(omfg) you won't believe what my drone caught on camera / Scary Killer Clown sighting!!
(omfg) you won't believe what my drone caught on camera / Scary Killer Clown sighting!!

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  • Hayden ,
    Hayden ,

    *Some random guy going for a walk* Stromedy: YO THATS SO SKETCH

    • sincere_bayi

      Right all he talk about is a clown

    • Kaela Wippler
      Kaela Wippler

      Ha ha fu8

    • MIchelle Beckley
      MIchelle Beckley

      He was sus though

    • Vanessa Lopez
      Vanessa Lopez


    • Christina Willette
      Christina Willette

      I reported both of your little curse words in the shut up thingies so yeah I hope you like that and you should shut up because you're the only one who talks so I don't know who you think you talk to

  • Amy Spence
    Amy Spence

    u make insane videos and they are amazing keep doing it!

    • I’m ok I guess
      I’m ok I guess

      No they don’t they fake

  • Marveion Minter
    Marveion Minter

    Y’all need to charge the drone

  • sandeep yadav
    sandeep yadav

    Wow..!! nice scripting....👌👌 Just watch this timeline from 16:22 - 16:27 you guys can spot the red balloon in there car's backseat....😊.

    • I’m ok I guess
      I’m ok I guess

      Yes there smart people that now it’s fake

    • Annfen Herrington
      Annfen Herrington

      Yeah I went back and saw that

    • Miles Talsma
      Miles Talsma

      And he got out of the car as soon as the clown came out. Coincidence? I think not.

    • Miles Talsma
      Miles Talsma

      And at like 14 minutes

    • dragglock edna
      dragglock edna

      Yea but its creepy

  • Tiffany Flyingout
    Tiffany Flyingout

    When your drone flies off it sounds like killer clown music

    • Jessica Jones
      Jessica Jones


  • Josselin Santiago
    Josselin Santiago

    are we gonna talk about how there is a red ballon in the back seat as well.

    • michal wanda
      michal wanda


    • Lydia Roberts
      Lydia Roberts


    • Descendants_fan

      Same I was gone to say LOL

    • 🔥✨AIRHA DURAN ✨🔥
      🔥✨AIRHA DURAN ✨🔥


    • Wind

      And the friend missing

  • smug man
    smug man

    OMFG! CLOWN!!! (this is a madness combat reference!)

  • D²🖤

    This is the first Stromedy video I ever watched, glad I subbed

    • QGXY Reverse 98
      QGXY Reverse 98

      Hmm sound like any English word will have this word . The on the movies titled I note it The Ballon or Ballon USA language is more trick than I thought . Is like saying Coronavirus or Fire but with The on it , I not sure Fire can effect the real Killer Clown if they are not human like killer or crazy person . If killer Clown was not a random Person , than they should scared of fire .

    • Noya Morris
      Noya Morris


    • Ciara Eardley ⭐
      Ciara Eardley ⭐

      Oh really stromedy is amazing

  • Ariel Jones
    Ariel Jones

    i like how the drone always does the dritty work

    • Ciara Eardley ⭐
      Ciara Eardley ⭐

      It's Dirty Work😑

    • Liam Papworth
      Liam Papworth

      Yeah you're right man it's funny

  • Bentley Loyed
    Bentley Loyed

    Dude you made a groud breaking discovery.

    • august smith
      august smith

      What is ground break about it?

  • Kurz Wissen
    Kurz Wissen


    • Stopmotions kings brother 0
      Stopmotions kings brother 0


    • BrixXii

      Probably a big fish

  • swaggyerin

    The sketchy part was seeing the red balloon 🎈

    • Cathy Dempsey
      Cathy Dempsey

      They have a red balloon in the car

  • Richelda Tolosa
    Richelda Tolosa

    Pepole cant be going at that place if someone goes there they will be dead warn your friends

  • Jennifer Crum
    Jennifer Crum

    Does no one notice that towards the end the brightness changes

  • Tiara Cruz
    Tiara Cruz

    I love your videos ❤️♥️

    • Jacob Hennessy
      Jacob Hennessy

      Bro you have a missing

  • Nikkie O'Connor
    Nikkie O'Connor

    At 15:4 there was something running across the train tracks and after that there was something on the left

    • Max


  • Mariza Meintjes
    Mariza Meintjes

    that gave me chills

  • Rylee Rylee
    Rylee Rylee

    I love your drone videos I like watching all of them

  • swaggyerin

    I think jay was scared so he got out of the car???lol probably me to 😂😂😂

  • Tori

    At around 16:27 what was the red ball like thing near the boot? It only appeared after jay hills got out and he was gone for a while 🤔

  • Bikes and gang
    Bikes and gang

    There was a balloon whenever you got out of the car.

    • Bikes and gang
      Bikes and gang


    • XXXtentacion 2
      XXXtentacion 2

      Aj Hernandez I saw that to

    • kmk gangsteri
      kmk gangsteri

      Yes ,see it.

    • linda brock
      linda brock

      Bro you saw it too

    • ShxdowValk

      What timestamp

  • Pearlie mae Miller
    Pearlie mae Miller

    I can watch your vids all day

  • Kasy Smith
    Kasy Smith

    That dude looks sketchy he’s probably the clown

  • See What I Can Do?
    See What I Can Do?

    You are right I do not believe it. You friend in a clown suit did a good job though.

  • Tori Alberda
    Tori Alberda

    yea keep doing drone videos for 2021!!!

  • Perqqz

    They say “Sketchy” more than Jarvis says that’s insane.

    • Wes—————————-I have 5 subs
      Wes—————————-I have 5 subs

      Haha true

    • Stingy

      Can’t not say so much KAY

    • Lilly

      @Unique_ Xtract is it ??????????

    • Perqqz

      Fortnite Clutch gaming so does he

    • Ethan Mooney
      Ethan Mooney


  • Anastasia Sherman
    Anastasia Sherman

    We like you when you hunt for clowns

  • winahsummerki

    OMFG KYLE this is the most most scary clown

  • Evian Widdicombe
    Evian Widdicombe

    7:35 there was a big thing that splashed out of the water

  • MIchelle Beckley
    MIchelle Beckley

    6:57 ... I think I saw someone or something roaming around the River

  • Ddfrel Dfrd
    Ddfrel Dfrd

    13:20 guy in the left top corner dropping something I think

    • Angela Compton
      Angela Compton


  • Titi Valdez
    Titi Valdez

    I wonder if the clown is going to attack the drone lol

  • Christine King
    Christine King

    Is it just me or when one of the guys went out of the car they left him?

  • Taylen Bailey
    Taylen Bailey

    I love y’all videos

  • factivation

    17:59 to direct see the clown

  • Jase Corr
    Jase Corr

    12:52 something ran across the snow at the top of the screen

    • memy selfI28
      memy selfI28

      Aso baling ka

    • memy selfI28
      memy selfI28

      Paka song anga sa Mindanao an Ami Malay tonay katgas iyan

  • Angelica Robles
    Angelica Robles

    I saw a red balloon inside the car in the background OMG 😱 🎈 that's scary

  • Alexis Roper
    Alexis Roper

    Is nobody going to talk about how there is a red balloon in the back of the car

  • Janae Foster
    Janae Foster

    if you see a clown don't mess with it run away as fast as you can far away from the clown

  • Josepie

    8:43 moving white figure by bridge

  • Christina Brooks
    Christina Brooks

    In the end it looks like he took his mask off

    • MsOnenonly1988

      Ok I'll check

  • Emily S
    Emily S

    that train track was abandoned even more scary alittle

  • Makayla Dumond
    Makayla Dumond

    at 4:55 by the little open area by the trees there is some one runing into the woods

  • Snoreeee.

    There’s no way they saw that balloon with the tiny screen- I didn’t even see it! Other than that great video tho

    • Harvey Huihui
      Harvey Huihui

      I don't get how yall don't see the balloon in there car about 16:22 - 16:27

    • MIchelle Beckley
      MIchelle Beckley

      Me to i live next to a forest and when I was taking a walk in the forest it started to chase me but when I got out of the forest it was gone

    • Reeth Show
      Reeth Show

      Ha ha ha

    • Kevin Gilroy
      Kevin Gilroy

      Same I was walking froow the woods and it chase me

    • kymbre hester
      kymbre hester

      I found a killer clown

  • Certifiedleah

    The fact they got a red balloon in their car💀

    • God squad
      God squad

      Which was prob the people who they shouted at, at the end

    • God squad
      God squad

      They also left their friend 💀

  • Ewout Schmitz
    Ewout Schmitz

    ''Were the **** is he running away from???'' The drone maybe?

    • Danilo Zamora
      Danilo Zamora

      A dog would listen then he escaped off or

    • Emily Elliott
      Emily Elliott


    • Ewout Schmitz
      Ewout Schmitz

      @Wild card he is the killer clown. but is running away from the drone when he crawls away from under the bridge. He can hear the drone, but he doesn't see it. You can see that after 14:19

    • Lola🌸🍄

      Ewout Schmitz hahaha they are so dumb

    • Bela's Makeup Artistry
      Bela's Makeup Artistry

      HAHAHAHA they r so dumb

  • J Holmes
    J Holmes

    I love your videos my favourite one is where the clown fan comes to your house and brakes his leg

  • Cheryl Studley
    Cheryl Studley

    Love your channel stromedy

  • zachary blum
    zachary blum

    16:49 he's doing the angry clown dance

    • GRV

      lmao so true

  • Puppet

    Here’s where the addiction starts

  • Eva Productions
    Eva Productions

    4:50 This looks like a beginning of a horror movie.

    • Gloria Aguilar
      Gloria Aguilar

      It does

    • Boby Joe
      Boby Joe


    • KittyKit MeøwCãt
      KittyKit MeøwCãt

      A Ag Agr Agre Agree Agre Agr Ag A



    • Kawaii _Chan
      Kawaii _Chan

      Yeah you're right online I saw a man that kidnap kids But... He stopped kidding kids it's so creepy And scery!!!! 😓

  • Olivia Cruz
    Olivia Cruz

    20:55 there was another person running in the train tracks

  • Araya Humeyumptewa
    Araya Humeyumptewa

    Me eating popcorn sitting on the couch watching video

  • Sharon Brown
    Sharon Brown

    I love your videos

  • Pelo Azania Maposa
    Pelo Azania Maposa

    I love your videos

  • Yours Truly Brianna
    Yours Truly Brianna

    11:24 there looks like something’s popping outta the water

  • Anthonie Bell
    Anthonie Bell

    I haven't been subbed to stromedy for that long this was the first video that i watched and got into stromedys videos. Love the vids bro. There bangers

  • Fidgets 602
    Fidgets 602

    lol I thought this was a new vid made in 2020! 🤣😆

  • Evans brothers and gaming playing and other stuff
    Evans brothers and gaming playing and other stuff

    I love your videos

  • Amelia Edwards
    Amelia Edwards

    Background is pissed at the fact following him strawberry

    • Bliss the song gavin  Fetterly
      Bliss the song gavin Fetterly

      I am watching an old video

    • Bliss the song gavin  Fetterly
      Bliss the song gavin Fetterly

      K Ok

    • Bliss the song gavin  Fetterly
      Bliss the song gavin Fetterly

      You need to go on vacation from all these clowns and stuff ummm go to Denton most of the time nothing bad happens there just don't lead them there cuz I live there

  • Inside Hoopers
    Inside Hoopers

    he is probably just salting the snow.

    • MAST3RM1ND

      Yep we go got him

    • deepfire

      Yeah but what if the guy was just trying to get the train to go out of there

    • Jeunne Lancelot Saberon
      Jeunne Lancelot Saberon

      Is your brain flying?..

    • YourLocalToga

      Dont belive you.............

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      Levis Sjöqvist

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  • Kaela Wippler
    Kaela Wippler

    Some man walks down the road Kyle:yo that is sus👀

  • Devil sings
    Devil sings

    7:03 in the vid there is something in the water like a body

  • Twist DQ
    Twist DQ

    Imagine still doing these vids in 2019 🤦‍♂️

  • angelica Egurrola
    angelica Egurrola

    You better watch out about a red balloon! you know, right?


    13:18 there’s a guy to the left top

  • Crystal Thompson
    Crystal Thompson

    I love your videos

  • Jason Loof
    Jason Loof

    Good ideas Kyle love your videos

  • E. Moss
    E. Moss

    I think I saw a clown at the middle left of my screen at 7:30

  • Evie Gibbins
    Evie Gibbins

    Where did Jay go? he left the car and never came back lol

    • QGXY Reverse 98
      QGXY Reverse 98

      Fine now I am note Killer for DCEU for Batman solo film . Killer and Rob if was not a villains but Batman The Dark Knight have killer Clown and they kill each other . Not just people in the office , But fine Ben Affleck Batman go on killer Clown ? Stromedy Clown videos , make Batman fans think it hard . But also remember IRglor some time pranks , there’s roommates AldosWorldTV and Stromedy did that DK Money also did that as a Police or killer Clown in the end they laugh .

    • Selma Antonsen
      Selma Antonsen

      Åååååååååå so it wos dat

    • noice nop
      noice nop

      @chace every day gaming hes probably the clown

    • chace every day gaming
      chace every day gaming

      Me to

    • Maya Layton
      Maya Layton

      Omg yes, I was thinking the same thing!!!!!

  • Wild card
    Wild card

    11:22 there's something in the water

    • divine magic
      divine magic

      @Shane harpur that not a mermaid

    • Shane harpur
      Shane harpur

      It looks like a mermaid

    • Spelunk

      @Kelly Griffin what is it then?

    • Kelly Griffin
      Kelly Griffin

      It's not a fish

    • Spelunk

      Its a fish.

  • Ruby Rose Panda
    Ruby Rose Panda

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  • Michaels Got Game
    Michaels Got Game

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    Leah that love figtetz🙂

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    Austin Meinke

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  • Caleb Cartwright
    Caleb Cartwright

    Notice how the friend in the back left and there’s a red balloon in the back smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Malinda Ahles
      Malinda Ahles

      the guy in the back of the seat could have had to be the clown. did you also notice that there was a mask in the guys hand from the back seat that the clown had on his face.

    • Vonyx

      PolarSwirlTV 16:20

    • PolarSwirlTV

      What time

  • Ava Mary
    Ava Mary

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    Lila’s Ricketts

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    Dylan theis

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    Unicorn lover ❤️

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    Nurke dass


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      Tulikaa Kashyap

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      Bow tie bandit Waffle

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    Ruler of Arendelle

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    Aubreyandherlife 33

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    Benjamin Hornberger

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    DJ Barnett

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    Jeny Sosa

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    Ellie Howard

    Me:Know this is fake Me:this is cool keeps watching

    • GRV

      omg same for once someone has the same reason instead of hating but yes we have the same reason!!!

  • Calloughs

    The boy may have escaped from him 😋

  • George Johnsonn
    George Johnsonn

    bro, if he didn’t stop following the drone they wouldn’t of gotten their drone back

    • Kaylee Castro
      Kaylee Castro

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    • Kaylee Castro
      Kaylee Castro

      He needs to run


    I ❤️ your videos

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    Alissya Smith

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    Clara Bourque

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    Ellie raquepau

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    Rreyonna Hurst

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      Where what is the time??

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      Kara Simpson

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    Kaylyn Jackson

    That was the biggest scare 😳 😬 😅 💀

  • Brendane Davel
    Brendane Davel

    13:19 if u look at the left u can see a person maybe hes just minding his own bisness but yeah

  • Kaela Wippler
    Kaela Wippler

    Kyle :Yo yo bring the drone up Me:saved by the add🐻👀

  • Catherine Martin
    Catherine Martin

    16:28 I saw a Balloon in the back seats

  • Kassidy Carter
    Kassidy Carter

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    • junaid Ahmer
      junaid Ahmer

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      Sander Burkeland

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