if you ever see this on your car throw it away and RUN! (it's a tracker & you are being followed)
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if you ever see this on your car throw it away and RUN! (it's a tracker & you are being followed)

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  • Jewell Marable
    Jewell Marable

    I like this dude he warns us and helps us learn he’s awesome

  • Emma Grace
    Emma Grace

    Stromedy, I really hope you see this. I’ve been stuck in a dark place, I had been diagnosed with severe depression with a bit of anxiety on the side. I had been going through this for about six months. I had had some thoughts about ending my life...until one of my friends sent me a link to one of your videos. She told me it would make me laugh. I hadn’t laughed in forever. But that video was the very first Mocking DK. And it actually made me laugh. It’s because of that video I’m still here. You make me laugh every day Stromedy and I’m so glad to know who you are. You are an amazing person with BANGER videos! I love everything about the channel and I am part of the

  • Lisa Drake
    Lisa Drake

    I seen the rest on storyfire and they are your 2 great helpers Kyle! Please becareful, doesn't seem to be safe to go home till the police catches the guy.

  • Janette McKee
    Janette McKee

    If I ever see one I'll make sure to tell my them and my family about this to be safe

  • Shadows gang Videos
    Shadows gang Videos

    These bangers are crazy dawg wee need more of this!!!!!

  • Chuck Jones
    Chuck Jones

    You should call the cops if someone really following you

  • Nina Baybe
    Nina Baybe

    Thank you stromedy like ur helping me out so much in these videos and one more time thanks

  • namita gupta
    namita gupta

    Stromedy is nothing without his friends

  • Tac

    These are some good skits my man!!

  • It’s brookly
    It’s brookly

    It’s so creepy,trackers are that they know where you live and know your address also know your name and know your house looks like also follow you so watch out guys,and everyone.

  • Ahhh ಠ_ಠ
    Ahhh ಠ_ಠ

    Im pretty sure that magnet tracker is like a coat hanger or something you use to hang something

  • Peunn

    There is no way the man didn’t see the drone

  • SomeAussieArtist

    This guy is the reason my life is safe.

  • Forgetful!

    Y’all are really good at this stuff.

  • Sarah Hardiman
    Sarah Hardiman

    I'm legit wearing your merch watching this video 😊 and I watch your videos every day❤️❤️❤️

  • Lewis Hall
    Lewis Hall

    When he said let’s see what’s up it made me laugh because he is flying a Drone and Drones go up

  • Boss_ Gaming
    Boss_ Gaming

    You make me feel save everyday thanks a lot. And I told my family everything

  • Wil Smith
    Wil Smith

    I love all your videos please keep on making them and never stop

  • AzAhLeA

    Kyle: Come On Follow me around the side of the house so we can get a better signal. Me: Watches all of his drone vids and sees he's way further away and does not complain about the signal. That's just what I noticed. Stay Home Stay Safe Stromedy squad.

  • Horse Man
    Horse Man

    Even if this is fake, fire video man I’ve been watching these and they are sketchy but nice keep the good work man