if you ever see clowns on an airplane RUN off the plane immediately!!
if you ever see clowns on an airplane RUN off the plane immediately!!

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  • Kyle Godfrey
    Kyle Godfrey


    • Sandra Jackson
      Sandra Jackson


    • Elvira Nalic
      Elvira Nalic

      @Cara Barnes that is not funny man

    • hoangquy14

      @Stromedy I like your video really much have you made was much quieter video

    • Mali Vrag
      Mali Vrag

      stromedy you should get guns and shoot the clowns

  • Heather Botteron
    Heather Botteron

    I love how someone with no experience in aviation is able to fly a plane a know what buttons to push and when.

    • ✨Lialee✨

      Is fake…

    • Amanda Hodgkinson
      Amanda Hodgkinson

      Mom jack dead Jack 😗🤡👺😻😾

    • TrainsitDude 360
      TrainsitDude 360

      The pushed the flaps up but they might even shut off random lights

    • Chronic spxsor.
      Chronic spxsor.

      How can you talk to you

  • max verstappen
    max verstappen

    I like how he puts thrust to 0 and flaps and air brakes were full

  • Tiffanie Genarro
    Tiffanie Genarro

    him:we leave in 45 min(checking invisible watch)

    • Depend Tamba
      Depend Tamba


    •  Śûß’?Gämét¿Héŵó^^

      whyt cool

    • Alyce's Awesome Adventures
      Alyce's Awesome Adventures

      U saw that too

  • Kind Hussain
    Kind Hussain

    You literally make my baby brother go sleep he loves all of your videos since you started

  • Tanya Hintz
    Tanya Hintz

    Bro Stromedy, where have you been? You haven't posted in so long! I'm subscribed to the whole gang ❤️ and love all of your vids. Tell everyone I say hi. THAT WAS SO CRAZY! Stay safe!

    • Ashley blagg
      Ashley blagg

      I like how you comment that that's really nice how you call me that whole thing do you know the number if you do just send it to me so I could call Tianna thank you bye

  • 🍪cute cookie gaming 2🍪
    🍪cute cookie gaming 2🍪

    I LOVE IT but…… how are you going to get off if you’re in the sky??

    • Losers club🔪
      Losers club🔪

      It's fake

    • Falcam Mauricio
      Falcam Mauricio


    • Falcam Mauricio
      Falcam Mauricio


    • Melinda

      That’s true

  • ihy.robinn

    That was crazy I hope you are safe guys!

  • Rita Levy
    Rita Levy

    I put on a mask to feel like I'm on the plane 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Devil Hour
    Devil Hour

    Thats was insane i glad yal made it out

  • Amra

    When the Clown was throwing the things at them I died laughing 🤣😂

    • unknown .unknown
      unknown .unknown

      If you ever see stromedy on the street run run as fast as you can STOP ANYTHING TJAT YOU ARE DOING AND RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!☠☠☠☠☠☠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠☡☡☢☢☢☢☢

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    • TheBestMobilePlayer


    • Angel Miranda
      Angel Miranda

      FaKe so dumb

    • Amra

      @Jessica Kitchens ???

  • Withered Dimension
    Withered Dimension

    10:32 the windows are closed so then viewers don’t see that the plane isn’t actually flying


    Dude looked at a wall and said "yeah circus airlines" like he was talking to someone

  • fortnite pro ayan
    fortnite pro ayan

    I like how funny the clowns are lol 😆😆😆😆

  • Marshall

    Wow he got on a plane for no reason just for us….respect.

    • من قناهSXA
      من قناهSXA

      Y RN vs

    • Cracked Vaittrix
      Cracked Vaittrix

      @Marshall it's alright but yeah the airbus A320 cockpit looks fake because it's not like that also A320 has a sidestick not yoke

    • Marshall

      @Cracked Vaittrix oh, lol 😂 then I’m done with this IRglor for faking everything! Sorry the airport flew me off.

    • Cracked Vaittrix
      Cracked Vaittrix

      that is not how the airbus A320 cockpit looks like

  • Sadboy king
    Sadboy king

    I can’t stop laughing at him throwing it 🤣🤣🤣

    • Rupinder kaur
      Rupinder kaur

      @I HATE IRgloRS if u hate youtubers why would u have a account

    • Itz_ Andrey91!
      Itz_ Andrey91!

      Ikr throw throw

    • Liz Okuom
      Liz Okuom

      @I HATE IRgloRS go go

    • Liz Okuom
      Liz Okuom

      @I HATE IRgloRS me to

    • Grayson Green
      Grayson Green

      I LOVE y'all

  • Don Vaughan
    Don Vaughan

    This is crazy oh my goodness I love you so much stromedy

  • Christiane Phan
    Christiane Phan

    your vids r always a banger

  • G official
    G official

    Who else recognize the house they were in from the dobre brothers videos 😂😂

  • Lil g
    Lil g

    The clown sitting next to Janna! His Voice 😂😂👀

  • Infinite_Gio

    "RUN off the plane immediately!!!" *jumps off*

    • Luigi Number 1
      Luigi Number 1


    • Stromtroppers

      OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jakubca

    i love your clown content

  • Matthew Dean
    Matthew Dean

    I've never seen the most staged thing in my whole life 😑

    • Jonah and Caleb’s skits
      Jonah and Caleb’s skits

      Me to me to

    • Hosea matthews
      Hosea matthews

      It’s only for entertainment check the description

  • Lmar Y
    Lmar Y


  • Adeliz García
    Adeliz García

    I watched this millions of times I love it

    • Adeliz García
      Adeliz García

      Hi me

  • Damage D
    Damage D

    Love how the clown with the purple hair moved and u could see his eyes open

  • best

    I always mock his intro’s

  • Mama Hausen
    Mama Hausen

    I was laughing so hard because I put the massager under my armpits

  • Bruh

    When I saw the thumbnail and title I was like how you gonna get out jump off the plane?

  • Stupidly funny videos
    Stupidly funny videos

    Justin is looking like he’s try ing to be so cool when he’s. Flying the plane



    • Sharkpark123

      you watch hunter x hunter?

    • Andrea Zamora
      Andrea Zamora

      Why is 9:37 blue why whyy

    • DeltaWolf-1503.

      9:36 Me: when I tried to ask someone to sit with me to watch a movie

    • Gacha Girl
      Gacha Girl


  • Puscaro-kun

    To be honest I’d just sit on them

  • Czarina Lamping
    Czarina Lamping


    • Jennifer Crom
      Jennifer Crom


  • Arleah Christensen-johnston
    Arleah Christensen-johnston

    I love your videos the amazing everyday I watch them

  • Pen-Zino Zinc
    Pen-Zino Zinc

    Who else realised that the reason the windows where closed was because they weren’t going on a flight

  • emmas art
    emmas art

    Hi I'm a big fan and I watch you every single day and I love when you post new videos and I hope you can make them a little earlier and make them at 7:00 and I am so loving your videos keep working hard oh and I want to every single day and every minute

    • Raiyan Farhan
      Raiyan Farhan

      @DeeBandz towards younger audience

    • Raiyan Farhan
      Raiyan Farhan

      @DeeBandz But the content is bad, this type of video is manipulative

    • DeeBandz

      @I HATE IRgloRS go to where you can like the video and stuff then click on the little arrow and it says for entertainment purposes only


      @DeeBandz how?

    • DeeBandz

      @I HATE IRgloRS read the discription bozo

  • Rage gamer
    Rage gamer

    I love your videos so much

  • Daniel Selby
    Daniel Selby

    It’s 4am now but still watching

  • Telez Mendez
    Telez Mendez

    Hi stromedy i love you're videos

  • Lil Shaq X
    Lil Shaq X

    Best stromedy video ever

  • Abe

    The clown next to stromedy when he laughed he looked like he was having a seizure

    • GXC


    • Van Newsome
      Van Newsome

      Lol actually tho like it was weird

    • ZaAsjia


    • Black Steel
      Black Steel



      Don’t read this if you don’t like dark humor ok That clown= Juice wrld 2.0

  • Boeing

    Wow an airbus plane with a Boeing cockpit👏👏 Still love your vids though

  • teshawna flowers
    teshawna flowers

    i like how the plane is still on the ground and yall pretending its in the sky lol

  • Zakiyyah Shamsid-deen
    Zakiyyah Shamsid-deen

    My mom will not let me get merch but still love y’all

  • Ryan done Altwine
    Ryan done Altwine

    I love your videos

  • •Rxsʙᴇʀʀʏ Gᴀᴄʜᴀ•
    •Rxsʙᴇʀʀʏ Gᴀᴄʜᴀ•

    The fight attendant clown: are you sure your not recording? Stromedy: yep, I’m not recording. . . The flight attendant clown: alright then, if your recording one more time I’m gonna throw you out of the plane! Stromedy: oh um. . . I’m not recording, its off. Also Stromedy: (didn’t turn the camera off at all) Me: LOL your lying! The camera is on and your recording! 🎥

    • waleed ahmed
      waleed ahmed

      @S Doocey just stfu man we all know its fake but just let the younger audience enjoy it in peace he is basically their childhood so don't ruin it for them. When they be older they will know eventually that it is fake.

    • S Doocey
      S Doocey

      @Memes Are life It's fake and u can tell

    • Memes Are life
      Memes Are life

      Clowns are kind of not smart

  • Daniel plays
    Daniel plays

    So freaking scary lol

  • Madison Riddle
    Madison Riddle

    I love your videos

  • Harrison Gaming
    Harrison Gaming

    1:07 Stromedy I dont think theres a watch on your arm

  • James Beacham
    James Beacham

    I love your videos from Sydney.

  • Gaara Of the sand
    Gaara Of the sand

    “Ok I’m glad we’re on the same page” Goes walking off nicely😂🤪

    • Xfinity Clips
      Xfinity Clips


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      Brittany Halstead


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      Pavel Matvejev


    • katy macauley
      katy macauley

      OK stromedy ur are INSANE like seriously

    • Deandre Jones
      Deandre Jones

      How many you should go where you should go next you should go to clone circus

  • FrostyGlint

    Who else saw him looking at his “Watch” it was definitely a real Rolex I saw.

  • Claudine McCrackin
    Claudine McCrackin

    I saw a clown on the way to air port omg stromedy it was behind a light post

  • Withered Dimension
    Withered Dimension

    11:58 “they’re literally telling us the opposite of what to do on a plane” When u hopped on the plane he flight attendant said no smoking or firearms

  • Naomi Shaw
    Naomi Shaw

    I love the clown videos

  • TheVeryFineGentleman

    „if you ever see clowns in an airplane RUN off the plane immediately“ But what if the plane already took off?

    • TheVeryFineGentleman

      @Zayan Tahmid Alam u too

    • TheVeryFineGentleman

      @Zayan Tahmid Alam but what if there is no parachute in the plane

    • Shadow leon
      Shadow leon

      I have bad feelings about this



    • XotiicRuinzz


  • Salim Elmadhoun
    Salim Elmadhoun

    Once me and my family went to a plane we got attacked and then we past out

    • Salim Elmadhoun
      Salim Elmadhoun

      Please subscribe to stromedy

  • Kylie Hickey
    Kylie Hickey

    I love the fact that at 1:07 he checks his wrist for a time without a watch on

  • GamerBite

    Kyle: If you see a clown plane run off! Me: You can run of a plane man

    • GamerBite

      @Emma Hennessy Ikr Who can run off a flipping plane dude

    • Emma Hennessy
      Emma Hennessy

      Lol true

  • Frogged

    love how there youtubers and magically know how to fly a plane LOL

  • Nicole Harmon
    Nicole Harmon

    Me:reads title Me again:uhm what if ur in the air?? Am i just somehow open a window and jump out? 😂 Lol

    • unknown .unknown
      unknown .unknown

      If you ever see stromedy on the street run run as fast as you can STOP ANYTHING TJAT YOU ARE DOING AND RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!☠☠☠☠☠☠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠☡☡☢☢☢☢☢

    • Sun Rise
      Sun Rise


    • TheBestMobilePlayer

      if u wanna jump out get a parashoot

    • Jenna Muthanna
      Jenna Muthanna


  • Jelly Cuddles
    Jelly Cuddles

    I was dieing watching it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Watson Wilking
    Watson Wilking

    I wonder how much money it was to rent that plane

  • Tracy Sherman
    Tracy Sherman

    🥳happy birthday to you all

  • piper's bby girls
    piper's bby girls

    Title "when you see this clown airplane RUN INMEDDEDLY!!" stromedy *get's on* *sits next to clowns**pushes the air attended aka a clown* Be safe stay safe😇

  • CHS Celebrity
    CHS Celebrity

    I’m surprised this guy is still doing IRglo after the absolute slaughter from critikial

    • Sabnam Parween
      Sabnam Parween

      @Keyt Princess B Oreyola I don’t understand bro can u tell me more?

    • Keyt Princess B Oreyola
      Keyt Princess B Oreyola

      Omg the best comment ever bts hates it

    • Oliver Porter
      Oliver Porter

      He probably loves editing the sh*t out of videos.

    • unknown .unknown
      unknown .unknown

      If you ever see stromedy on the street run run as fast as you can STOP ANYTHING THAT YOU ARE DOING AND RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!☠☠☠☠☠☠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠☡☡☢☢☢☢☢

  • Pokédex21

    1:05 the dude looks at his wrist and he doesn’t even have a watch on🤣😅🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Sonic Master
    Sonic Master

    *casually runs off airplane *

  • SuperherolifeRBX

    Hey stromdy im a a big fan of your team I have subcribed and i have turned on all notifications

  • LaDamion Kirkpatrick
    LaDamion Kirkpatrick

    1:07 stromedy: looks as arm Me: there's legit nothing on ur arm bro

    • Alexis Delight
      Alexis Delight

      He was looking at his “invisable” watch

  • NinjaLavaBoy

    Me: reads title Sees at the end of the title run off Immediately Me: *Bruh so you want me to jump off of a moving plane without quickly getting a parachute or something?*

    • Makayla Merithew
      Makayla Merithew

      Oh mah goh

    • Melinda

      Yeah I we just gonna hope that we’ll live

    • Twilight _Gacha_Wolf
      Twilight _Gacha_Wolf

      They can be fake but doesn’t mean people will stop watching it’s entertaining to some people so if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it


      That’s exactly what I thought

    • NinjaLavaBoy

      @Evan Roldan Yeah I know. No Durr his videos are obviously fake

  • John Koo
    John Koo

    I hope you guys are safe

  • Legendf0x

    Ahh yes run off a plane of course my favorite Edit:it is a joke

  • Nixolas caffey clapx
    Nixolas caffey clapx

    4:11-4:12 it’s American Airlines look at the back tail

  • DanSheila Partlow
    DanSheila Partlow

    Even to my place I think I’m clowns around here

  • XhosaStrand skits
    XhosaStrand skits

    Just look at how many times moves his hands every time he talks

    • Greened Emerald
      Greened Emerald

      @unknown .unknown ok

    • unknown .unknown
      unknown .unknown

      If you ever see stromedy on the street run run as fast as you can STOP ANYTHING TJAT YOU ARE DOING AND RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!☠☠☠☠☠☠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠☡☡☢☢☢☢☢

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      Ahmed tech videos Tech gang


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      Donathan Tunraq

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    Naruto Uzumaki

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  • Rifle5461

    Purple needs to chill he is out of his mind and shaking the chair😂

  • MeanGreenBean

    Ik its supposed to be scary but i was laughing way to hard to be scared

  • Inky black
    Inky black

    I love how the title says to run of the plane🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • bernard shin
    bernard shin

    You know when he said if u see a clowns on an airplane run off the plane immediately so I think that means you jump out the plane and get 🤕

  • 10. Arik Ghosh 2-E
    10. Arik Ghosh 2-E

    Oh great, another ryanair flight🤣🤣🤣

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    glitch_shadow 01

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  • Hailey Is Weird
    Hailey Is Weird


  • 💮•*moon rose*•💮
    💮•*moon rose*•💮

    Me sees clowns on airplane Also me:alright yall ima head out *grabs parachute*

  • DevonMotion

    Stromedy must have alot of friends to dress up as clowns and make these videos I know they aren't real clowns but he still makes great videos😁

  • Jonathanael Ganteng
    Jonathanael Ganteng

    Stromedy: *turn left to cockpit door* Captain clown: wrong door wrong door! Stromedy: oh wrong door sorry! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • ☻︎𝐵𝑒𝑙𝑙𝑒☻︎

    Great video

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    David Yang

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  • J&V Productions
    J&V Productions

    Stay safe please oh and watch out for clowns🥰😇😘

  • Elizabeth Marie
    Elizabeth Marie

    When the clown came l was laughing so hard

    • Constance Massingill
      Constance Massingill


    • Constance Massingill
      Constance Massingill

      I can barely hold it

  • Reflex

    When the title says run of the plane how do you run off a plane?

  • Alex White
    Alex White

    Omg, I hate getting stuck on these flights, took the same flight last month….

    • Wario Da Bean Burrito
      Wario Da Bean Burrito


  • Kanchana Prasantong
    Kanchana Prasantong

    Wow your vids are insneeeeee keep it up congrats!!!!

  • Adam Perez
    Adam Perez

    Clowns chill 🤣😂

  • Ashley Hernandez
    Ashley Hernandez

    Is it just me or it looks like the Dobre Brothers lat house in L.A.😳

    • X Ghost Gamer
      X Ghost Gamer

      I swear I think it is

    • Keonique Forde
      Keonique Forde

      Don have a crush

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      Junior Sandoval

      WAIT HOWW.......

    • unknown .unknown
      unknown .unknown

      If you ever see stromedy on the street run run as fast as you can STOP ANYTHING THAT YOU ARE DOING AND RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!☠☠☠☠☠☠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠☡☡☢☢☢☢☢

  • Yanna Warren
    Yanna Warren

    One clown is just staring at them

  • taniya

    i love how they pretended to know how to control the plane at 21:56

  • Itz so Korea💕🥺!!
    Itz so Korea💕🥺!!

    Justin:Clowns cant drink water Clown:Water please

  • Spoony the  Spoon
    Spoony the Spoon

    I laughed so hard when the clown said they want to die

    • Dillon lacey
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