if you ever find this Clown Island, DO NOT step foot on the Island (They will EAT you)
if you ever find this Clown Island, DO NOT step foot on the Island (They will EAT you)

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  • BurntxToast

    * Too Scared to Watch Stromedy ( Fear of Clowns )*

  • Anthony the everything
    Anthony the everything

    According to research from the Whistler Museum, the train derailed in 1956 when a freighter heading south from Lillooet came into on an area under track repair with just a little too much mustard. ... Once pried loose the damaged cars were dragged up the tracks and rolled over into the forest where they remain today.

  • Jay Sanders
    Jay Sanders

    When you went to the temple where the boy was chasing you and going down a little stairs I saw a little entranceway and I think that’s how you get to the bottom of how they’re getting in there at the same time they might get in the way that you’re going but that’s why I think they’re like literally hiding in the daytime keep making videos because I’m specially into it

  • Kitty queen
    Kitty queen

    Stromedy: don’t look down

  • Liv & O’s Adventures YT
    Liv & O’s Adventures YT

    I like how the music goes from jack in the box to all deep and dramatic

  • Maisie park
    Maisie park

    When stromedy was really getting taken by a clown I would grab his hand and pull him!😎

  • Kate Cooper
    Kate Cooper

    The funny thing is I love watching these videos but I'm terrified of clowns

  • grxcie z
    grxcie z

    Once you use the perpellers to touch something, it will stop flying and maybe shut down

  • Kendall O'Hare
    Kendall O'Hare

    Stromedy:We don’t just need to watch out for killer clowns we need to watch out for killer trees

  • Kitty queen
    Kitty queen


  • Camila Tutiven
    Camila Tutiven

    That was the first video u watched of u guys and that’s when I became obsessed

  • Neena Brutus
    Neena Brutus

    Guys when y’all was talking I saw a person with a red Jacket I just wanted y’all to know stay safe

  • ꧁ʏσʋя ℓσcαℓ вσιℓɛ∂ ɛɢɢ꧂
    ꧁ʏσʋя ℓσcαℓ вσιℓɛ∂ ɛɢɢ꧂


  • Susan Cahill
    Susan Cahill

    good job Kyle you are frickin brave

  • dragglock edna
    dragglock edna

    When kyle said whats so special about a river he did it in such a funny voice lol😂

  • strawberry♡

    i dont know why they make so much clown vids but i still love u guys :D

  • Jay

    I love and every video that stromedy makes he has his drone out

  • TTVLuke24 !
    TTVLuke24 !


  • I am The Only wife of Draco Malfoy
    I am The Only wife of Draco Malfoy

    At the moment I am in hospital with a broken leg and toe and I thought I should watch STROMEDY to make me smile

  • WolfQueen- Maddie- Medium- I see SPIRITS
    WolfQueen- Maddie- Medium- I see SPIRITS

    I LOVE the "Look at me I'm so bad and bougie!!!" I LOVE it. I REALLY LOVE your videos!!! And I REALLY want to meet you when I'm a youtuber