If your friend creates a Portal to The Monster Universe, DO NOT enter it! Run Away Fast!!
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    Sorry about the BAD AUDIO quality Stromedy Squad! I'm fixing it in the next video

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      @Fatih K yeah

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      This is what it sound like when everyone is raging

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      @Hero you reply me I Don’t care if you say i know just im saying that he is a bot ;)

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      Tadeo Chávez

      @superkid12 hes a bott

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    Joshua Bacchus

    Stromedy hey don’t worry about it still a good video after all we always love what you always do on IRglo making our day amazing you the best I am wishing you the prime capitol and your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year 👍✊🙏❤️🎄🎁☃️❄️🎉🎊

    • toms cool games
      toms cool games

      remember it’s all fake lad he is entertaining but take it down a bit

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    Wow. oh ho shit a brand new Stromedy video. The portal one which is the latest one is my favorite Stromedy I can't wait for part 2 to come out. it's looks impressive,magnificent and top shelf videos. It's an honor to watch your Amazing,Fascinating Video For Me Stromedy I love it. I can't wait to be a member for the stromedy squad. I hope that you can upload your next stromedy squad video,I can't wait to see. "love your videos very much for you,I'm your biggest fan ever. I can't wait to join you and the Legendary ultra Stromedy squad together. I wish to meet you in person when I go to Canada next time in the future and also we can become friends as well😊☺️😁😅😂“.

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    Elijah Rivaz

    happy holidays stromedy you keep on doing what you do best

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    thanks for the advice man my friend made a portal to the monster dimension last night and I didn't know whether or not to go through

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      Antonio Britez

      @Janice Jen *Liar

    • Antonio Britez
      Antonio Britez

      @Janice Jen he’s joking kid

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      Janice Jen

      Lier portal are fake

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    I really appreciate the effort that you put into these videos

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    Abbas Ayed

    He’s trying to open the portal so all the demons can come to you

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      Its fake

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    Shiela Medina

    Part of me says these vids are fake, yet I still love your vids:)

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    Mars YT Channel

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    Real Midas

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    Bacon Flakes

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    The Kraken

    That costume is obviously from like Party City or something and those "dragons eyes" are literally marbles. Also, one of those peices of scientific equipment is a store bought kids toy (but apparently it electrifys marbles?). Lol. Molecular weight? That's... not really a thing. Your friend is having a hard time mentally. Your first thought: "Let's film it and not get professional help." If you can't breathe on them, you probably shouldn't scream over them and blast air onto them (or let them BUMP UP ONTO EACHOTHER in the container!) How does he not hear you? You're literally yelling from right behind him. Also, those are the same type of rocks, just painted different colors and if they're building the Great Wall of China, I doubt they're gonna put in the extra effort to put a tiny little rock on their wall. If Alex wants precession in his potions then like, STOP SPILLING IT. I wonder what chemical gives those fluids their vivid colorations, like I don't know, food coloring? If you needed to electrify the liquid why do you need to do it through the marbles? For chemicals so dangerous, he seems to be awfully RECKLESS WITH THEM! Lol! That "portal" is just a screen and right as something happens to it, the camera CONVEINTLY turns to Kyle. What do you mean "You've tried everything?" It's been like one minute. Oh no! The demon slit the clowns chin! Hilarious as usual Stromady. Good video.

    • Amelia Daubney
      Amelia Daubney

      Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

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      @Ayo😳wie_isCool what do you mean? nowhere in channel description it says it is fake and it is only for entertement where is nothing about it been fake for entertainment and kids also seem to belive it is real so if stromedy really wants kids to know it is fake its not really working since kids still think this is real

    • Ayo😳wie_isCool

      @Reb Bruhh It's for entertaining Look At The. Channel Discrpt

    • Reb

      chill this video is just made for kids wtich grown up in where right mind would belive this its fake video for kids just enjoy the video

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      Emily Betliskey

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      Emily Betliskey

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      Rc Pachuau

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      Syed Mohammad Hasan

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