I subscribed to all the prime capital people love the videos keep up the good work you guys

  • Jelly uchiha
    Jelly uchiha

    They’re basically say saying that Satan is out of hell

  • Blue_phoenix561

    Damn I haven’t watched you in about 2 years but I have missed your vids

    • Justin Huegel
      Justin Huegel


  • Robyn Bolen
    Robyn Bolen

    when he said how did he get up there you can clearly see the ladder

  • BentleyBlox

    i know this is so fake but i love it so much XD

  • Wolf world
    Wolf world

    I’m pretty sure you’re about to get Chased by clowns

    • Samantha Alexander
      Samantha Alexander


  • Rosie

    I like your videos but they're little creepy but I still love them

  • Ashley Gamez
    Ashley Gamez

    Why is it so true that stromedy always gets followed but it makes good content

  • Leora Javier
    Leora Javier

    We need plushie merch - accounts little brother

  • Harley gaming
    Harley gaming

    I love all your vids and all of prime capital's vid's keep making more banger videos

  • Mia That’s me
    Mia That’s me

    Can someone tell me when that purple thing came out when he said “He’s like casting a spell” why was it on the main thing instead of the drone so it was obviously edited but I’m not hating, I love his videos! Xoxo 😘

    • Lolade Adebanjo
      Lolade Adebanjo

      OMG I just saw him outside my door he's so scary he even came inside my house I quickly ran outside and then he came outside and he disappeared but he's got me

    • WereNoStrangersToLoveYouKnowTheRulesSoDoI

      @sirius black7 yes

    • The fire sizzling boy
      The fire sizzling boy


    • sirius black7
      sirius black7

      Yes this is obviously fake in every way imaginable....every single video this youtuber has made has been faked 100 percent. To point that out isnt hating....

    • aschalew tessema
      aschalew tessema

      What are you going

  • Sandra Yates
    Sandra Yates

    You are so good at making videos like this

  • •Izuku Bakugo•
    •Izuku Bakugo•

    "(he is bad)" YEAH NO DUH HES THE DARK LORD-

  • Danielle Williams
    Danielle Williams

    ive seen him and yet im still alive

  • Homero Abrialle
    Homero Abrialle

    How do you take a picture of a demon that close

  • Genesis ❤️💖
    Genesis ❤️💖

    OMGggg I was so scaryed 😱 I love you guys 💖💖

  • Sonic 2 channel
    Sonic 2 channel

    Thanks for tell me this because I haven’t seen this video before and I haven’t heard of that monster for so thank you tell me that

  • jason roberts
    jason roberts

    Yeah my brother watch your videos every day and we love him can you please make more

  • Chris Fontaine
    Chris Fontaine

    How many energy drinks does Stromady before he does the intro🤣🤣😂😆

  • lci_gamer

    6:18 there is a black figure

  • D Fenton
    D Fenton

    I didn't drop a like at the begging because I've seen Cameron before lol😂

  • Jason Brassington
    Jason Brassington

    Love your videos ❤️

  • Yael Rodriguez Lopez
    Yael Rodriguez Lopez

    If I saw the dark lord, I would book the next Flight to Germany

  • WWE's finest
    WWE's finest

    This video was awesome there's nothing but Bangerz on this channel😂


      There all fake

  • Shakaya Egan
    Shakaya Egan

    love your videos

  • Agaforfun

    Kyle be like "OH MY GAWWDDD" at 9:12 and!!!! "What the hell are we going to doooOo" at 9:48

  • Caitlyn Barr Mcguigan
    Caitlyn Barr Mcguigan

    The way he wal,s is so creepy but your videos are elete, the BEST!

  • Amanda Hrouda
    Amanda Hrouda

    your latterly screwed bro some day your gonna die from doing all these video's and seeing all these monsters and clowns stay safe. I'll be praying for you on all these video's .

    • Amanda Hrouda
      Amanda Hrouda

      And another banger video


    No way that I don 't want to pass the dark lord Demon

  • King elephant
    King elephant

    Stromdy Drop some more bangers🥰🇩🇰🇮🇪🇮🇸

  • Jason matt
    Jason matt

    You guys just make me happy

  • Israel Williams
    Israel Williams

    If stromedy is seeing this love your videos keep it up stromedy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍

  • Ruthdra

    I love you stromedy ❤️

  • A & K
    A & K

    I know these videos was fake for a long time but I like you and I've been watching you for a couple years now

  • lizzie 💕
    lizzie 💕

    I have seen Lord Of The Rings. It’s so good!!!

  • SarahLou_20

    Ya’ll more scared of a bee than the lord demon

  • DBS Fusion
    DBS Fusion

    i think if they beat the dark lord more strong enemies is going to come and they probably going to need the stuff in the future

    • DBS Fusion
      DBS Fusion

      @RAWR you right

    • RAWR

      I don't think they can beat the Dark Lord since the dark lord just one shoted all of prime capitol

    • Universal BOi Games
      Universal BOi Games

      Ok cool

    • DBS Fusion
      DBS Fusion

      @Universal BOi Games i uninstall so I don't know to much space on my phone bro and I can't install it again I have a Samsung GalaxyA11

    • Universal BOi Games
      Universal BOi Games

      I gotta go bye

  • Amanda Jones
    Amanda Jones

    That’s strange that he steps on your sidewalk I know believe that that magic is real

  • fishy

    yo stromedy i love your vids there so good i wish i lived wit you your my favorrite youtuber

  • Nikkie Erickson
    Nikkie Erickson

    me and my lil sister love your videos

  • rayne_cat:)

    that sounds pretty scary

  • moha 391
    moha 391

    It’ll be so freakin easy to find em with 2 or 3 drones

  • Lilly.isabel rose
    Lilly.isabel rose

    u guys make me so happy

  • Ronaldo{fan club}
    Ronaldo{fan club}

    Excelent video but darklord is very funny 😂😂

  • Kathryn Ribar
    Kathryn Ribar

    You can tell it's real by there fear.

  • Withered Dimension
    Withered Dimension

    Since you could feel the presence of the dark lord demon you would be able to know when he is close by which could be used to his disadvantage

  • Evan Wieberg
    Evan Wieberg

    6:01 I saw something on the one loop street

  • Ryan Semak
    Ryan Semak

    he looks like an old golem from lord of the rings ngl

  • Amanda Majane
    Amanda Majane

    i love your video it's so cool and creapy . love you guys

  • Linnea Tan Miller
    Linnea Tan Miller

    i remember watching this when he had 100k subs

    • V.N.

      Okay so is this repost

  • Angels Squad
    Angels Squad

    I love stroked enthusiasm

  • Merrisa Brown
    Merrisa Brown

    Your videos are so amazing

  • Edison Jones
    Edison Jones

    He looks so creepy

  • Anju

    I subscribed to everyone on prime capitol and I love your videos

  • haley greenspan
    haley greenspan

    Justin: *takes broom for protection* 😂

    • Nicolas Dudys
      Nicolas Dudys

      @Issac Elzahr ssß see ø BG bgñ MMC vç da zæ12ê456íī

    • imiasl

      @•Ellyplayzz• loll

    • •Ellyplayzz•

      Yes ikr why a broom? That's not going to help the dark lord is very powerful

    • Issac Elzahr
      Issac Elzahr

      Lol you never see that every day 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😹😹😹(╬☉д⊙)⊰⊹ฺ

    • Brian Banda
      Brian Banda

      @imiasl for real 😋😋😋

  • Bedstone Undervoid
    Bedstone Undervoid

    kind of strange that the dark lord demon is wearing yeesies

  • Nathan Green
    Nathan Green

    Can I give you some advice can you play make the videos more realistic I love the videos but I think they will be so much better if you traveled and actually did paranormal stuff like that and not pay people to dress up and act pretty stupid I mean it is funny just asking you to plan make them more realistic.😃😁😬

  • April_gaming

    I know it’s fake but this is amazing videos and it makes my grey goose bumps keep up the good work!!

    • Gurpreet Kaur
      Gurpreet Kaur

      Not fake i have sawn it

    • April_gaming


  • Kolton Motyka
    Kolton Motyka

    I wonder if they find the dark lord demon he looks scary

  • EVO

    Dark lord is the God of ghosts

    • Doge for life
      Doge for life

      @EVO dang his videos are fake

    • EVO

      And dang he has nice teeth

  • jason roberts
    jason roberts

    Yeah my brother watch your videos every day and we love him can you please make more crown clown video

  • Jorge Casimiro
    Jorge Casimiro

    when you all was at the top at the start I saw the dark lord next to one of the cars

  • MaxSteel2001

    every youtuber: literally every youtuber: stromedy: dARk lOrD dEmoN

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    Amy Southern

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    Carlos Perez

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    Scott Carpenter

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  • Eric Hammond
    Eric Hammond

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    Stromedy: he has really ugly face Me: I just found out who the demon is

    • Vika Havili
      Vika Havili

      Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

  • 6xndrxh

    i can just imagine people driving down the streets and seeing clowns or other type of demon and be thinking “ugh, teens these days🙄”

    • AmalNation

      @john smoith it’s a joke

    • john smoith
      john smoith

      Actually I think I they are adults

    • Miriam Rouziek
      Miriam Rouziek

      😂🤣 The school bus driving by the drone and The Lord: "Stupid teens."

    • lisa Reyna
      lisa Reyna


  • Eva Cooper
    Eva Cooper

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