if you ever see a stack of money on your car, run and call the Police instantly! (It's a TRAP)
if you ever see a stack of money on your car, run and call the Police instantly! (It's a TRAP)

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  • Stromedy

    If you ever see a stack of money on your car, don't grab it!

  • serena davis
    serena davis

    i hope that car thief gets what he deserves. stromerdy you're helping a lot of people that's a good deed for the year. well done guys

  • Unicorn Sprinkles Yeet
    Unicorn Sprinkles Yeet

    I’m glad that he actually tried to catch him and also that he told the other shoppers about this.👍


    kyle u deserve to be on the news and cops should be thanking you


    Omg thank you so much for making these videos because of you me and my family have been saved so many times and I always tell my mom and dad to look out for surtant things so that that car does not get stolen Thank You so much Stromedy

  • Milliedoesntexist

    I love how you do things like this to help people

  • Spacey 101
    Spacey 101

    Respect for stromedy and what he’s doing

  • Abigail Kimber
    Abigail Kimber

    At least that guy's smart and didn't try to get in or steal the car when there was snow on the ground😂🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Nicholas Kellard
    Nicholas Kellard

    Stromdey is such a good guy! He lets people know that there is traps on there and he had the guts to film this just to show us we should all like this video

  • Sharif Al Humaid
    Sharif Al Humaid

    Nice video to spread awareness.

  • Rosalyn_ _Gold
    Rosalyn_ _Gold

    Your such a life savor I am literally gonna tell my parents this immediately! Dude good thing your making these vids-

  • Initials B.B
    Initials B.B

    THANK YOU for protecting us you are an amazing person keep up the good work

  • Macy K
    Macy K

    Someone left money under my windshield wiper a couple days ago when I went on a hike. I left it on there and told myself "Let's see how far I can take this with me." Got to my mom's house a couple hours later and my brother was like "Why do you have money under your wiper?" No strings attached. But...it was just a dollar 😂

  • kattt Roless
    kattt Roless

    Me: sees money on my car

  • Otha Bolo
    Otha Bolo

    Thats why i love stromedy he risks and helps us some of us might have fallen for that but since stromedy showed us we wont

  • kevin nguyen
    kevin nguyen

    You a great man everyone should be thankful for him for helping us

  • Concerning Enigmas
    Concerning Enigmas

    Call the police instantly!!!

  • Cassie Ripley
    Cassie Ripley

    I can't believe that there are people out there that actually pull this kind of shit, very sad indeed. I hope they are captured and get the justice they deserve. Stay safe and protected.

  • Nic sharp
    Nic sharp

    Thanks for saving our lives by telling us these things your the best😊

  • •milk•

    I love the way at the end Kyle is in the house they say is haunted and he was so chill about it😂

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