when you see this GIANT Killer Clown do not approach him! RUN away FAST! (Crouchy the Clown)
when you see this GIANT Killer Clown do not approach him! RUN away FAST! (Crouchy the Clown)

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    • Lyndzee Embry
      Lyndzee Embry

      Did it 100000000000% I watching this a year a later lol

    • Leveil Horne
      Leveil Horne

      i love you and my Name is. Liam. Horne

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      Amanda Neglia


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      Ashley Bardwell

      I did i I did it

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      Ronald D Robinson

      aaaaaaaa!aaaaaaaaa!aaaa@Assoluto Motor Corporation

  • Hammy YT
    Hammy YT

    me when I see crouchy: Hi I'm here to talk about extending your life insurance.

  • Carla Theakstone
    Carla Theakstone

    Me when I see crouchy: Ohh a bed *sleeps on crouchy*

    • Castaway

      "Ohh a bed sleeps on crouchy" HOW TF IS AN INANIMATE OBJECT GONNA SLEEP ON A CLOWN

  • Sabrina Peters
    Sabrina Peters

    My 2 an 6 yr old grandkids love scary Halloween clowns and Crouchy is their favorite! Wen we found ur video they were thrilled about watching it an now they want to make a video! Lol

  • Halloween Kid
    Halloween Kid

    9:35 you can see where they hid the parts of the animatronic 😂

  • ~•midnight_mushroom•~

    Him:dont imagine crouchy me: *immediately thinks of crouchy* welp I'm dead :D

    • Reyansh toys videos
      Reyansh toys videos

      Do not worry when I first watched this I also thought about him but I’m still alive so do not worry.

  • Abigail Dinglasan
    Abigail Dinglasan

    1:45 there was a sign at the corner

  • Hoopskj_YT

    I seen a clown when y’all were on the roof it was looking out the window

  • RayinTexas65

    When you saw him in the bush there’s caution tape

  • Nezuko-Chan’s twin
    Nezuko-Chan’s twin


  • Szymon Skorza
    Szymon Skorza

    12:47 There was a man beside the playground, but the paused the video so the "clown" had time to escape, then the man beside the playground was gone, so thats proof they paused it

    • EmeraldMarioBros


    • GreyYeezerss goddem red eyes ya’ll
      GreyYeezerss goddem red eyes ya’ll

      Where bro?

    • GreyYeezerss goddem red eyes ya’ll
      GreyYeezerss goddem red eyes ya’ll

      I can’t see

    • Avaand Oozie
      Avaand Oozie

      I saw it too.

    • eric solibaga
      eric solibaga

      this actor

  • Levi ⚡️ Gaming
    Levi ⚡️ Gaming

    I have seen Crouchy the Clown before, at a park he was stalking me and my family from the bushes, and then we heard a chainsaw rev, and we went back to the busy playground!

  • Kyojiro Rengoku
    Kyojiro Rengoku

    every time you see the clown and he somehow "vanishes" before he vanishes you skip a bit of the recording making him able to "vanish"

    • Joe Parrish
      Joe Parrish

      @zarina73 I’m a kid and I even know but his videos are still fun to watch

    • zarina73


    • zarina73

      It’s so fake i know someone is dressing up in the squad

    • Kyojiro Rengoku
      Kyojiro Rengoku

      @Chloe Mirfin almost everybody can see these skips except for kids who think its real

    • Chloe Mirfin
      Chloe Mirfin

      smart you know the tricks

  • Aide Perez
    Aide Perez

    I don’t know if I ever see a clown in my life but YOUR VIDEOS ARE AMAZING!#clown hunters

    • rita Stepanovica
      rita Stepanovica

      It’s #clownhunters

  • Nallely Moranchel
    Nallely Moranchel

    noticie how he lets go off the controller and the drone is moving.

  • Godzilla Fan5555
    Godzilla Fan5555

    14:43 "He's moving in the freaking forest!" Me:That's not a forest

    • Michele Walker
      Michele Walker

      Are you a fnaf fan

    • Simplypixie

      @JustARandomKid🍿 tf!? No hes not

    • Spades

      @Godzilla Fan5555 He is a animatronic

    • JustARandomKid🍿

      @Godzilla Fan5555 he is real. He has wires in him and is a peice of plastic

    • Godzilla Fan5555
      Godzilla Fan5555

      Btw This guy is fake

  • Awesome Tiger
    Awesome Tiger

    Hairstylists: Hehe, Crouchy, why don't you come in for a free appointment?

  • Leo Dynes
    Leo Dynes


  • Finn’s exiting life
    Finn’s exiting life

    At 9:35 if you look near the bus Like at the bluey gray box there’s a clown

  • Janna Whitenight
    Janna Whitenight

    When Justin went in the bush I was like, Crouchy is hiding behind a tree or bush

  • iynsain

    Anyone else notice that the “drone” was moving even tho he wasn’t touching it?????🧐🧐

    • chelsea hunt
      chelsea hunt


    • lida223

      Course it’s fake, clown video like every week, the only clowns I seen was in this video, but whatching is still entertaining

    • DaBloxburgGhost

      @Ashley Bailey wtf

    • Ashley Barela
      Ashley Barela

      That clown is from Spirit Halloween and these videos are so fake

    • Leandro Martins
      Leandro Martins

      @Aimee Molina yeah, I know that I not smart but a 10 year old would notice how fake this type of videos are I want I m going live doing this shit at night on the 1st of October, would like to see that happend

  • Drip Naruto
    Drip Naruto

    8:45 I saw crunchy siting next to the play gound

  • clémentine de Mont
    clémentine de Mont

    Put The video at 8:46 and in front of the school bus you can see the clown 🤡!!!

  • EmiilyV1234

    Has anyone else notice a warning sign flipping up and down

  • Grundig New
    Grundig New

    Stromedy does some amazing videos do lots and lots more scary stuff thank you

  • Shabnam Nisha
    Shabnam Nisha

    I just realised when he was talking the drone was moving by it self

    • Sell


    • Sell

      I was just going to coment that for real it's faken


      Bro I just realize that

    • jayemdee88


  • DaBigCheez9618

    2:23 Look at the window behind him and it seems they are being watched…

    • HeyImstillapeiceofgarbage

      So you dont have to worry

    • HeyImstillapeiceofgarbage

      I saw it looked like nothing was there also it is not real

  • Vaporwave officer
    Vaporwave officer

    do not approach a killer clown!!! proceeds to approach the killer clown

  • Amy W
    Amy W

    It could be the Halloween decoration because there’s one that looks EXACTLY like that

  • Montana Bartell
    Montana Bartell

    9:36 behind that little box

  • Dolphin Go
    Dolphin Go

    Does anybody else noticed that on the drone it’s a different time of day then on the camera

    • rosebadsreml rose
      rosebadsreml rose


    • Ninjagaming 200
      Ninjagaming 200


    • Dolphin Go
      Dolphin Go

      @Helix no because they were outside of the car

    • Monalisa Mukherjee
      Monalisa Mukherjee


    • Brianna Brown
      Brianna Brown

      Yea it kind of does

  • piper's bby girls
    piper's bby girls

    You are absolutely the best channel that does these kind of videos........i daw 3 videos like this and urs is the best..........i cant subscribe on this phone but when i get my own phone i will subscribe.............. I love you stromedy💙💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜💚💟

  • Georgia Miller
    Georgia Miller

    When the video reaches 9 minutes and 35 seconds you can see him around the metal box

    • Aubrey Rippon
      Aubrey Rippon

      Woah 🤩

  • Ashley_®©

    done and subscribed to them all ihave always wanted a drone but we can never afford any so it would be really kind if i am chosen as the winner i will be super happy

  • julia williams
    julia williams

    I see the clown behind the tree!

  • Cavyl

    This guy's got one hand on the remote and is moving the drone and camera 😂

  • Maureen Hanlon
    Maureen Hanlon

    And can i get a shout out

  • Aimee-leigh Atkinson
    Aimee-leigh Atkinson

    You are my number 1 favourite you tuber. Can you make more of clown videos stromedy and please make more monster videos but make sure you are safe because I don't want you to get hurt or taken away by the clowns and monsters so please be really safe stromedy because you make the best videos for Halloween because they are spooky and scary and please make a video of you on Halloween in your costume and give people sweets and chocolate on Halloween that is in 5 days I hope you have fun on Halloween stromedy. Bye

  • Lacey Flatt
    Lacey Flatt

    I love your videos!!!

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    Miss Berry

    I love the clown videos I subscribed to everyone of your videos and I like it

  • ツ Fxllen Abilitiez
    ツ Fxllen Abilitiez

    it’s all fun and games until one day y’all find a clown that ACTUALLY locks onto you

    • Gracief2005

      ツ Fxllen Abilitiez true😑

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      Jordan Bandz


    • John Francis Maduli
      John Francis Maduli

      Did it

  • Smjesko Smjesko
    Smjesko Smjesko

    Stromedy has the best videos (from croatia):)

  • sonya werner
    sonya werner

    I’ve been watching you guys for a long time and I’m like obsessed with the channel

  • William Berry 2nd
    William Berry 2nd

    I'm pretty sure he's invisible in person cuz I can see him

  • 펠릭스 💜
    펠릭스 💜

    Oh, my God, the video is so, so scary.

  • Pedrito Perez
    Pedrito Perez

    13:24 he actually just teleported right there

    • Streamingwithsquid

      Nah there was a cut when he was looking back

    • Sharz Larz
      Sharz Larz

      @ԀҋԀ-ҜөөҝїєҰꚌ Have you not head of spelling correctly?

    • ԀҋԀ-ҜөөҝїєҰꚌ

      Have you not heard off different video clips smfh🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Toni Dalton
    Toni Dalton

    I love your clown vids ❤❤❤❤

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    Venus Elder

    I wish I had the doll crouchy it’s so cool

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    lindsay parker

    stromedy you make my day when you upload

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  • Nicholas The Yoshi
    Nicholas The Yoshi

    9:37 Crouchy is hiding behind the power box on the left look carefully if you don’t see him

    • Emmersen Ward
      Emmersen Ward

      OMG he is I just noticed that

    • Autumn Sather
      Autumn Sather

      Take these clowns down!

    • Past3lMeerkAt

      Mary Jo Stebbins I uh actually don’t know

    • Ban SpiralYT
      Ban SpiralYT

      OH YHEA

    • Past3lMeerkAt

      Yeah I saw that too

  • Charlie Farrell
    Charlie Farrell

    So that means he is targeting you since you saw him 😱


    Only paranormal stuff can be seen on camera

  • Nezuko-Chan’s twin
    Nezuko-Chan’s twin

    If I was a clown I would hide under Kyle’s roof that he’s on

    • Mary Kaye McGrath
      Mary Kaye McGrath

      Hi I am Henry

  • Vikki Townsend
    Vikki Townsend

    I subscribed ive never got a giveaway i love ur videos i love scary things this channel is the right one for me lol tysm gor reading this comment #clownhunters

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    Nin Toons

    I’m scared of clowns especially ones that crouch!

    • Amy Koffi
      Amy Koffi

      Me too especially when I have my headphones on

    • Rajesh Kannan
      Rajesh Kannan

      That fake

    • Tom Weir
      Tom Weir

      I know how you feel I am scared of clowns to and I don’t know why I am whaching this.🤡🤡🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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      Ben Alden


  • Maureen Hanlon
    Maureen Hanlon

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    Solar punch

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    Katie Burroughs

    At 9:35 there was something behind a dumpster……

  • Jacob Biasco
    Jacob Biasco

    Anyone else thinking about how he finds something everyday for his channel?

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      Zac Wilks


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      heidi morris

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      isaac Martinez

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    • isaac Martinez
      isaac Martinez

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    Fortnite Playz

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    Samantha Bell

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    💞Angel Cookie💞

    Why on Earth do I keep watching your videos😭???? It’s like I know that I’m gonna get scared but I’m so curious of what will happen!!!! So I watch it and get scared! I remember when I watched it about 1 year ago when I was 10 and I was death scared of clowns after watching some of your videos😱!! So I stopped watching your videos but then a couple of days ago I saw another one of your videos so I started watching these again! It’s weird that I didn’t see any of your videos for a whole 1 year🤯

  • Scropion from MK
    Scropion from MK

    I feel like I saw that at a Halloween store once and I also like that when his thumbs are off the sticks it still moves

    • Kira Rogers
      Kira Rogers

      Oh yea it was

    • jelly Potion 783
      jelly Potion 783


    • Scropion from MK
      Scropion from MK

      @Sorakage1 I knew it I have seen him at spirit Halloween

    • Sorakage1

      Yep. He’s a halloween decoration from spirit halloween

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    Emily Manriquez

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    SheeKa Miller

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    Taylor Merchant

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    • Taylor Merchant
      Taylor Merchant

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      Rosie M

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    Mulki Osterberg

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  • hey

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    Michael Ann Sitzman

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    Nirmala Mortha

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      Nirmala Mortha

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      Dont be mean your running it's for ppl

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