When you see the Squid Game Guards playing Checkers RUN away FAST! (They will make you play)
When you see the Squid Game Guards playing Checkers RUN away FAST! (They will make you play)

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    This was a CRAZY SQUID GAME guys!!

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    Are they really dead or are they just hurt or did they black out?

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    The nerd gun is full of water

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    Jaylin Rice

    Y sister is playing a squid game in real life 😔😪🙄😔😪🙄 and I hope she dont f die

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    0:01 🥶good luck 30:04 Please say this isn’t real I feel bad for all your friends Kyle

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    I’ve done 21 assessment this year I’ve got an 884BB plus is seven bees a B minus and see you think those marks are fucking good that you’re great and you got two eggs in 24 assessments over a year and three years you had 77 assessments inside and got 580s and 90s

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    Editing click baiting fricking Frank

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    Mate there’s actually six games in the squad games and you didn’t have the resources to make it so you had to play glass broken stuff so you had to make a check is also the next game if you just don’t want to do the six-game video because you don’t want to beat up your fucking friends will get killed yourself

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