when you see the Squid Game Guards playing Musical Chairs RUN!! (They will make you Play)
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  • Kac Kac
    Kac Kac

    Pls try to bleep out the bad words when your editing because I can’t watch you if you and your friends and swearing

  • Jennifer Elliott
    Jennifer Elliott

    Stromedy how do you fill bad for in musical chairs

  • Brittany Pratt
    Brittany Pratt


  • Kensey boo Campbell
    Kensey boo Campbell

    Why would he do that to Kyle nooooooooooooooooooo how could he do that to you Stromedy whyyyyy nooooooooooooooooooo😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Leah Hampton
    Leah Hampton

    Stromedy: who are u Stromedy: knows them


    Newsflash:THEY HAVE GUNS! nerf guns WE ARE PLAYING THE 4TH SQUID GAME plot twist:not even a 3rd squid game movie .......................

  • Karen Rodriguez
    Karen Rodriguez


  • pleasekindlyhelpmereach1ksub. 70 years ago
    pleasekindlyhelpmereach1ksub. 70 years ago

    *when u see grown ass men acting like dumbasses run* that is what i learned from this video

  • Monique Kemppainen
    Monique Kemppainen

    I wonder how embarrassed everyone is in this video like the guard walking down the road and like a lot of people in the car are questioning why are these people here and I bet they’re embarrass

  • Bumblebee Gamer
    Bumblebee Gamer

    The fact the squid game is so widespread to the point where even kids know about it is frustrating. I have no hate towards squid game. The show is a heck very violent. Let that sink in

  • هيام ميمي
    هيام ميمي


  • Jay Tee
    Jay Tee


  • هنوده البطي
    هنوده البطي

    i so the lider

  • Hamm Chuck
    Hamm Chuck

    Done I subscribed to everyone on the prime capital

  • Amauri Patterson
    Amauri Patterson


  • Valt Aoi
    Valt Aoi

    15:59 i can see cameron

  • Joel Vicencio
    Joel Vicencio

    We know your faking it

  • Jonathan Sastre
    Jonathan Sastre

    its all fake squid game

  • Joel Vicencio
    Joel Vicencio

    The squid game people don’t talk 😂😂😂 editor

  • funny videos
    funny videos

    My fav squid game song is oh oh oh oh

  • Kimberly Meyers
    Kimberly Meyers

    Everyone knows it’s fake

  • martina morrissey
    martina morrissey


  • Ameerah Altalo
    Ameerah Altalo

    sad if they friends died and squid game for me is hard like red light and green light they are hard if not stop and they would shot at you sad the friends are died sad a😢 sad. The store and video but I think they are ok I think and I love your videos . Bye sad for cookies in all people but I think it's okay.

    • Ameerah Altalo
      Ameerah Altalo

      I like videos

    • Ameerah Altalo
      Ameerah Altalo

      I think they are okay.

  • Rofeah Bahari
    Rofeah Bahari


  • John Jm Anthony Baldres
    John Jm Anthony Baldres

    Aha i saw there are people

  • Milhob22😈

    No one noticed but one of the guys in there is the one who gave them the card to play and it's fake

  • Sophie Chatterson
    Sophie Chatterson

    the gaurds dont use fortnite nerf guns this is so fake

  • Jennifer Elliott
    Jennifer Elliott

    Stromedy its all your fault

  • Jennifer Elliott
    Jennifer Elliott

    Strongest its your fault for making them die

  • smiley monster
    smiley monster


  • Tristan Russell
    Tristan Russell

    this fake its his friends

  • Crystal Thomas
    Crystal Thomas

    Then I subscribe to everyone

  • Crystal Thomas
    Crystal Thomas

    Done I

  • Christian Liauw
    Christian Liauw

    But i like the vidio

  • Christian Liauw
    Christian Liauw

    Just nerf

  • Queen of roblox
    Queen of roblox

    Why is The camrea man be like it’s ok there taking my friend cause it’s fake

  • epicrobloxplayerplayz


  • Giorgosmcgamer812

    Man I can't I can't his fake videos are so cringe

  • Taytay Horton
    Taytay Horton

    Love you 1Klye

  • Rachael Elzy
    Rachael Elzy

    It funny that the shot noise funny

  • jeffrey stallings
    jeffrey stallings

    done I subscribed to all

  • Charlotte Mullenger
    Charlotte Mullenger

    I just done the video... Yeah I agree guards maybe next time... And I also agree with him wired seriously HE IS SO SELFISH AND CRINGE... And I agree again I hope Stromedy wins...

  • Charlotte Mullenger
    Charlotte Mullenger

    I'm never and I mean...EVER... playing this cause I have no clue how to use cookies!

    • Unique Price
      Unique Price


  • Charlotte Mullenger
    Charlotte Mullenger

    Do you guys just get knocked out cause I don't get it how do the people who get oof come back for the next game? Does the person who win use the money for medical bills?

  • fatima soriano garcia
    fatima soriano garcia

    i thought he died wow fakers they dont give a darn

  • Ethan Edmison
    Ethan Edmison

    Hey how about do you make a new pause video

  • Paige Playford
    Paige Playford

    Stromedy what do you mean you have a family all of us and your family to

  • GoldenShark Too
    GoldenShark Too

    Where I square and curcle

  • Ayden boi Godzilla fan
    Ayden boi Godzilla fan


  • RJ

    Hahahahahahahajahaha Kyle sees why pushment day ahahahahahahahaahahhahaahah see

  • Gwen Daveth Pasamonte
    Gwen Daveth Pasamonte

    This is getting weirder😂😀

  • Paul Murrell
    Paul Murrell

    I love sqiu

  • I love to poop
    I love to poop

    Bruh that was so funny

  • Brian McConnell
    Brian McConnell

    I Play red light Green Light at recessThere’s one child doll and one shooter

  • Raul lopez
    Raul lopez


  • David Perez
    David Perez

    If I see squid game guards I will kill them I hate them

  • HiYaPlays

    these guards are mean but the one in the show there not that rude right?

  • Ronald Kenny Lanter
    Ronald Kenny Lanter

    Hey I know you have Danny one video but have a real among your video and that's good game have a real and your video

  • Isaac Hernandez
    Isaac Hernandez

    for everyone who thinks it is real its not

  • Amber exe
    Amber exe

    i vote for Stromedy

  • Amy Mason
    Amy Mason

    Is a traito

  • Amy Mason
    Amy Mason

    The guy who win he's a

  • Alberto Germosem
    Alberto Germosem

    first of all they dont even play musical chairs in squid game

    • Alberto Germosem
      Alberto Germosem

      has stromedy not seen squid game the cookies are the second game and tug of war is the third game glass stepping stones is the fourth game marbles is the fifth game and squid game is the last game

    • Alberto Germosem
      Alberto Germosem

      also musical chairs was never even a kids game kids just liked to play it cause its for all ages

  • De Roblox Guest
    De Roblox Guest


  • De Roblox Guest
    De Roblox Guest


  • miguel samaniego
    miguel samaniego

    Bro those guns are toy guns or might be nerfs :/

  • RJ

    Watch this

  • Julia Crist
    Julia Crist

    Stromedy I like you but why all black people

  • MTP Scout
    MTP Scout

    OK so the score of the game people might be situated with the clowns they might be working together and they might be forming some time after they take a teammate and what if they take another teammate because that teammate was trying to save that teammate so now somebody to have your teammates are gone and if you or a whole bunch of your crew girls you’ll get kidnapped by the squid games and the clowns and clowns have become bigger people now clowns are getting stronger and stronger every day and now of the coaching with the squid games and as you know it’s good games has a lot of money to invest into that type of stuff so if they’re working together then who knows that what that could lead to just stay Where are you are if one of your squad gets cannot it’s most likely if you guys train for this you will all be wearing bobby pins in your hair and you will be able to unlock any type of surface where you go you might be armed with items that could help you but you just can’t see it for instants if you’re locked in at cinema then you know that they have bubblegum there so take some of the bubble gum especially over wearing braces you bite into it and then when your braces break off and take the bottom of the brace and you unlock the door door

  • Tony Meli
    Tony Meli

    omg you are crazy stomedy lol

  • Preston Riley
    Preston Riley

    The guns are Nurf Fortnite assault rifles

  • Literally anything
    Literally anything

    I love how we think the real guns but really the Nerf guns

  • laylay


  • Dino Gaming
    Dino Gaming

    Why #Tugofwar

  • Imran Iqbal
    Imran Iqbal

    Cool video


    Stromedy is just clickbait. For all the 6 years olds out there, the clowns and monsters and stuff are all fake. He just gets actors or friend or family or something to just act. If not, he edits it in. He is scaring young children to make money. The masks don’t look anything near like squid game and they don’t have red jumpsuits they have pink ones. They don’t look realistic also because of the camera man was there and they were ok with that and they don’t even have hoods! How would they still be asleep if the so called “guards” are pulling them! JUST HOW! It’s obviously just fake and remember, it’s fake especially because of the camera man. They only have nerf guns! Also, why would they have musical chairs?! Not glass panels. Soooo fake. 6 year olds, don’t fall for these tricks. He’s just doing it to get views and likes and subscribers for money. He is scaring young children for money, once again. The voice is just fake and edited. The money doesn’t come in suitcases, it comes in a giant pig bank thing. Don’t get scared and fall for this.

  • Nicole Hardy
    Nicole Hardy

    No guys the guy with the number 5 shirt that’s the guy that vsed stormedy and the one that had the brief case all of your videos are just for everyone to believe

  • CT_mastercatman


  • dewayne 222
    dewayne 222

    DIS is dum but funny

  • Yarab Obeid
    Yarab Obeid

    Wow this are actors how put the squid mask

  • Dq Vezro
    Dq Vezro

    Okay but those are the fakest cry’s

  • Dq Vezro
    Dq Vezro

    Why don’t they do it in front of the camera

  • Tashi Johnson
    Tashi Johnson

    Cringey AS HECK

  • Dq Vezro
    Dq Vezro

    It would be blood?

  • Aaron Ena
    Aaron Ena

    yo Kyle

  • Lee M
    Lee M


  • Dean Barrow
    Dean Barrow

    Or frontman

  • Dean Barrow
    Dean Barrow

    The purple masked guy is called the frontmen

  • Olly Buckley,
    Olly Buckley,


  • Antonyo Munoz
    Antonyo Munoz

    What up

  • Olivia Andrews
    Olivia Andrews

    This is fake, u can see through the masks and the rock paper scissors man is there he is number 5,

  • Daniel Mccune
    Daniel Mccune

    Who is your team so she described this is my phone I have your news your name is it gray and black and white

  • Koshilan Moodley
    Koshilan Moodley

    Done I subscribe to all of you

  • cobra kai gang
    cobra kai gang

    Big fan stromody and I'm glad I'm a part of prim capital

  • MeetSandy

    what a fake video kyle

  • Jozlyn Joseph
    Jozlyn Joseph


  • Kenny Ostrowski jr
    Kenny Ostrowski jr

    Fake fake fake OMG idk lol

  • Kenny Ostrowski jr
    Kenny Ostrowski jr

    A Nerf gun o I'm scared not lol

  • Sharon King
    Sharon King

    I subscribed to everyone on the prime capital

  • Flora Azalea
    Flora Azalea

    At 2:25 there is a clown in the background