if you see this outside your house get out and RUN away as fast as you can! (someone is watching)
if you see this outside your house get out and RUN away as fast as you can! (someone is watching)

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      Okay 😔

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      @Rehema Njenga gah x

  • The Workey Project
    The Workey Project

    Even if this was staged, it's still great to watch.

  • coady jessica
    coady jessica

    When he goes in this room..my reaction was...damn his room is a mess🤣 And I don't think houses are safe now...

  • Super Mario Noah
    Super Mario Noah

    Maybe he had a ladder and he had backup to take the ladder away.

  • isabelle

    "What should we dooo?!" *Picks up chainsaw randomly* "No- NO- put that chain-saw down...😳" *(Time lap at **17:01**)*

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    Hey Stromedy, I subscribed to all of you guys and I also Love your videos but I don't know why people are spying on you or stealing stuff from you but I REALLY REALLY love your vids and I said to my brother "What do you wanna be when you grow up" And he said "I wanna be Just like Stromedy!! " and he was so happy when I showed him your videos :D

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    I’m pretty sure that stalker guy is wearing a Stromedy hoodie

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      He his

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      Mattress King of Nightmares

      @Leo I know

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      It’s fake tho

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      Maybe he is a stromedy fan 🤔🤔🤔

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      Ye he was lol shows he was a fan or so thing

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    _ # × * shininqharlz #merryxmas!!

    i love how you care about other people in the neighbour hood

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    I think they might had to use a ladder to get up there if not then maybe they might be vary good at climbing oh and if you see more unusual stuff then please make a video right away!

  • Heath Bruno
    Heath Bruno

    When y'all caught him and he jumped off the railing I don't think he got his ladder but he took off where Andre saw him

  • Longolongo Tupou
    Longolongo Tupou

    I think he needed it for the ladder to be more steady

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    rocco williams

    8:25 who else saw that ladder moving in the road

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      Hi guys I never texted you before and this is my four times texting bye

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    Ratifiedmotorsport’s daughter

    Missed him He went right under the drone

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    Officer John2020

    he wants to get into the house when no one’s inside

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    Carol Havens

    How can he pick up a ladder he looks like a noodle 😂

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    Kayla, Alanna & Hunter Hassen

    The way Justin described the person is hilarious 🤣

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    Dragon king

    Aight I have subscribed to everyone of the prime capitol community, and keep up the good work with these videos, I think ist amazing that ur exposing these guys for all the wrong they are doing

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    When he said he '' he has a ladder '' I was about to say that in the comments lol

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    Why are your videos so fun and addictive 🤣🤣

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    Logan Foster

    Quality content

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    Megan Mccord

    3:01 do anyone else see that ladder on the ground

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      Megan Mccord

      Lol it’s so obvious that it’s fake

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    Ava Stella

    You're basically the police of the neighborhood. Guarding everybody

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    Piper's World

    When justin said spider monkey i laughed until my mom was concerned for me HAHAHA 🤣 time lap 18:51 i love it

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      Norma Mendoza


    • Norma Mendoza
      Norma Mendoza


    • Norma Mendoza
      Norma Mendoza


    • Norma Mendoza
      Norma Mendoza


    • Norma Mendoza
      Norma Mendoza


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    Red Win

    I saw a man on someone’s roof omg 😱

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    Brittany Perez Barrios

    I love his videos tell him to do more!😉😉

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    cool roblox player

    8:27 I saw a ladder moving on the ground

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    Jack Smit

    These videos are so entertaining to watch. Keep up with the great videos

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    azimun begum

    Thaks for all of these stuff your doing for us I love you I'll see on the next video


    Those things are like when he comes back he puts the ladder where the circles are so he can angl the ladder

  • Jazz Nick
    Jazz Nick

    8:25 there is white line moving like someone is holding a ladder

  • katiethorpe katiethorpe
    katiethorpe katiethorpe

    17:07 had me laughing

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    Isaac Talbot

    Who else saw the ladder on the floor 🤣🤣

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    Adele Bowes

    They might of got in by doing that bent fork thing 🤔

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    when you was looking over the side on the time 1:57,then he could have got a ladder or not and then could have climbed up. i don't know really '-'

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    Tahoe Throttle

    He’s at the top of the screen at 8:26

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    Pls give me 100k subs

    I enjoyed that video thanks so much you make my life happier

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    6:55 Basically everyone has a pool in the neighbourhood!

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    Please be careful Stromedy

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    Britt Oleszczuk

    I think he might’ve grabbed a ladder like a really really tall one

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    I live in Australia and somebody was just looking through my window

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    Makenzie Csaplik

    Send it to the cops!

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    Daisy Doodles

    Justin: what shall we do* picks up a chainsaw* Kyle casually says: dude put down the chainsaw

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      Flora Rodriguez

      That meh

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    Wow this is insane Kyle!

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    Anthony Walker

    I seen someone walking in the middle of the road before you went back to the house.

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    Charlene Wilkinson

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    Easy Learning With Cheshta

    He went out shirtless, and still doing the video 😂

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      Grace Harris

      @Sally Jones is Costco a shop?

    • Grace Harris
      Grace Harris

      Will be ever put a shirt 😂😂

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      And he probably put it somewhere to hide where I don’t know my name is Macy Macy thank you make more I am your biggest fan with that, I’m sorry about that one❤️😂🤣

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    Red Win

    In -13:15 there is someone on the roof

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    I think I saw the guy earlier than you guys saw him 8:26 through 8:29

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    James Leigh Suarez

    Everyone: watching the video Me: being really amazed on the range(distance) of that drone

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      All videos like this is fake you know

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      Ik on a nother video he says its glitching yet the video is so smooth

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      aha lol ikr

  • L.Albitar

    The circle things are for him to keep the ladder from falling he would’ve been caught by Justin if the ladder fall because how would he get down from such a high jump so he was using it to keep the ladder up so it didn’t fall while he was climbing and going down or when he wasn’t on it

  • danelle thurlow
    danelle thurlow

    I laughted so hard when Justin grabbed the chainsaw and said "what should do"t

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    dr.sangeeta Chivate

    Leave this house as fast as you can. And stay safe.

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    paula holmes

    this guy was looking at my window 😮

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    Dylan Riley

    Next time scare him to the point where he's too afraid to come to your house

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      Muaddab K.a

      your a savage

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      Shannon Adcox

      @Reilly Rooster damn are we in 1846 lol bring a gun its ur property anywa6

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      Basti Reynon

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    • Reilly Rooster
      Reilly Rooster

      True but how Oo maby you can pull out a sword then scare them

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    Christopher Marris

    Lol I love that you always say hey what are you doing

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    {•Elizabeth Afton•}

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    John smart kid

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    • Saoirse Connor
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    Jariel On crack

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    Lily anderson

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      Ammar Shahzad

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      Ammar Shahzad

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      Ammar Shahzad

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