you won't believe what my Tesla caught on camera! (creepy man tries something disturbing)
you won't believe what my Tesla caught on camera! (creepy man tries something disturbing)








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  • Stromedy

    Do you guys want to see more videos with the TESLA??

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      yes we will love itttttt

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      Heck yes



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      sure why not,

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  • Huwar

    Car: Making warning sounds Screen: Passenger isn’t wearing seatbelt

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  • Sam Colvin
    Sam Colvin

    Hey guys, PSA; if anything suspicious is happening, WORK WITH THE POLICE. They may even let you help them track them down, This depends on your city of course but NEVER and I mean NEVER take matters into your own hands.

  • Calen plays
    Calen plays

    At first I thought the guy was looking for a new house to move to lol😂

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    DAB L1t

    Stormedy is so good to watch on a Sunday morning

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    yukio marco

    Idk why but everytime I see a drone vid from you it’s just so satisfying to watch when I’m bored.

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    these skits are getting a lot better keep up the good work!

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    Thomas Sheene

    I love your vids so much that I literally watch them all the time we wish we could be there with you

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    Anita Roberts

    I love how stromedy roasts Cameron in every video

  • Thomas Sheene
    Thomas Sheene

    I love your vids so much that I literally watch them all the time we wish we could be there with you

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    Unique Boba Tea

    Hey Stromedy, I’m glad that you are back in Toronto. I’m cackling though. I WANT TO BE NEIGHBORHOOD PATROL TOO! Why can’t I? I love the new car, l’d be like 45 getting that car?🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

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    Bella Jolley

    I haven't watched stromedy in probably almost a year and I still remembered all the names of the squad

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    Angela Grim

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    Clayton Thompson

    I support you guys so much hopefully that never happens again the again I support you guys.

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      Laura Rodriguez


    • Laura Rodriguez
      Laura Rodriguez


  • Todd Barlow
    Todd Barlow

    When Kyle said his house or something is a mystery It reminded me of the mystery machine lol

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    Gail Simon

    You guys are crazy 🤣 love it 😊

  • Evan

    10:13 at that time it looks like a bird fell loll and i'm glad cameron is back!

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      If did Haha let’s have a moment of silence for the bird who was brave enough to do a leap of faith 😂🥲💀

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    Louise Stafford

    When you said I feel like someone’s watching us it’s us lol

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    Shezi on yt

    Black Hawk: ima just show my license plat Kyle: ..........

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    Allison Skye

    Exited to watch!! Been subbed for a year :)

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    Lisa Ready

    That looks amazing keep it up keep your area safe

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    NYD Xanz

    Every single day I’ve been waiting for a new video and today is the day. It was a great video. Keep up the good work#StromedySqaud

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    Iwolf 1

    I like how he says gotta catch them all get it?

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    Lucas Small

    stromedy: i think im being watched us: well we all are waching you

  • Dave Larson
    Dave Larson

    Shows off Tesla, ends up leaking licence plate

  • Sincere Cruz
    Sincere Cruz

    yay Cameron is back we missed you so much

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    Bro, cameron is back at it again with the Prime Capitol team. We missed ya so much, Cameron!

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      Debby Oles Conklin

      I miss Cameron

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      Kayden Wright

      To I have missed him to Lol,he needs to post more vidios

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      @FastestFox thx

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      @RianPlayz :)

  • Action time
    Action time

    If my dad was there he would knock that guy out in one punch because he works out every single day and he was in the Marine Corps

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    Mark Weaver

    What If that guy was buying a house and meeting up with his real estate agent

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    Shining wing

    I like when you do videos with the Tesla 😁

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    Meghan Bowles

    I think you should make 360 videos more often they’re really cool

  • Hamza _510
    Hamza _510

    this man goes from 'you won't believe what my drone caught on camera' to 'you won't believe what my Tesla caught on camera'

  • Holly Sargeant
    Holly Sargeant

    I can't believe the drone master has come back

  • Lehana Buissinne
    Lehana Buissinne

    Look carefully at the clip in the vehicle in front of the house time 3:18

  • mini uni kitty 11
    mini uni kitty 11

    You should just take his car and turn it into the police and if you look back into the video you can see the person kinda good so you can give the police details of what he looked like and I was having a thinking moment maybe that is the same guy who broke into your house before you trapped him in your room and he escaped out your window by taking it out and he didn't have gloves on when the person broke into your house soo you can still get the finger prints and maybe see if they match because the guy also touched the Tesla window without gloves so you can go to the police and have them do a search and try to match them then BANG you have your Giltey coprer!! 👍😮😑🤔😏

  • Heather Jones
    Heather Jones

    Who else noticed at 6:26 in the video that the 3-D camera on the back of the car was gone

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    I remember he was the “drone master”. I’ve missed him soooo much!!❤️❤️❤️💕💕

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      @Deondrea Watson I am a IRglo are

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      Lexie Plays

      Same and the fact that he said he only got dumber!😂🤣

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    lots of Love and respect for u and ur all teammates !!, From-India (jh).

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    Jeremy Morotto

    You should've named the Tesla night stalker

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    Braydn Woods

    Lol I love him like he was In all of the problems

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    Goku Black(Good)

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    Zuko and Colt

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    Leanne Hall

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    gamer brose

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    neringa debesyte

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    Marycris Padilla

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    mini uni kitty 11

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