when you see this Clown inside of Abandoned Clown Ghost Town RUN AWAY FAST! (It's CRAZY)
when you see this Clown inside of Abandoned Clown Ghost Town RUN AWAY FAST! (It's CRAZY)

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*DISCLAIMER*: Please DO NOT attempt to recreate any of the content in this video, All people featured in this video are adults and anything you watch here is done in a controlled and safe environment to serve a viewers entertainment purpose.

*We do not own the drone footage, this was captured by a third party*


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  • Stromedy

    The clowns are going CRAZY!!

  • Gaming with Alexa
    Gaming with Alexa

    who just randomly came across Stromedy's videos and now cant stop watching them


    For those who are wondering where that place is. It is called central island the reason the "amusement park" got shutdown I believe its because of a flood or covid. I have been there before the virus (summer of 2019) and it was crowded with people. It really is amazing watching videos from a IRglor from the same country :)

  • ღ°Moon Bunny°ღ
    ღ°Moon Bunny°ღ

    Stromedy: we can't let the clowns know we're here!

  • Markim Medlock
    Markim Medlock

    Did anyone notice that there was a clown hiding in the bush before they left

  • Ice

    Stromedy: screams fire at the clown

  • Bryce’s Family & Friends
    Bryce’s Family & Friends

    Who else saw those two clowns walking while Stevie was running away😂😂

  • GreshMatt Gaming
    GreshMatt Gaming


  • Frostclaw The Warrior Cat /FCTWC\
    Frostclaw The Warrior Cat /FCTWC\

    If I was that man who was trying to scare the clown off I’d do one of my creepiest runs I can do (I turn my legs to the side, have my body bent over a bit like a zombie, and charge right at the clown at full speed, with one of my evil looking grins) I may be scarier than those killer clowns (especially at night in the pitch dark)

  • Maddie Stamper
    Maddie Stamper

    I’m so happy you guys are safe from those horrible clowns 👍

  • jelly_jorge


  • Rudy Knockerz
    Rudy Knockerz

    We thank God for Prime Capitol's safety

  • Mark Berryman
    Mark Berryman


  • Psychic.keyboards


  • Lily

    I am terrified of clowns, but i always love to watch your videos. <3

  • Sandra Norris
    Sandra Norris

    When stromedy said what if there was a clown with a cowboy hat just farming I died of laughter😂😂

  • Jane Alam
    Jane Alam


  • mileycyrusfan197

    me at

  • A Day On The Life Of Having 5 Pets!!
    A Day On The Life Of Having 5 Pets!!


  • Gaming Karim
    Gaming Karim